"Daddy? Daddy?" My voice echoed around the room. "Daddy, why won't you get up?" Tears fell down my little face, mixing with dirt, blood and Adam.

"Come here, come here now." The tall man approached, he had hurt daddy, he was the one who made daddy sleep.

"No, Mr Bubbles wake up!" he didn't move, he just lay there still, why he wouldn't get up.

"He's not going to wake up little one, come here." He sounded angry, but calm at the same time. He wacked his wrench in his palm.

I turned and ran as fast as I could towards the vent. He couldn't catch me in there, he was far too big to fit. I reached the bronze vent and I jumped up, touching the cold metal. A warm hand closed around my ankle, "I got you now, little one." As he pulled me back down to the ground and I kicked and writhed, it was no use his grip was now around my waist and I was locked in his tight grasp.

"No! Please don't! NO!" I screamed, pushing his hand away…

You decide whether he harvest s or saves her… You decide…