AN: As much as I love YXM I also seem to like TXY..Yaten and Taiki spend A LOT of time in the anime together so a one shotter.

The sun rose over the land of Kinmoku, the grass being touched and giving it a magical glow. Many people in the palace were sleeping except two girls- one a silver haired girl and brown haired girl.

The silver haired girl, Yaten stood on her balcony stood in a green night gown; her eyes with some black under them from the lack of sleep the last bit.

Yaten had changed since leaving Earth a year ago. She thought she had liked Minako but the feelings had faded away like she bad stronger feelings for Taiki. For the last 5 months Yaten drempt that she and Taiki were closer. "I need to tell her," Yaten said.

On the east side of the palace, a girl in purple pajamas looked at the sun raising. She too, Taiki Kou had lost so much sleep in the last two weeks she'd fall asleep just about anywhere except with Yaten She thought about her all day and night. "I will find her today...and go eat her this," Taiki said.

Taiki went off go take a shower folding up a note-she NEEDED that note for today. Is was today or never. Thank god Seiya was off on Earth visiting Usagi.

Healer sat outside looking up at the sky sitting on the grass. Before the attack with Galaxia she would've waited for Fighter or Maker while reading. She never read anymore...not since her perspective on Taiki changed.

"Healer," said a soothing voice. Healer looked go Maker, she was ready to go.

Just like Usual, just what I like about her Healer thought as she stood up. "Coming, let's go." Healer grabbed Makers hand as the strode onto the field.

After an hour and a half of training, the two girls headed to get some lunch. Make couldn't focus, she'd been viewing Healer as did the silver haired female.

"You didn't seem too focused today," Healer commented as they once got to a restaurant. "Maker...unfocused! Scary-it could be a news head line!" Healer giggled at her own joke. Maker was memorized bh the sound of her voice.

"I know. Healer, I wanna give you this." Maker said as she gave Healer a piece of paper.

Healer, Yaten...

You've been on my mind

I try to forget the last days now and then

It's all because of you...

You're the one in my heart

And will always be

I love you

"Maker," Healer said. "This is...lovely. I love you too." Healer grabbed Makers gloved hand.

"I love you saying those words."

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