"So what we're not going to stop her?" Roy didn't like the idea of Helena back with them.

"No we're not. If we go after her then what she did would be for nothing. Now I'm goingt to visit Gotham see how things are doing." Jason packed his bags in rush. "I'll see you two when I arrive." He left before them not feeling up to their questions.

A week later...

"Ahh Gotham sweet home." Jason sat on the edge of Wayne interprise dressed as the red caught glimpse of a familiar dark shaded purple cape flowing through the air. He followed it stoppig behind her as he watched in shock as she threw an explosive threw the science facility. She ran in walking straight to the back punching in some numbers as the volt opened revealing some suit case. Jason watched in curiosity not intervening intil on of the guards aimed a gun Huntress with out her acknowledgement. He immediantly took out the guard . He stood eye to eye with Huntress who starred at him in curosity. Somethings wrong..Jason thought as he notcied something off about her blue eyes. "What are you doing? Whats in the suit case?" He reached for it only for Huntress to hit him over the head with the case. He jumped back blocking her hits landing a few of his own trying to knock some sense into her. "H its me! Jason!" She violently striked him in the gut causing him to groan in pain. He knocked her on her butt then getting on her pinning her down. Helena struggled to get free, but Jason putt all his body weight down on her. "Enough!"

Something changed then. Her body went limp as her eyes shut, Helena's breathing abrutly stopped. Red Hood's eyes wided up as he gott off her, Pressing down on her chest. "Come on H!" He removed his helmet crashing his lips against her breathing in some air.

A horrible screeching noise caused him to back away clunching his ears falling on the floor. Canary walked in helping Huntress up both walking toward Jason. "Sorry about shutting you down. Boss said it was the only way Canary's screech wouldn't hurt Huntress' body."

"No problem. What do we do with him?" She pinned him down with her heel.
"Boss said get the suitcase and kill anyone that gets in our way."

A smirk appeared on Helena's lips. "Something tells me she'll enjoy this too." Huntress grabbed one of Red hoods gun aiming it at his heart. Jason looked into her eyes noticing how she was trying to fight the action as her hand trembled. That was all the hesitation he needed as he threw a smoke pellet on the ground quickly vanishing. Jason stayed on a building that was a couple yards down. He watched as Canary grabbed the suitcase and as they both got on their motorcycles. Red hood launched a tracker on Huntress's bike. "Whats wrong with her?" He grabbed out a device that showed a red dott moving North stopping 5 blocks away at an abandone warehouse. The science facility was swarming with police know not to mention his big bro. He glared at Dick wanting to start a fight but that wouldn't help Helena. He shook his head heading in the direction she took off in. Jaosn peered through the window of the warehouse.

"How nice of the two puppets to show up." The Joker came out of the shadows along with Harley Quinn.

"Maybe we should switch the control Pannel to me.. I mean Bane's a little slow dontcha think?" Poison Ivy stood beside Harley.

"What was that Chicka?" Bane's fist clunched as he got face to face with Ivy.

"Enough. We'll all get our little member to control now that we have this." Savage took the suit case out of Canarys hand.

"I still say we should just kill them." Said Chesire as she walked forward with Sporrts Master.

"No, we need them alive. Canary, Huntress its time." Savage nodded at the girls who pressed on their ear piece.

"Watch Tower, Its Canary and Huntress. We got something we think the league needs to see. It has to do with the light." Canary said before grabbing the case and being beamed by a white light then vanishing.

Something wrapped around Jasons ankle pulling him down. He grabbed out his knife cutting it in half. Ivy let out a scream in pain turning her attention toward the window. "My baby! what did you do to her!"

Jason looked at the plant he cut then back at Ivy. "Crap.." Although every instinct in his body said to stay and fight he followed his brain catching sight of something swinging threw the night he jumped on his back.

Nightwing felt some on latch on his back, he let go instanly making both of them crash down on the ground. "Who-"

"No time Dick! We need to leave." Bane banged threw the doors of the warehouse growling with anger. "Now!" Red Hood grabbed Nightwing and his grabble gun swinging from building to building intil finally stopping, dropping Dick down rather harshly.

Nightwing got to his feet in a fighting stance. "Dude, What the hell!"

Jason put his hands up in surrender. "I can explain."

"What was Bane doing there? Did you stealk from him?"

Red hood gave him a dull stare even though Dick couldn't see it. "Really? You think I would steal from him? Thanks feeling the brotherly love."

Nightwing smirked. "Thats why they call it tough love. Now explain what went on back there."

"Okay, okay...Lets just say Bane stole something from me and I want her back." He said firmly unaware he said her.

"I knew you were- wait did you say her?" Nightwing couldn't hide the smile on his face.

"What? No I said it! Do you want to know what happened or not?" Nightwing gave him the motion to carry on. " I was on vacation right, Then Canary somes steals my, err package. At the time I thought nothing of it. So I returned to Gotham to see that my uhh employese weren't screwing me over. I come here and See my package with Canary. Also with Bane, Ivy, Savage, Chesire, Sports Master, Harley Quinn, And Joker." He growled at the last name.

"Wait, wait. Canary as in Black Canary stole Who from you?"

"I said my package!" He really didn't want Dick to know about him and Helena even if there wasn't much to tell.

Nightwing stood cross armed. "If you don't start telling me the exact truth I'm out of here."

Jason sighed explaining everything from Breaking Roy out of Jail to the warehouse. Nigthwing seemed to believe it also he was slightly angry. "You what! What were you thinking! And you got Huntress involved, and Star! What did you just ralley up the two most dangerous girls i've slept with!" Figures he'd be hung up on the whole Star and Huntress thing.

"Its not my fault they liked me better than you! And dangerous really? Sure they both..okay yeah I can see how both of them can be lethal. But thats not the point the last time I saw Helena she was with Canary stealing some suit case from the science facility."

Nightwings eyes went wide. "Shit.." He got out what looked like a mini computer. "Is this the case?" A projection screen appeared so Jason could see.

He nodded. "Whats in it?"

"Its called Star Tech. Intil recently we didn't know what it did, which is why i'm here, I got intail from a snitch saying that a bunch of big hitters were getting together in Gotham. I was going to check it out when you hopped on my back. The snitch said it was some type of alien tech that allows someone control over another person."

Jason's fist clunched together. When he finds the person that did this they're dead. "Huntress was trying to fight it at the science facility. She had a gun aimed at me but hesitated enough for me to get out of there."

"We should tell Bruce. He can-"

"Its too late Canary and Huntress are already up at the Watch Tower. If Bruce is up there he might as well already be done for." Jason said harshly.

"Don't say that." Dick turned away pressin on his ear piece. 'Batman, Its Nightwing. We got a situation' Nothing but static. "Crap."

"Told ya. Now we need to-"

"Whats with this we? You're not one of the good guys remember."

" Just because I don't like to be the hero doesn't mean I don't know how. Besides you're going to need me and my teams help."

NIghtwing sighed. "Fine call Roy and Star, I'll get my old gang together.." He said refuring to his old young justice team.