"Williams!" Fury snapped.

"Yeah…?" I yelled from the ships library not looking up from my book.

"I have an assignment for you…you have to get 'the big guy'" Fury replied cocking his head to the side with a very sarcastic grin on his scarred up face.

Oh God, not Stark. Not to say he isn't funny and a pretty cool guy all around but I do not want to be stuck with the job of recruiting him. He wouldn't be the most cooperative...I need to get out of this…

"Fury, I really don't think I'm the one to get Stark. I mean I'm 18. Yes, I might be an agent here but he's a genius billionaire. What makes you think he would listen to me?"

The room was silent as Nick just looked at me not moving at all. I had a feeling I was missing something. Nick is never silent and unmoving- he's a mover and doer.

Nick finally broke the silence.

"For the record, you are going to be 19 in two weeks. And,…it isn't Stark I'm talking about."

I paused. What did he mean 'the big guy' wasn't Stark?...Oh…

I lifted my hands up and shook my head, "No, no, no I am not gathering him. And I'll tell you why. First of all, he's all the way in India. Second, he turns into a huge green wrecking ball when he gets upset. How in the world is a guy who is perfectly happy and in control working as a doctor and helping people not going to get angry about having to come back to this?" I asked gesturing to the high-tech ship around us.

"Not my problem. Yours. Besides I wouldn't have given this assignment to you if you weren't equipped with the power to handle it. You can control the violet emotions of those around you. To me, you plus Dr. Banner equals perfect."

And with that he left. He just left.

Great…this should be sort of fun…I've never been to India before. I thought sarcastically.

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