King's Quest 5: Absence Makes The Heart Go Yonder!

An Adaptation by GrahamRocks!

Disclaimer: King's Quest and their characters are not owned by me, they are owned by Sierra On-Line. All Rights Reserved. Trust me, if it were, the AGDI remakes would be canon and so would The Silver Lining. And MoE would be done better.

Chapter 1: Off To Serenia!

It was a lovely morning in the Kingdom of Daventry. The birds were chirping in their nests, the flowers were blooming nicely, and the Kingdom had not seen the troubles of famine or war in years. All thanks to the man known as Graham, their wise and brave king, who had restored their Kingdom over 20 years ago, being crowned king over Daventry as a reward from the late King Edward, and aside from an encounter with a certain three headed dragon (which was killed thanks to his son, Alexander, using a Storm Brew spell), seemed to always be at peace.

As Graham walked leisurely by Lake Maylie, he smiled happily as he picked some wildflowers to bring home to Valanice, his wife, for later. Like always when he was walking in his Kingdom, he was wearing his classic ranger uniform of a red tunic, blue pants, high brown boots, and his iconic "adventurers cap" that he was so proud of. Everything was so tranquil as of late, it seemed that nothing could go wrong…

But, something did go wrong that day. All was quiet, and nobody was around to see the man in the long black cloak teleport up onto the hill overlooking Castle Daventry. With a devilish smile, he raised his arms up high and a loud rumbling of thunder was heard. Dark clouds gathered over the castle, yet strangely weren't seen anywhere else in the sky. As bright bolts of lightning came down around the castle, a sudden rush of wind quickly formed into a tornado completely covering the castle. When the wind stopped blowing, the castle had vanished without a trace! All that was left was an empty plot of dirt.

Yes! The first part of my scheme is done! My brother shall have his revenge soon. The man thought to himself proudly as he fled the scene, thinking that no one had seen him do his dirty deed.

He was wrong. He did have one witness. A young man popped his head out from behind a nearby rock, shaking slightly at what he'd just seen. Thankfully, the castle thief hadn't seen him. Cedric (for that was his name) wasn't sure what to do though. He'd been sent here by his mentor Crispin to check up on an old friend of his, and nothing more. Cedric didn't want to butt into something that didn't really concern him, but he also couldn't just sit idly by and let the royal family be stolen away by some black cloaked fiend right underneath the Kingdoms nose! What was he going to do? Just then he saw another person walking his direction where the castle was a minute ago. Cedric hid again, not knowing if the person was friend or foe, and watched him closely.

Graham's heart skipped a beat and he jumped back in surprise at what he saw! His castle was nowhere to be found!

"Oh no! No! My castle is gone! W-what's going on here?" King Graham said, worrying about his family's fate. If the whole castle was stolen, they must have been taken as well. Just then, he heard a voice behind him and turned around.

"Um, h-hello?" Cedric said softly, trying to keep his voice steady. He came out from behind the rock, keeping his brown eyes away from Graham's bright blue ones. "I saw what happened, sir."

"You did? Then tell me what happened! Tell me everything you know, young man!" Graham demanded.

Cedric explained everything he saw. "He was dressed in a black cloak, and judging from that wand I saw, is a very powerful wizard! I'm not really sure who it was, but I could tell he was up to no good. He conjured up a big whirlwind which swept up your castle and made it disappear in an instant. After that, you came along. That's all I know, sir."

Graham thought for a moment, looking away. "Hmmm… but why would this wizard want my castle? What have we ever done to him?" he turned back to Cedric and asked, "Are you sure you didn't know who he was?"

Cedric shook his head. "I don't know why he did this or who he is." But then, Cedric got an idea! He smiled and snapped his fingers. "Oh, I know! Crispin! My mentor can surely help you, sir! Now, let me see…" he opened the bag attached to his belt, felt around in it, and pulled out a small cloth pouch. Checking inside, he saw that he still had a bit of the stuff left, and it was luckily still faintly glowing which meant there was still some magic left in it. "Aha! Here it is. Here, rub this dust in your hair."

Graham took some of it and did so, rubbing it all into his graying hair. "What is this stuff?"

Cedric rubbed some in his own hair just in case and replied, "Some leftover fairy dust that Crispin gave me. That's how I got here in the first place. It allows you to fly!" he stood on his toes and flew a couple feet off the ground to demonstrate. Graham copied him, and found that it really worked! He really was flying!

Cedric smiled at his success, and pointed to the northeast with his hand- their destination. "Well, now that that is settled, follow me! I'm sure Crispin will help you get your family back in no time."

Cedric spread his arms out like a bird in flight, and headed out towards the countryside of Serenia- his home. Graham followed Cedric's lead, still scared for Valanice, Alexander and Rosellas safety, but he felt hopeful as well. If this Crispin really could help, he would be eternally grateful.

And so it begins! You'll notice that I've made one major change already: Cedric doesn't recognize Mordack!