Two Worlds Collide

Chapter 22

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Morning broke clear and bright, with me rousing awake to the comforting, familiar coolness of Edward's skilled fingers dancing lightly across my naked skin, his body wrapped around mine like a cocoon as his visible skin cast prism-like rainbows along the wall as the rare autumn sunshine shone through the open curtains. I reveled in the beauty of the moment as I stretched and groaned at the tautness and ache that seemed to encompass my entire body. My mind reverted back to the activities that lead to my current state and I couldn't help but smile.

"Look like someone is waking in a happy mood this morning," Edward said playfully as he leaned in for a kiss. His bright amber eyes focused on me. "You're so beautiful."

I met his lips eagerly, my morning breath and rats nest hair be damned.

"Beauty is obviously in the eye of the beholder, Mister Sexy-All-The-Time. I'm waking up looking like Medusa with breath that would rival that of a dead rat in July, but still I'm wrapped in your arms like the luckiest woman on the planet, so what's there not to be happy about?"

I felt a rush of chilled air against my cheek and the almost imperceptible shudder in his touches against my skin. The gravity of my words hit me with the force of a wrecking ball, and I stiffened in his arms. All the bliss of the night prior, forgotten in a mix of words and unspoken emotions. My heart was torn from my head's decision. I knew my brooding vampire was not taking my moving home well,but, of course, he was a master at disguising reactions and feelings. He had to be to blend into a world in which he could hear other's thoughts.

"Most of the time I'm glad I can't hear what you're thinking, but just because I can't read your mind, don't ever think I can't read you, baby," Edward spoke softly. "Don't doubt yourself, or my feelings for you. Everything else will fall into place."

He was right, as usual. My self-doubt was jockeying for position against my need to re-find myself. They were neck and neck at the wire, and I wasn't sure if there was a win in this situation.

"I'm trying not to doubt my decisions, Edward, but being here with you, like this, makes my rational decisions hard to reconcile. I want this every morning, every night, for always, but I feel like I'm cheating myself from being me, if that makes sense. Be honest. I'm doing the right thing, aren't I?"

I looked at Edward desperately. He sighed and lifted my chin gently to hold my gaze.

"That's not my call, Bella, and I'll never lie to you again. If you want honesty, I can tell you that if it were up to me, I'd keep you right here in my bed, gloriously naked and crying out my name in the throes of passion for the rest of eternity. Mated vampires are primal, and territorial like that, but we aren't a traditional vampire couple. You're human, beautiful, and being with you 24/7 is not a realistic answer or expectation. I'm not without the understanding of what you are doing and as much as I wish things were different, I know what you are doing is the right thing for you, and for us right now."

He kissed me softly and then huffed in annoyance, and I was at a loss as to what had shifted in our conversation. Our bubble of contentment had been burst.

"Everyone is downstairs, waiting for direction. Rose and Emmett, and Jasper and Alice are planning on going to your house shortly to clean, and Carlisle and Esme are going shopping to stock your fridge. They need a key and directions."

"Oh! Well, okay. Um … let me get dressed. I think my house key is on the dresser in my, um, the bedroom where my things are here. Can you remember the address to my house? I'll have to look in my wallet," I stammered and made a move to extract myself from my happy haven.

"Eighteen-eighty-five Phillips Drive. Keys are on her dresser," Edward said while keeping his strong arms caged around me, holding me as a willing captive. "Bye, Alice, and tell the others thanks."

"Got it. Thanks, guys!" Alice exclaimed as she passed Edward's closed door. "We are leaving in five. See you two at Bella's place later."

I listened as Alice made her way downstairs. I knew the excessive slamming of doors, and loud voices being used were for my account, and for once I was glad. I snuggled deeper into my happy place, thinking a repeat performance of last night wouldn't be a bad thing at all, even if I couldn't walk for a week.

Edward knew me well enough to know what I was thinking. I felt the low rumble of his chuckle as it echoed beneath his chest, and felt the heat spread across my face for being so insatiable.

"So, what's the plan for today?" I asked, trying to shake my pornographic thoughts.

"That's totally up to you, Bella, but I think you might relax a bit if you start by taking a nice, hot bath, and when you're done, get dressed and pack up what you'd like to take from your room. Then after you eat a Masen Special breakfast we can head on over to your house and get you settled in. Does that sound like a working plan?"

Well, that wasn't in my immediate plans. Mister Sex-on-Legs is highly addictive, so a girl's gotta try, right? Too bad he can't read my mind.

"Oh. I thought since we were alone …"

I didn't even get the words out before I was pinned to the mattress by his taut body. His knees spreading me open like a blooming flower, and his cock hard as steel and ready against my thigh. He held my hands held captive above my head, and my chest heaved with every attempted breath. Edward's eyes were hooded and black as coal as leaned in to mere inches of my face and spoke.

"Hmmm. Interesting. What could you possibly want, my love? For me to fuck you senseless, one more time before you leave? Now that idea supercedes my plans completely. You, sweaty and thrashing beneath me. Your glossy mahogany hair splayed across my pillow. Your nipples hard, begging for my lips to suck and nibble. My cock buried balls deep in your sweet, hot pussy, stroking that spot deep inside your walls, the one that makes you crazy, until you are moaning and panting as my name rolls off your tongue in ecstasy? Then take the hot bath, eat and pack. Am I successful in guessing your plan?"

"Pretty much, yeah," I manage to spit out, hoping I sound erotic instead of desperate.

"I think I love your plan, baby."

All at once, my mind couldn't keep up with my body.

Edward's mouth met mine, and his tongue swept between my lips as his fingers teased me down below. Stroking and claiming my body as his while stoking a fire within me until I felt as if I could literally burst into flames.

"I love you, Bella. Your body was made for me. Perfection in human form," Edward whispered as he entered me in one motion.

"Oh my god … Edward," I cried wantonly as he began to move slowly, fulfilling his promises.

My back arched as my body acclimated to his size and girth as his shallow strokes became deep thrusts. Faster and faster, until my sweat slickened body slid effortlessly against his hardened flesh. It was pleasure and pain combined as his manhood staked his claim over me and his talented mouth paid homage to each breast until I was a writhing ball of energy under his spell. There was nothing in this world that could be any better than this. Not one single thing could compare to my love for this immortal man. My body inched higher and closer to its destiny. My voice strained as I called his name.

"Yes, baby. You're so tight and warm. I can feel you fluttering around me. Come for me, my sweet angel. I'm right behind you."

Words cannot describe the feelings that coursed through me as I let go for him. Inhibitions be damned. His release followed closely as I peaked and we rode out our climaxes in each other's embrace. We lay that way for some time. No words spoken, but none were needed. This was heaven.

"That was … amazing. You're one incredible lover, Edward Anthony Masen. I love you, so much."

"Forever, baby. I'll love you forever."



"I'll just pack a few things and then I'll be ready to go, Edward. I want to leave some things here, just in case," Bella said as she finished her blueberry waffles.

"Sounds good. I'll clean up here and help you carry out your bags, okay?"

Bella nodded and I leaned in for a maple-sugar kiss.

"Mmm, you taste good enough to eat."

Bella smiled against my lips.

"Like mountain lion?"

"Better than," I reply with a wink. "Now scoot before I'm tempted to start something we can't finish."

"Promises, promises, Masen," Bella replied saucily as she stepped away.

I swatted her cute ass as she scampered off and laughed out loud as she yelped in surprise.

"Oh, I keep my promises, little girl. You are too tempting for my sanity."

I made quick work of the kitchen and tried to reign in my thoughts. No matter how I felt inside, this move was Bella's decision, and it wasn't my place to give her permission. Bella is my love, my intended, my mate- not my daughter or my ward. I guess my human charade was now crossing over into my personal love life. That fact, my friends, sucks.

I guess, to a certain point of view, my family had it all. A loving family unit, more than enough money to live as we pleased, nice cars, successful careers, a beautiful home and yes, we were all extremely attractive to the human eye. But none of the above mentioned means shit if you have no one to love and share your fortune with. Once again I'd be living as the odd man out in a house full of matched pairs.

For now I had to become content with a "normal" human relationship. I'd do anything for Bella though. Anything.

I hoped Bella's move would help surface more memories, hopefully mostly happy ones, so she could regain what she'd lost in her accident. In theory, her independence should make her more secure and stable. She didn't need me to fill her every waking moment with myself and my family. She had friends and co-workers that she had no clue existed. She had a full life before her accident, and damn it, she'd have that again. As a new thought entered my mind, I picked up my phone and dialed Carlisle.

"Son? Is everything alright at home and with Bella?" he answered knowing I'd only be calling if something was amiss. I could hear my family laughing in the background.

"Everything is fine here, Carlisle. Sorry to worry you, but I just had a thought and wanted to run it by you before I mentioned it to Bella."

"Of course, Edward. What's on your mind?"

"I was thinking that Bella might benefit from some counseling from a specialist who deals with memory loss and the repercussions. Maybe some anti-anxiety medication. Dr. Clearwater deals with post-traumatic stress issues, and with her psychiatric background, I think she'd be able to help Bella deal with all these random memories and the emotional toll they've had on her. What do you think?"

"It couldn't hurt. Sue should be able to help her. I'll give her a call and let you know what she thinks before you talk to Bella. Be careful how you approach her with this idea, son. She's been through so much as of late, and you wouldn't want to add to her anxiety."

"Thanks, those were my thoughts exactly. I'll discuss it with Bella this evening, when everyone goes home. I don't know if she will want me to stay with her tonight or if she'll prefer to be alone. I guess I'll play that by ear. I hear Bella coming this way, so I'll see you shortly."

I hung up the phone as Bella descended the last flight of stairs, with her suitcase in hand.

"Okay, I think I have everything I'll need from here. I'm ready when you are."

I took the small bag from Bella, and I watched as she took one last look around. There was a sad, yet determined look in her eyes. I wrapped my arm around her slender shoulders and pulled her into my chest. Her sweet, clean smell surrounded and grounded me.

"It's not like you'll never be back, baby. My home is your home and you are welcome here anytime. Okay?"

"Okay. Now let's go before I change my mind."



I tried to pay attention as Edward drove the route from his home to mine. Not knowing any of my surroundings by memory was a hindrance though, and I couldn't help but sigh in my frustration. It was a feeling I was getting used to having when the simplest of things seemed impossible. Maybe this move was a bad idea.

"What's wrong, baby?" Edward asked after I had made my irritation known.

"Do you know if I have a GPS on my car? I'm going to need it to be able to drive to do something as simple as going to the store for toilet paper!" I huffed as Edward navigated his Volvo skillfully through the light traffic. "Thank goodness I didn't rent a down town apartment, or I'd never manage to get out of the city."

Edward took my hand in his and rubbed it soothingly.

"I can't imagine how you must feel right now, Bella, but remember this is only a temporary condition. You're making new memories as well. You'll be navigating Chicago like a seasoned professional in no time. Your home is in the suburbs, and I'm not going to drop you off like a hitchhiker to find your way alone. If you don't have a GPS, I'll buy one and install it for you. I'll program all the places you want me to, so all you will have to do is punch in your destination until you know your way around. Rose picked your car up from impound, so you don't have to worry about that. We'll figure this out together, sooner than later because we're here."

I looked out the window at my quaint home, wishing I had some good memory to cling to as we pulled into the drive next to a sharp, red Volvo coupe. Carlisle's Mercedes was parked along the street, as well as Jasper's Chevy Silverado pickup truck, so the unknown vehicle must be mine.

"I drive a Volvo," I said absently as Edward shut off the car.

"I knew you were a keeper. Smart and good taste in cars, too. That, my love, is a Volvo c30 coupe." Edward joked and I giggled at his candor. "Are you ready to open this chapter of our lives, sweet girl?" With the moment lightened, I nodded and I was rewarded with a beautiful smile from my handsome vampire man.

I looked at my house and took a deep breath as Edward walked around the back of his car at human speed to open my door. As I took his proffered hand in mine, I felt at peace. I only hoped it'd last, and that Edward wouldn't get tired of dealing with my emotional baggage while I try to rebuild my fractured life.


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