No rest for the wicked or so they say and the CSI's are off to work-a suicide, double homicide, and an unknown body pulling them to various parts of the city, naturally leaving the lab techs at home to 'play.' The normally quiet and 'loner' Henry Andrews is in the break room with the friendly techs Archie and Jacqui, talking over a 'snack' break. "I say two months before Greg asks her out. You know back before she left the two of them were hitting it off. I doubt just because a few years have passed have cooled down the attraction."

"Or her hotness! Did you see her?! She looks absolutely stunning, still. What is it with the women in the CSI field but they keep getting more gorgeous as they age. I mean look at Catherine." Archie offers both jokingly and yet completely serious. Catherine was definitely the epitome of aging not only gracefully but beautifully.

"Henry has a point but I don't think Greg will get the guts that soon. I say four months, five tops. Let him get use to her being back and give her time to get under his skin." Jacqui answer back, polishing off a spoon full of ice cream.

'Do they have nothing better to do then to bet on the love lives of Greg and Lana? Absolutely ridiculous!' Rolling his eyes to himself at the trio who are sitting around the break room table as samples are running (or in Archie's case having no video to sort) Hodges takes a drink from the black coffee made from Greg's forbidden stash. "Please," he scoffs catching their attention. "Greg has been following Morgan around like a lost pathetic puppy for the past how many months? As if Lana's return will deter him from the blonde, secondly you are forgetting one huge piece to that disturbing love triangle."

Archie raises his eyebrow in interest and shock at Hodges. When had he ever shown an interest in the gossip passed between them before? He couldn't think of a time…well, not about relationships and things of that nature-the miniature killer was a whole different story. "Yea, and what would that be oh wise genius?"

"Archie, archie, archie. Have you forgotten about Nick? They are pretty much brother and sister and there is no way big brother is going to let that idiot play with her heart again. He'd shoot him first."

Henry turns away from Hodges, ignoring the older man with a bit of disdain. As if Hodges should be making any comments about that after what happened between him and Wendy. "Oh yes, because we should listen to the man who has no romantic story of his own. Nick won't get in the way."

"Whatever you say Henry, just remember Nick probably won't let you near her either." Smirking, he slips back out of the break room, smug at having hopefully gotten under the young techs skin.

"You're kidding me right?"

"Oh Elle, when have you known me to joke."

"I can think of several occasions. But really Nick, why do I have to go dredge through the rotten garbage trench?"

The beaming man shrugs casually and gives her his charming, yet devilish grin. He had her right where he wanted her. "Consider it your welcome back to Vegas initiation."

The red haired beauty raises her eyebrow at the smile knowing exactly what he is trying to pull, after all she's known the man for too many years to count, and she is not falling for it. "More like break-in the newbie. You are only doing this because you don't want to and I'm lower ranking then you."


"I will get you Nick Stokes. That I promise you." Huffing, she looks down at the garbage and her inside at squirming nervously. She did not want to go down in that nest of nastiness.

"Oh and what could you do?"

Her own devilish grin appears, a sign that is never good for whoever it is directed at. "Call your mother?"

Nick eyes narrow, unamused at her jest knowing full well the likelihood of following through with that threat is extremely high. "A bit childish don't you think Lana?"

"Possibly. But it is effective!"


Hodges stared in confusion as Nick came in followed, or rather following the appearance of a horrid smell. "What is that stench?"

"The sweet smell of victory?" Lana's voice filters in, holding back her laugh as she smirks at Nick and gives Hodges one of her "I won" smirks before walking away from the two boys, Hodges staring after her.

"What-" brown eyes turn back in question before halting when the glare on the male CSI's look of loathing catches him off guard. "Nick,"

Nick's fierce gaze snaps to the older lab tech, not bothering to hide the growl from his voice. "Do not ask Hodges!"

His mouth closes shut almost instantaneously as Nick stalks off towards the shower leaving a wake of rotten smell too. How had she managed to weasel her way into getting Nick to reek of trash and staying clean? Whatever she did, he would have to learn. Maybe it would work on the other coworkers to actually do their jobs and not depend on him.

This is just a small filler to help transition to the next chapter which will show a bit more Lana and Hodges and of course 'big brother' Nick! Naturally, nothing is as easy as 'love at first sight', especially when it comes to Hodges! Hope you guys enjoy.