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A quiet day, well as quiet a day could be in Sin City, the city that never slept and where crime didn't either as it turned out if you were to ask the night shift crew. Grave shift has an hour or so before starting-most but not all of its workers already there organizing their kits and making sure everything else is ready.

The smooth and almost always cheerful D.B. Russell slinks through the twisting maze of the lab's hallways, spotting Nick as he passes the locker rooms. "We have a new person coming in today. I would appreciate you keeping an eye out for them."

"Not a problem Russell," the dark haired Texan answers; his eyes locked on the door as he passed before turning back to the open locker in front of him. "So much for a quiet night."

"Hey Nick," the upbeat cheery voice of Greg Sanders floats into the locker room as he heads for his own locker. "What do you mean?"

"Russell just said we're getting a newbie tonight."

Groaning in agreement to Nick, 'a new person meant wasting most of the shift teaching them how to do the job properly.' "Tonight is going to be one of the longest nights ever."

"Don't have to tell me that twice. Let's just hope Sara is in a good mood tonight. Wouldn't want to chase the poor soul away before they have the chance to enjoy Vegas." Nick's grin is infectious and both men burst into laughter at the thought of a pissed off Sara and the new person running away with their tail tucked between their legs in fear.


Clacking of heels against the marble flooring echo alerting all to the approach of a woman; though this evening not of the normal CSI women who currently work there. Instead, the clicking of heels alert to the newcomer-a woman in her thirties (though looks amazing for her age as they all do), a deep, rich mahogany red hair pulled up in a ponytail swaying with each step and her beautiful sapphire blue eyes hiding the intelligence within.

Waving to the woman at the reception, she slips in through the doors and heads up to the lab, a place she had once called home a long time ago. Back before Langston, back before Warrick left them. 'Warrick.' A pang aches deep from within at the loss of her friend, her brother in a sense as she had no siblings of her own. 'Died because he would never stop seeking the truth.'

As the cool elevator doors slide open, a smile graces her features despite it all. 'Feels like home.' Stepping away, she navigates expertly through the halls thankful that the night shift is still gathering their things together. "Excuse me, can I help you?"

A quick glance over her shoulder spots a younger blonde watching her curiously. "Hi. I'm the new CSI." Realizing she doesn't know her name, "Names Lana. Lana Baker."

An embarrassed smile flickers across her face, "Oh. I'm sorry. Russell didn't mention to me that we were getting a new CSI. My name is Morgan. Come on, I'll show you around."

"I-" Deciding it wouldn't be bad to get to know her, a nod accepts her invitation. "Sure. Thanks."

Chatting as only girls can, Morgan asks about her job in New York and Lana asks about the new things going on in Vegas, and that Morgan is Ecklie's daughter. Laughing at joke, the girls make their way to the locker room just as Nick and Greg are coming out. Gesturing to the two boys, "I would like to introduce you to-"

"Lana?" A bark of laughter escapes Nick as he runs over and sweeps the woman up in a bear-sized hug, planting a kiss to her cheek. "What the devil are you doing back here? Shouldn't you be off in New York keeping the bad guys at bay? Wait don't tell me- you're the new CSI we're supposed to be getting."

"The one and only," a warm smile spreads at his greeting. Only Nick would quite literally try to sweep her off her feet.

Morgan's eyes turn to a quiet Greg who is watching the reunion of the two, "I take it her and Nick know each other?"

Greg nods lightly before turning to look at Morgan, "Yea. Lana used to work here, a long time ago. But her and Nick, they actually knew each other before CSI. They knew each other back when they were kids-he was like her older brother."

"Oh wow." Morgan returns to watching the pair before casting Greg another sideways glance. "Hey you ok?"

Offering a shrug and his charming smile, he blows of her question like it is nothing. "Yea, I'll be fine." But to be honest, it wasn't nothing. Before she left, they were starting, well dancing around each other like Sara and Grissom did way back when but she had gotten hurt, shuddering as he remembers her accident, his eyes catch the reminder that tainted her skin, and then she had left and he did nothing to stop her.

Nick's deep voice echoes in his ears as he is brought back to the present, "Hey, Lana's back!"

Various heads in the vicinity quirk up and look towards the group, but only a handful actually get up and make their way towards them: naturally Sara, Archie, Henry, Jacqui and even Hodges come with various sentiments and questions, surrounding them as Russell emerges from his office looking at the welcoming crowd.

"Seems like you did good Russell," Finn's voice cuts in as she approaches her boss watching the group as well.

"Seems like you're right Jules."

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