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My head lazily bobbed up and down as Del's gate continued on. My hood was pulled up, concealing my features. I had been traveling for a while now, alone. It wasn't often that I would have a traveling companion besides my valiant steed.

I quietly began humming and Del's ears twitched back at me. I smiled in amusement and lightly patted his neck with my fingerless gloved hand. He liked it when I would sing. It kept the both of us from becoming terribly bored.

"Home is behind, the world ahead…" I said, tracing a small scar on his neck. His firey red coat shimmered briliantly in the sunlight that was falling down between the leaves. I smiled and thought of my home back North.

"And there are many paths to tread…" I said, glancing at the nearby road through the thick trees. I knew it wasn't very wise to travel on the roads, I could get into all sorts of trouble.

But, I would often find myself following the winding trails out of boredom even if it was dangerous. "Until the stars are alight, mist and shadow..." I looked around but none of the latter seemed to be around, except the only shadows around were my own and my horse's.

I continued, "Cloud and Shade…" I smiled as I sung this part.

People from different lands all called me different things, but I was most commonly known Shade or more commonly, Breeze. And I would come just like the cool night breeze, appearing and disappearing, tamed by no one and loyal to no lord or home.

I would often conceal myself within the shadows, going unnoticed by most but a select number of eyes would catch me milling about. "All shall fade…"

In my days of traveling, I had noticed the skies to the south had been darkening substantially and it had me worried. Every passing day, I could feel the darkness become stronger. And now, as I looked in said direction, a frown pulled at the corners of my mouth.

It wouldn't be long until Sauron tried to take over Minas Tirith again. Four thousand years and he has been unable to do it. Four thousand years, people have had to suffer his wrath.

We proceeded down the leaf covered road and the birds chirped delightedly all around us. I gazed up into the sky and the sun happily beat down on my face. I smiled for a moment as Del walked on. As fall began to settle in, it was still warm but the days had grown shorter.

I yawned quietly and scratched the back of my neck. Hearing a small swish to my right, I turned and saw a deer in a clearing, eating the lush green clover. When I passed by, it raised its graceful neck and looked at me with wide eyes. I just watched on in blissful silence and the deer flicked its tail before gracefully walking away from the two of us. I only snorted quietly through my nose, my lips twitching up into a small smile.

It was not long until I heard the creaking of wagon wheels coming up the other side of the road.

"All shall… Fade…" I whispered the last part as the wagon appeared around the corner. I observed an old man who was perched high atop his horse drawn cart. He was clothed in grey and had a tall, pointed hat. He was quietly singing an old song and he raised his head when he heard Del's hoof beats.

He smiled kindly at me and nodded his head, which I politely returned. But as soon as we passed each other, the creaking in the wheels stopped. I went rigid for a moment, was this old man an assassin?

"Is this the legendary Breeze that just blew through this quaint forest?" I turned and looked over my shoulder, stopping my firey horse completely. He knew who I was, yet I did not recognize his weathered features.

"I'm afraid not, I know not of this fabled 'Breeze' you speak of…" A slight smirk twitched at my lips. Tugging on my horse's reigns, I faced Del back towards the older man.

"Well, whoever you are, I have business with a ranger…" He explained, my eyes widened. I took in his weather beaten form for a moment. His beard was neatly kept and his gey blue eyes seemed to sparkle with mirth.

"Please, accompany me for a drink, my friend?" I raised an eyebrow, but I doubt he could see it because of my low hood. "Come, I passed a town not far back, it appears that you are heading in that direction anyway…" He smiled kindly again.

"Very well, but first what business is it you speak of?" I asked as I watched the old man turn the cart around. He only stopped and raised his eyebrows but smiled at me.

"Hobbit business…" he said with a small chuckled and a glint of amusement in his eyes.

We entered the local pub and sat down at a table in the corner of the dank place. He ordered us some ale and I reclined back in my chair. I placed my feet up on the table and I titled my hood down further to conceal my identity. The bartender placed the cup in front of me and I stared at it for a moment. I couldn't be too relaxed, now. For all I know, this man could have paid the bartender to lace my drink with poison.

Sensing my uncertainty, the older man reached over and took a sip from my cup and I sly smile on his lips.

"It's not poisoned…" He said stating the obvious.

"I was trying not to come off as rude but one can't be so careful any more..." I reached out and took the drink in my hand and sipped the foaming fluid. It stung my throat slightly but once I got used to it, I took a long swig. I placed the mug back on the table and looked back at the old man.

"I believe I have yet to introduce myself... I am Gandalf the Grey..." He said and his grey eyes sparkled once more. My ears perked at the name. I had only heard this man was a myth yet here he sat before me, very real.

"And you are already aware of my identitiy situation..." I said, my voice coming out harsher than I wanted it to. I winced slightly on the inside but the man seemed to think nothing of it was he raised his hand and shook his head.

"It is quite alright..."

"So what kind of business is it again?" I asked in a deeper voice.

"Hobbit business…" He replied, his face impassive. I nodded and glanced around the room for a moment. No one was around so I could speak a little louder.

"What will you have me do?" I asked and tilted my chair back slightly. The old man took a swig of his own ale and looked up at me.

"I have peered into the future and I have seen four hobbits that are to be escorted by two rangers to Rivendell…" I glanced up and peered out from under my hood.

"You say two rangers?" I asked, acting slightly more interested. It had been sometime since I had encountered one of my own.

"Yes… two of you will escort the hobbits…" He lit his pipe and inhaled deeply. My brow furrowed in thought. I hadn't seen a ranger station in many months and the last time I had been with a ranger was when I was with…

My mind suddenly clouded with sorrow. The last ranger I had been with was Dusk. He had been my traveling companion for many summers and we had become great friends. It was not until three summers ago that he was killed by a band of orc and I traveled alone now and wandered the wilderness aimlessly.

I had met with rangers before but it had only ended in a strong argument, even resulting to some violence. So I wasn't on best terms with my companions.

"I see, does he have a name so that I know if he is the true escort?" I raised an eyebrow but I doubt the wizard could see it.

"Indeed, he has a name. The man goes by Strider and I promise that you can put your trust in him. He is a good man..." The man explained and I nodded in understanding. Hopefully he would be easy to work with and bickering wouldn't occur.

"And when will they arrive?" I asked, taking a sip from my mug once more.

"You must journey to the small town of Bree... They will arrive in a week and I will need you there when they arrive… They need protection because something will be hunting them…" I brought my dark eyes up and they twinkled with knowing.

"The Nazgul…" I hissed out, my voice dripping with venom and hatred. I had had multiple run ins with the undead riders and I had luckily came out unscathed from all my skirmishes.

"Indeed…" The wizard said, growing serious and his face darkened.

"And the payment?" I asked once again and the wizard laughed quietly before inhaling deeply on his pipe.

"In dew time you will recieve your payment. You have my word..." He bowed his head and for some reason, that was enough for me. This man, this wizard, looked trustworthy enough. Unlike some of the other scum I had worked for previously.

After a few thoughful moments, he rose from his chair. "I bid you farewell, my friend!" Gandalf said hesitantly. I also stood. He began walking towards the door.

"My friends know me as Breeze or Shade… which ever you prefer…" I said smirking under the hood. The wizard glanced over his shoulder and smiled at me before he vanished out the door. I stood stand for a few more moments, staring at the empty doorway where he had only stood moments before.

Once the wizard was gone, I sat back down in my seat and I placed my black riding boots back onto the table and I reclined in my chair. I pulled the hood down over my eyes once more and I settled in for a long wait, unsure about what I was getting into.

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