Two Worlds Collide

Chapter 27

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My breath caught in my throat.

"Amanda? Oh, it's so good to hear from you," I managed to stammer while sinking heavily onto the bed. My mind was running in a million directions at once, knowing she held the key to my blurry past, and wishing Edward would hurry home to me. I had a feeling I was going to need him. "Thank you for calling me."

"Bella, I called as soon as I got your letter. Sorry it's so late. Chad and I have been at his parents' house for a few days, and just picked up our mail today. Is this a bad time? I can call back in the morning," Amanda said with a hint of anxiety in her voice.

"No!" I said emphatically. "I'm glad you called. I have so much to talk to you about, and so many questions. I'm sure you have plenty for me, too. Sorry, but I don't remember anything about you or Chad, but I did find several photos of us together, so I can put a face with your voice. It's frustrating, but I know we were the best of friends."

"Yes, we've been friends for a long time, B. Oh, by the way, I call you B sometimes. Damn, girl, I wish I lived closer. I really want to hug you right now. I cannot fathom how you're feeling right now, not remembering much of over thirty years of living. First off, are you absolutely positive you're physically okay? You said you hit your head, obviously hard enough to scramble your brain. Next, what can I do to help you, Bella? I guess what I mean by that is, what do you know, and what blanks can I fill in for you? And who the hell is this Edward dude you spoke of?"

Where do I start? I know I can't tell her what Edward is, but surely I can discuss who he is to me, and our relationship with my best friend. Only now did I realize that the nuts and bolts of my future with my vampire-boyfriend would not be including my oldest and dearest friend, especially if my future was an eternity.

"Physically I'm fine now. It took several weeks to recover, but I had help with that. My head injury was closed mostly, and the rest of my ailments were superficial. At first, all I knew was my name and age. Why only that, I don't have a clue. I didn't remember much more than that for awhile, but over the past month or so, some memories have resurfaced. I know my parents are gone, both taken from me before college, and that I grew up in Kentucky. I know I'm an only child with no living close relatives. You were my next-of-kin contact in my medical file, but Edward couldn't reach you because you lost your phone in the pool incident. I learned that information from your answering machine message. I know I am a college professor, that I have had gastric lap band surgery, and that you and I have been friends for a long time. I also know that I've met the love of my life since the accident. Edward was my ER doc, and he has been supportive and amazing during my recovery. Other than those things, a few grainy memories of random happenings, and some of a dark-haired man I cannot recall, that's really all I know from my past. From what I've deduced from the photo albums at my place, the rest of my memory still hasn't resurfaced. I was hoping you could help me fill in the gaps. The doctors seem to believe I will regain my lost memories, but there is a chance I won't. Who is the dark-haired man, Amanda? He's worrisome, and I don't get good vibes about him. I had a flashback of him a few weeks ago, and it threw me into a panic attack."

Amanda was silent for a beat, before she sighed and began the tedious journey into my suppressed memories.

"Of course, I'll help you anyway I can. I'm sorry, but I'm nothing if not blunt, Bella. I'm going to be one hundred percent honest with you, so sit down, if you aren't already. Everything you've told me is true. The bastard you are not fully remembering should be left in the past. John Banner was his name, and you guys bought the house on Phillips Drive together. He has been the only man you've ever been serious with, and he treated you like a possession instead of a girlfriend. I couldn't stand him, or he me. You two met shortly after you lost the weight. You wanted marriage and children, and he didn't. You called him out on his bullshit, and he ran like the spineless man he is. John only wanted eye-candy at dinners and charity events, and he strung you along for five fucking years, B. He was some big shot at one of the hospitals there in town, I don't recall which one, but he got fired for misappropriation of Medicare funds shortly after you guys split up a year ago, and he left Chicago afterward for parts unknown. Luckily, the house was in your name, or you'd have lost it to his indiscretions. After he broke up with you, you were so broken. I was afraid you'd become some crazy lady with a house full of damn cats, but you finally pulled yourself out of the funk and moved on with life. Forget about him. Please. He was ancient history long before your accident."

Oh, wow. What an ass! Not exactly what I was expecting, but still mind-numbing none the less. Me, a cat lady? No, I don't think my cats would fare well with my man's appetite. He's said mountain lion is his favorite meal. The thought almost made me laugh out loud.

"Wow. Thanks for shedding light on him, Amanda. I guess I'm lucky to not remember any of that mess, and without a house full of felines."

"Damn straight. He's as useless as tits on a boar hog. As for Chad and me, we'll make new memories, and remind you of the old ones as we reconnect. Trust me. There are some crazy stories to tell you, B. Fair enough? Now, tell me about Edward before we dive back into anything too heavy."

I smiled at the thought of my sexy vampire. He should be here shortly. Maybe he will make it home while I'm still on the phone with Amanda.

"Edward is something special, Amanda. I don't think I'd have made it through as well as I have without him in my life. As I've told you, he was my ER doctor. There was an instant connection between us, even when I was unconscious, and he struggled with the ethics of the situation. Edward says it was like we were soul mates, meant to find each other, meant to be together, and I feel the same. He's gorgeous, and he's a bit younger than me, but it doesn't bother him that I'm older. He lives with his extended family here in Chicago, and they took me in when I was well enough to be discharged from the hospital, but not well enough to go home alone. The Cullen's have become family to me in the short time we've known each other. I asked Edward to move in with me a couple of days ago, and he said yes. In fact, he should be home from his shift at the hospital any minute now. I'll let you talk to him, if you'd like."

"Oh, I want to talk to him alright. Make sure he's on the up and up. No best friend of mine is going to be hoodwinked by any man again as long as I have breath in my body," Amanda replied with a chuckle. "Sounds like you're happy, Bella. That's all I want for you, to know what true love is. You deserve as much, and by your giddiness, I think you've found it with Edward."

"Oh, I have found my soul mate," I replied quickly. "No need to worry about Edward. He's in this for the long haul. I promise."

Amanda and I laughed and talked for the better part of an hour about lighter subjects, along with a few sadder ones. I needed to make a trip to Kentucky to visit my parent's graves someday soon, when Edward could accompany me. I noticed the time, and wondered what was keeping Edward. I'd call his cell when my call with Amanda was over, if he hasn't called me first.

"So, have you started writing again?"

Me, write?

"Um, I guess that's something else I'd forgotten. I write? What do I write?" I asked, intrigued by this news. I knew I must've loved to read, judging by the sheer number of literature on my bookshelves, but with all the events of the past several weeks, nothing I'd picked up to read held my interest.

"Oh! Well, let me tell you. After Asshat John left, you were in a funk. I stayed for a week with you, watching you mope around like someone had kicked your puppy. Finally, I decided an intervention was needed. I called up a few of your co-workers, and we had a Girl's Night Out with margaritas and a movie. We drug you, almost literally, to watch Almost Dusk. Afterwards, you were hooked!"

Almost Dusk?

"What is Almost Dusk?" I asked, honestly having no clue.

"Oh, that's the name of the movie I took you to see that night, and the name of the first of four books on Isabella Dwyer, teenage human, and Edward Masen, teenage vampire."


"What?" I stammered, too shocked to form a sentence. Edward Masen? MY Edward? How is this even possible?

"Yep, you were a Masen junkie, B. I swear you're the president of his Over-Thirty fan club, and then you started writing the hot, adult Fan Fiction versions of the stories. I can't remember your pen name, but I'll find it for you by the time we talk again. Funny, you were an Isabella who was obsessed with Edward Masen, and now you're Isabella, hooked up with a real-life Edward! That's the shit movies are made of! By the way, what did you say his last name was?"

HOLY SHIT! I can't tell her his name IS Edward Masen! I have to talk to the REAL Edward Masen ASAP and figure out what the HELL is going on with these movies and whatever the hell fan fiction is!

"Um, Amanda? It's been great talking to you, and tell Chad hello from me. Thank you so much for being a great friend, and answering so many of my questions tonight, but Edward isn't home yet, and it's getting pretty late. I need to call him at the hospital and check-in. Make sure he's okay. Can I call you soon?"

"Sure thing, B. I'm so glad we were able to talk tonight. This is my new cell number. Call me anytime. Love you, sweetie."

"You too. Bye."

As soon as the call was disconnected, I fumbled through my contacts and phoned Edward.


Automated voicemail.

"I'm okay, but I just got off the phone with Amanda. Ever heard of Almost Dusk? Evidently, I was a huge fan of EDWARD MASEN, VAMPIRE TEEN! Amanda told me so, and with you being Edward Masen too, I wasn't sure what to say to her when she asked your last name. Do we have a problem I wasn't aware of? HOW IS THIS POSSIBLY COINCIDENTAL? Edward, please call me or come home ASAP. Love you."

Yes, we have a huge problem. Surely, Edward and his family know about the books and the movie. Why am I just now finding out about them? Maybe it's simply a fluke, sort of like a doppelganger; the real Dr. Edward Masen does work in a public place. He's not in hiding, but he shares more than a name. He shares immortality with a character in a book series. Somehow though, I knew the books and the man I loved had to be related. It was the how that escaped me. I curled up on my bed, with cellphone in hand, and drifted off to sleep as I awaited Edward's call or arrival home. Then I'd hopefully find the answers to my questions.


It took hours to repair the carnage of the accident on the freeway. I lost track of the number of bones I'd set, or the wounds I'd sutured, but it was one in the morning before I washed my hands from my last procedure. If a vampire could physically tire, I'd be curled in a fetal position asleep by now. Poor Bella probably fell asleep waiting for me by this point, and damn, I'd wanted to unwrap her from her lacy nightie.
Maybe I would anyhow, if Bella wasn't too deeply asleep. The thought alone excited me.

"Jessica, I'm out of here. I'll be back sometime mid-morning. Let Dr. Smith know, please."

"I'll mark it on the schedule, and let the staff know, Doctor. Have a good night."

I went to my office, grabbed my coat, keys and cell, and started for the parking garage. I thought about turning on my cell, but decided against it. Carlisle had assisted me most of the night, and surely someone would have called the nurse's station if I'd been needed. I would check my messages when I got home. First, I needed to lay eyes on my sweet girl, and the blue sinfulness I'd been imagining all evening. Maybe cash in my rain check for some skin-on-skin with my love. The rest could wait.

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