"Are you sure we have time for this?" I asked as we walked down the street. "I mean, I've been kind of busy lately, what with the whole becoming a major shareholder of MBI and all the other weird… stuff happening to me. I probably should-"

"Nuh uh," Uzume interrupted with a shake of her head. "Bro, you pretty much just saved the world and you've been doing nothing but working since them! You need a break."

I gave a sigh, but I didn't particularly fell like fighting it. "Alright. Still, didn't you say that this was a fantasy convention?"

"Yep! Why?"

"Then why am I wearing this?" I asked, gesturing down at myself. Uzume had convinced me to dress up for the occasion, but I was a little surprised at how normal the outfit was. It was simply a pair of jeans and a blue and white hooded jacket. Hell, I probably could wear it for everyday use if it wasn't for the sword slung over my back. It was something I had traced after Uzume had shown me the picture, and it was a long single edged blade with a round hilt and a quillion. It was supposed to be able to talk too, but that little bit of Thaumaturgy was beyond me, so it was just a piece of metal.

"Casue the hero's from the real world!" She replied. "He gets summoned from the modern age and gets dropped into a world of magic, monsters, and battles!" Uzume then paused for a moment. "Huh. That seems a lot less farfetched these days, huh?"

I could help but snort at this, recalling my own past experience of tumbling into the supernatural world. Still, if I had ended up in the pseudo-medieval world Uzume had described to me I probably would have put on something a bit more fitting for the culture, like a tunic and cape. No wait, the cape would get in the way of my fighting style. Maybe if I had a belt I could sort of fold it at my waist. Then I could put armor at the chest, and maybe have some sleeves...

I followed this line for thought for some time until I realize I had accidently just created Archer's outfit. Never mind, jeans and jacket are perfectly fine, I thought sourly to myself.

"Alright," I said eventually. "But still, I would have thought that you would have been dressed in something a little more spectacular than that." I remarked as I gestured to her.

Uzume stood straight and proud. "This was my favorite character from the series. Doesn't matter if she was just a tavern wench." True enough, Uzume wore a green and white dress that showed a generous amount of cleavage, and had a white cloth holding back her hair. She did indeed look like she should have been handing out steins of beer to visiting adventurers, but I didn't know why she had decided to dye her hair black.

Before I could comment on it, another voice spoke up from Uzume's other side. "A-ano, are you sure there wasn't anything more to my o-outift?"

Our gaze turned to Chiho, whose blush increased at our attention. She wore a green tunic, some white stockings, and that was about it. The tunic wasn't particularly large, only going down to mid-thigh, and the top only reached just above her breasts before dipping down dangerously on either side. The cut running up the sides to the waist didn't help either, but hopefully most of the attention would be drawn to her now pointed ears.

"Nope, that was all there was to it!" Uzume said with a grin and a lecherous glint in her eyes. She moved closer and captured her Ashikabi around the waist, causing the other girl to blush more. The Sekirei's voice turned sultry. "Besides, if you're cold, I know how we can keep warm."


It was then that one of my flock decided to add her thoughts on the matter. "I think you look good, Chiho-san!" Musubi said enthusiastically. "I kind of wish I was wearing it! It looks really comfortable, and it's hard to fight in this!" She gestured down to herself and the maid outfit she was wearing. It was actually more conservative than the one Uzume had put on her earlier, though it did nothing to hide her figure. She, like all of my Sekirei, had joined Uzume in dyeing their hair as well, and hers was black like the other woman's.

"Don't worry, I'm sure well be having plenty of fun taking it off later." Kazehana said with a smirk. "Or at least, some of it."

I could only give a sigh as I looked at the wind Sekirei. I know Uzume had explained it too me, but I still had a hard time believing that a fantasy academy for magi would issue a blouse, miniskirt and stockings as a uniform. Sure it had a cloak on it, but seemed more like an after thought if you asked me. Kazehana had also dyed her hair red, and wore it such that only one eye was visible. "Let's try to keep our clothes on until we get to the convention, shall we?" I said dryly.

"Kuyi!" I turned my head to the enthusiastic voice and found Kuu-chan surprisingly at head level. "My costume is the best! Everyone should see it!" She exclaimed. She was dressed in some kind of full body costume, much like the penguin outfit Uzume had given her earlier. However, this one gave her the appearance of a small blue dragon.

"Ah," My gaze was directed slightly downward and quickly found the reason for Kuu's apparent flight. Supporting the young girl with her shoulders was Akitsu, dressed much in the same manner as Kazehana. She however had dyed her hair blue and wore a pair of round spectacles on her face. "…I'm helping." She added after a moment's pause.

"Hmp. I agree with my husband. We should not have something so shameless." Tsukiumi said, again wearing the same schoolgirl outfit. I was somewhat amazed that she went along with this as well, and her hair was a wavy waterfall of pink, of all things. However, the woman was not done, as a moment later she said "Besides, even if we were to do something like that, h-he'd only d-do it with me. Because we're the canon c-couple!"

"Fufufufu," My attention then turned to Matsu, who was wearing a strangely conservative robe and cloak, and hair done in an earthy green. "We should not be limited by mere canon! The plethora of options must be explored!" She declared. "Which is why we should have been more insistent that Miya joined us! We can't complete the set without the Queen!"

Behind her, Homura shook her head in exasperation. "I'm pretty sure Miya wanted none of what you just said, Matsu." She said, shifting her hand on the pommel of her sword. The Guardian Sekirei was dressed more something like a knight, with a long blue tunic and a flowing white cloak over her shoulders, and her hair had been dyed platinum blonde. It made her look rather dashing actually.

"Well, of course you'd say that, Homura. You're here bodyguard!" Matsu retorted.

I gave a small chuckled and looked back forward, letting the chatter of the women around me seep into the background. It was odd how soothing I found it these days.

Maybe a little off time wouldn't hurt after all.