Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- Not an Ordinary Girl

Samantha Bushido is not only the daughter of the founder of ninjutsu, but also possesses a powerful amulet that could destroy humanity. One of the Turtles has been ordained to protect her. But will her love for 2 turtles bring about the end of the world?

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Chapter One

Samantha Bushido stood and watched as the mystic waters in the Seer's Eye swirled rapidly. In a moment, they would stop and reveal the Protector. The one chosen by the Heads to guard one of the most sacred and dangerous treasures ever created: The Amulet of Bushido. As she gazed into the pool's waters, Samantha touched the golden amulet that lay on the warm skin of her neck. Her fingers traced the outline of the sapphire dragon that had been carved in with the metal. Within this sapphire lay a creature so fierce, so deadly, that every emperor who had ever lived had been terrified that it would reunite with its master and wreak havoc upon the earth. But the Heads had taken care of this creature's master. So why were they now choosing someone to protect the amulet…and her?

"Behold the Protector!" Yoshi declared as the waters stilled to reveal a figure hidden in the shadows. In the darkness, she couldn't see much. Suddenly, the white of his eyes became visible and he leapt down, unsheathing two katana blades and slicing a candle, balancing the tip on one sword before blowing it out. Samantha smiled to herself. It was an exercise that she and her father had done many times before so she could understand the importance of stealth. From somewhere, there was light and she gasped as she saw a three-fingered, tall turtle with a blue bandana tied across his eyes, holding the stub of the candle, swords strapped to his shell. Then, she saw three others, one wearing a red bandana with sais in his belt, another wearing an orange bandana with nunchucks in his belt, and the third wearing a purple bandana with a bo staff across his shell.

"Well done, Leonardo," said another voice in a calm, scholarly voice to the blue bandana turtle. A giant, gray rat appeared wearing a brown robe and carrying a walking stick. He was smiling.

"Teacher's pet," the red bandana turtle muttered.

"Ninja dropout," Leonardo replied. The other two turtles went "OOOOO…" as Leonardo and the red bandana turtle stood face to face, looking ready to fight.

"My sons!" the rat cried out, stepping in between the two. "My sons." The image disappeared and Samantha was staring back at her own reflection as well as that of Yoshi's.

"So, which one of them is it?" Samantha inquired as Yoshi turned away from the waters of the Seer's Eye. "Which one of them is my protector, Yoshi?

"You have seen many possibilities, but you have also seen the only possibility," Yoshi replied, tucking his hands inside the wide sleeves of his robe.

"For once, Yoshi, can't you make something in life sound less complicated?" she teased. Her mystic and friend smiled.

"If life were to be simple and plain, then you could never grow and become stronger," he answered. "Challenges are sometimes placed in our path to help us, not necessarily to hinder us. Now, think princess. Who was the very first one of them you saw?"

"The one called Leonardo. He was in the shadows, and…Yoshi, he's supposed to protect the Amulet of Bushido? He's supposed to protect me?"

"You sound surprised."

"Well…I was expecting someone more…more…"

"More like you and me?"


"My dearest princess and friend, the Heads have never been wrong before. Just because someone is not like us, it does not mean that they are not of use to us. I have seen many things in this warrior that you have not."

"What do you mean, Yoshi?"

"He has the heart of a great warrior. He has the highest sense of truth and honor in battle. His skills grow stronger and stronger. He is disciplined, courageous, and can see the good in even those we would cast aside and call our enemies."

"He sounds so much like…like…" Samantha broke off and stared down at the cold, stone floor of Yoshi's room. Without another word, the young but wise mystic put a gentle hand on the princess's shoulder.

"Do not despair, my friend. For though his body was destroyed, his spirit will live on. He will be with you through all the dangers you, the Protector, and his brothers will face. I know this. Do not doubt me."

"Yoshi, my friend, how can I doubt your words? You have been my faithful friend and a dear comfort to me. I will miss you."

"And I will miss you as well, Princess Samantha Bushido. Now, it is time for you to prepare for your journey. Go. I must speak to your uncle about something."

Samantha nodded and then held the amulet aloft in her hand. There was a flash of bright light and a second later, she was standing in her room. She approached the huge bed, comfortable and soft. Above the bed head, on its hooks, lay her wakizashi. It was a smaller version of the katana blade, but not by much. A much more convenient weapon for the samurai, the handle of hers was wrapped in red and black cloth with a matching scabbard with a thick leather strap that she could wear across her back. Taking it down from its pegs, Samantha unsheathed the blade and studied its beautiful but deadly blade. She smiled and then sheathed it again, throwing the strap across her back.

"Just one more stop to make," she said to herself as she dressed herself in a black battle suit with a red, metallic belt. She tied her shoulder-length, chestnut-colored hair in a high ponytail and lashed a black mask across her face. She exited her room and stole down one of the long hallways of the palace. Finally, she reached a statue of Buddha which sat in front of a plain, red wall. She reached out and touched the statue's hand. Instantly, the statue slid to the side, revealing a long, torch-lit passageway. Summoning all her courage, Samantha began walking down the secret passageway.

Although the torches were lit with warm flames, the air felt colder than usual as Samantha continued walking down the secret hallway. Very few people in the palace knew that this place existed, and it was a good thing. Samantha didn't need enemies coming to steal the priceless treasure that lay within the main room. A wooden door blocked her path, a key still in its ancient lock. Without hesitation she turned it and heard the familiar click as the door swung open.

Torches sprang to life, illuminating the blood red walls and towering marble pillars that kept the room steady. Golden dragons wrapped around the pillars as Samantha reverently approached the two, twin sarcophagi in the center of the room. Silently, she approached them and placed her hand on the first stone slab under which lay her father, Bushido, founder and defender of the code of martial arts which he had devised. It would be almost five years since his death.

"Most Honorable Father, I must leave you and Mother and travel to New York City," she told him, as if he could still hear her. "The Heads are worried about the Great Evil and have appointed a turtle named Leonardo to protect the Amulet of Bushido and me from him. I will not dishonor you, and I will abide by the code that you yourself have devised for ninja to live honorable, long lives and be worthy of winning in battle with honor and truth. And I vow that when the time comes, your death will be avenged. Goodbye, Father. I will not forget you."

She then turned and placed her hand on the second one.

"Honorable Mother, you gave me life. I only wish you had lived to see me grow. I will miss you."

"Princess!" a voice called out urgently. The young woman turned and saw Yoshi standing at the doorway of the crypt of her parents. "You must leave now, Princess! The Protector and his brothers! They are in trouble! You must help them!"

"Show me, Yoshi!" commanded the young royal. Yoshi immediately summoned a vision and Samantha could see ninjas with inverted dragon's claws in red surrounding Leonardo and his brothers. Her blood boiled at the sight of the symbol. That symbol and everything it stood for had cost her dearly. And anyone who wore it would perish under her blade.

"Are those guys…ninjas?" Leonardo inquired, holding his katana blades.

"Well, they certainly are ninja-esque," the orange bandana turtle said in a voice that reminded Samantha of the surfers she'd met in California one summer.

"They will not last long, my friend," Yoshi warned. "Here. Take this." Yoshi handed her a rolled-up piece of parchment, closed with red wax and sealed with the insignia of the emperor. "It is for their master. His name is Splinter. Ask Leonardo to take you to him and then give him this. It will explain everything."

"Yes, Yoshi."

"And not a word about the tengu to the Protector or his brothers until it is the right time."

"But Yoshi…!"


Heaving a sigh, Samantha lifted the amulet into the air with one hand and closed her eyes, concentrating on the alley where the four turtles and the ninjas were fighting. There was a flash of bright light, and she was gone.