Madison Gilbert or as 'Madds' or 'Maddie' as most people call her is the younger cousin to Elena and Jeremy and she just so happens to be a witch and a world class gymnast as well. Madison didn't find out she was a witch until she was fourteen when her father died which then lead to her moving in with grandmother who told her about her magic ancestry since her mother passed away when she was just a baby. Even though Madison didn't know she was a witch she had known about the supernatural world longer than the rest of her friends because her father Charles Gilbert taught her the basics of the supernatural world when she was just a little girl just to be on the safer side. But anyways, what if Elena wasn't the only doppelganger? What if Katherine had a cousin named Marie and Madison just so happened to be her doppelganger? And if Madison isn't a doppelganger for Klaus's sacrifice like Elena was, then what for? This is the story of how the youngest of the Gilbert's tries to balance high school; the intense world of gymnastics; vampires and werewolves; trying to maintain a social life, and falling in and out of love all at the age of sixteen.

(Okay, so I guess kind of think of Victoria Justice in a way as to what Maddie looks like, I think her and Nina kind of have a similar look to one another, so to me that would make pretty good cousins lol)

-Begins in season 3 on Prank Night at the school.

Chapter 1 – Prank Night

Madison felt an eerie chill go up her spine walking down the halls of Mystic Falls High School. It was senior prank night and even though she wasn't going into her senior this year like most of her friends were she was still here setting up pranks with them wanting to be in on some of the fun.

And she was having a blast too, dripping maple syrup all over the juniors lockers (minus her's and Jeremy's of course) - but she knew something was off as she turned down another deserted hallway. Not only ten minutes ago there were dozens of teens buzzing around every hall laughing with friends as they set pranks up for the teachers and staff for the following day…and now it was like they had all vanished. She walked to Alaric's classroom knowing that's where Elena was at. But when she got there no one was in the classroom.

She went to the desk and found that nothing had been glued shut like Elena had planned and she frowned. It was over a half hour ago when Elena had gone off to do Ric's desk as a solo mission and since it hadn't been done Madison knew now that something was definably up.

She wrapped her arms around her body in a comforting way as she made her way closer to the gym doors. She didn't know why she was heading to the gym, but she felt an odd pull telling her that if she wanted to know why the sudden atmosphere changed in the building then she would find out in the gym.

When she got to the gym she instantly kept herself hidden outside the gym doors and her heart began to race. She peered around the corner of the wall and saw that Stefan who had been missing all summer because of Klaus was pacing the room with blood staining his face and shirt. She covered her mouth to hold back a cry when she saw the bodies of two seniors lying next to Elena lifeless.

Maddie felt frozen to her spot. If Stefan was back in town then did that mean Klaus was as well? And if Klaus was back in town did that mean he was here at the school lurking around somewhere as well?

And worse yet, unlike everyone else Maddie didn't know what Klaus looked like. She had been really sick catching a nasty virus the week he took over Ric's body and of the night of the sacrifice with an extremely high fever that left her stuck in bed and delusion. She didn't even know what was going on till the following morning when Caroline came by to fill her in on what happened the night before with the sacrifice and Elijah turning his back on them in the end to help his brother escape.

She glanced around the hall she was hiding in quickly trying to detect if there was anyone else nearby, mainly the hybrid. But she saw no sign of life. She quickly turned her attention back to the gym scanning the large room carefully from her hiding spot behind the big mental door.

Then Madison almost yelped in surprise needing to steady her feet from plummeting her backwards onto her butt when she realized that there was someone who had been sitting on the bleacher's this whole time watching the scene in front of him in almost amusement. But she covered her mouth quickly with one hand, muting all sound that wanted to come out, and steadied her balance as quickly as she lost it.

She knew that this man had to be Klaus. And even though she knew he was a heartless monster that killed viciously with no remorse and was the reason for Jenna's killing along with all of theirs Uncle John's and no doubt thousands of other innocent people's death she couldn't help but think he was incredibly sexy looking.

He had very short blonde hair that if he grew his hair out she knew it would be curly. And even from the distance and from a side view she could tell he had sexy dimples that could make any girl melt. He was well built, and was muscular, but he wasn't too muscular. He didn't have huge muscles or anything but he was very well defined and she had no doubt that he had a six pack under those cloths of his. She could tell that if she stood next to him she would only reach up to his chin which made him about six feet.

She snapped out of her 'evil sexy vampire' trance when both Bonnie and Matt came bursting through the doors on the opposite side of the gym, both of their cloths were soaked and clinging too their bodies and they were out of breath.

"Bonnie, Matt, go!" Elena cried, seeing her two friends. She knew Klaus wouldn't hesitate to kill them if he thought the need to do so.

They first looked to Elena, then to Stefan shocked to see him standing there with blood smeared across his face dripping down onto his cloths before turning their eyes onto Klaus. And anyone who wasn't blind could see the terror that lay inside both of them as their eyes widened in fear at the sight of the thousand year old vampire.

But before they even had time to respond to Elena's pled and think about turning to run, Klaus was directly in front of Bonnie. "I was wondering when you'd show up," he said to her blithely in a thick British accent that Madison swore made her heart skip a beat at the sound. "Now we can get my little problem figured out correctly…I am assuming you're the reason Elena's still walking around and in the living, hmm...?"

Bonnie's eyes went wide. Her eyes flicked to Elena then back to Klaus. "That's right," she said, her voice thin. "If you want to blame someone, blame me."

Madison struggled to hear the conversation properly since they were talking in low tones and were on the on the north side of the gym where she was on the far east side entrance, "Oh, there's no need for blaming, love. Just your witchy interference seems to have caused some undesirable side effects. And since you caused the problem, I'm going to have you find the fix to it."

As he finished speaking the gym doors on the opposite side of where she was hiding flew opened again reveling a very pretty blonde dragging Tyler by the arm roughly clearly being a vampire.

"Get off of me!" Tyler said, scowling. But the pretty blonde only held him tightly, dragging him to Klaus.

"I'd like you all to meet my sister, Rebekah." Klaus said, gesturing to the blonde girl turning to look at each teenager in the room before continuing, "Word of warning, though, she can be quite mean."

Rebekah narrowed her eyes at him. "Don't be an arse." She shoved Tyler to him, who stumbled over his feet falling in a heap in front of the hybrid.

"Leave him alone!" Maddie directed her attention back to her cousin.

From her place, Maddie could see tears glitter in her eyes. Everyone knew that if one wrong move was made that Tyler would be dead in a second.

"I'm going to make this very simple." Klaus said ignoring her cousin's pled yanking Tyler up beside him, "Every time I attempt to turn a werewolf into a hybrid, they die during the transition. It's quite horrible, actually." The Original paused and brought his wrist up to his fangs. He pulled Tyler by the neck and shoved his bloody wrist into Tyler's mouth. "I want you to find a way to save my hybrids, Bonnie. And for Tyler's sake," he gripped Tyler's face twisting it slowly, "you better hurry." Then he snapped Tyler's neck, the sound of bones snapping echoed through the gym and Tyler's body fell to the floor with a sick thud, leaving everyone gawping at the now dead boy.

Madison jerked her body away from the door and pushed her body against a wall to support herself. She covered her mouth with both hands trying to not let any cry or whimper escape her mouth. Tears flowed down her cheeks and her breathing started to become uneven and hard. She felt her heart pound against her chest violently and her body tremble with silent sobs.

One of her friends had just been killed right in front of her and was going to be in transition into being a vampire hybrid. And if Bonnie couldn't figure out whatever was the problem with Klaus's hybrids then Tyler would be dead for good! That would be it for him!

Madison knew that they began speaking again but she couldn't concentrate on that. All she could think of was her friend lying dead on the gym floor. But then hearing the devil himself talk again she tried pushing her emotions to the side and snuck back over to the door to eavesdrop making sure to hold her emotions in check so her breathing would return to normal.

"That's right. Now go on," Klaus said to Bonnie. "Go fetch your grimoirs and enchantments and what not. I'll hold on to Elena here for safekeeping." He grabbed Elena's upper arm, and Bonnie let out a fearful gasp looking at the grip Klaus had on Elena grabbing a hold of Matt and running out of the gym determined to find a cure for both Tyler's sake and Elena's.

Then Klaus sent Tyler away with his bitchy sister which then left him with just Elena and Stefan. After Klaus said a few smart ass things to both Elena and Stefan the gym doors were once again shoved open forcefully; and Rebekah came stalking in, completely pissed off.

Her eyes seemed lethal and dark, her tiny mouth pulled tight into a snarl as she stared Elena down. There was a cell phone clenched in one hand. She was headed towards Elena. "Where is it?" she demanded in a shout, her anger bursting like sparks from a fire. "Where's my necklace?"

"What are you talking about?" Klaus was clearly annoyed.

"She has my necklace!" Rebekah shoved the phone in his face, all the while glowering at Elena. "Look at that. She's wearing it, in that picture."

Klaus's eyes found Stefan and Maddie felt her heartbeat pick up again in fear of what was going to happen next. "More lies, I see. Why am I not surprised?"

Rebekah's chest heaved up and down, her breathing shallow and her teeth barred. "Where is it?"

Madison could feel the fear radiating off of both Elena and Stefan as the female Original narrowed her eyes into slits at the doppelganger. "I-I don't know…Katherine took it…" Elena stuttered and Madison cursed to herself silently knowing how bad Elena sucked at lying.

"You're lying!" Rebekah drove forward latching onto Elena and wildly tore her fangs into her cousin's neck. The only thing that registered in Madison's mind was that a member of her family was being attacked and could possibly get killed (again) and without clearly thinking she immediately went into action.

She ran forward into the gym and focused all of her energy onto the blonde female and instantly the female original was sent flying brutally through the air pounding into the gym wall forcefully a good thirty feet away from Elena. Everyone turned towards Madison with wide eyes.

Elena's mouth formed a big 'O' and her eyes abruptly filled with dread and terror seeing her little cousin standing there ready to defend her against two pissed off originals.

Rebekah hissed standing back up to her feet ready to tear whoever it was who attacked her to shreds, but when she charged at Madison she immediately stopped once she saw the little girl who attacked her.

"Who is this imposter!" Rebekah cried out as she moved to stand next to her brother with wide eyes staring at the sixteen year old confused. "What is this magic?" She said hissing back at Elena and Stefan. She didn't give them time to answer before she charged forward grabbing Maddie by the neck tossing her like she was a rag doll over to where Elena sat.

Maddie hit the gym floor hard and rolled her body a few times hoping somehow it would soften the blow. It didn't. And she knew that she'd be lucky if this didn't leave any bruises. She got to her feet quickly trying to clear her dizzy vision from the fall holding her arm close to her chest from the hard impact.

Elena stood up and protectively pushed her younger cousin behind her hoping she could somehow shield her from the two pissed off vampires in front of her. "Stefan who is she!" Rebekah shrieked again pointing her finger at Maddie in rage getting angry that no one was answering her.

"Her name is Madison Gilbert. She is Elena's younger cousin." Stefan answered starring at the two Gilberts' in dread hoping that both of them would make it out of this all right.

"Well then it appears that there is more than just one doppelganger running around Mystic Falls…" Klaus said as he walked closer to the Gilbert girls and easily pushed Elena away from the younger Gilbert effortlessly.

Elena huffed in pain as she hit the gym floor about ten feet away from Madds. Madison tried taking a step to her cousin to help but a hand on her forearm stopped her. She slowly looked down at the hand holding her then slowly titled her head up to meet ocean depth blue penetrating eyes that were starring back. He starred at Madison strangely and it sent shivers down the young girl's spine. She held her breath. His intense stare was making her feel odd sensations. And she couldn't decide if those sensations were good or bad. And she really wasn't sure if she wanted to decide on what one's they were either.

"You look exactly the same, expect for the eyes of course…" Klaus mumbled almost as if he was talking to himself. "She had beautiful doe eyes, but you my dear, you have some of the most hypnotizing eyes that I have ever seen…" He stared into her unique hazel eyes in wonder.

Everyone had always admired her uncommon color of hazel eyes; her grams always told her she had been blessed by the spirits when born to inherit such marvelous spell-casting eyes. They were hazel, but they were different from what most hazel eyes were like. The outer layer of her eyes had a yellow almost golden color and then it faded into a dark pricing blue color that faded into a crystal blue and then the inner part was a beautiful mixture of forest green and honey brown.

"Leave her alone! Please, she has nothing to do with this!" Elena pleaded standing up trying desperately to get the hybrid away from her youngest family member. Klaus clicked his tongue turning his head annoyingly to the older doppelganger.

"Now, my dear Elena how did you ever manage to keep this away from me in my short lived time here in Mystic Falls a few months ago? I most certainly would not have missed this face." Klaus said reaching his hand out to touch Maddie's face. And out of natural reaction Madison took a step back in fear scared to why the hybrid seemed so fascinated with her.

Elena didn't answer though; Maddie beat her to it finally being able to find her voice. "I had a really bad fever the week you decided to come and terrorize my town and friends."

"Ahh…well that is most certainly a disappointment that I didn't discover you earlier on….but better late than never, right?" He said with an adorable smile plastered on his face showing his full dimples. She gulped. She was right from her earlier observations and suppositions. His dimples could definably make a girl melt. Even more so when they were personally directed at you.

"Madison has nothing to do with your business Klaus. Let her go, she is innocent, still a child." Stefan said in a rigid flat tone. He tried not to show his feelings that he cared about the two Gilberts' in the room but failed horribly.

Maddie held back a scold. She hated when people pointed out that she was the youngest out of everyone else. It was annoying, sure she had just turned sixteen a few weeks ago, but it didn't mean she was still a 'child'.

"How many times do I have to tell you to turn it off before you finally do?" Klaus said turning his head to the younger vampire with venom in his eyes. Maddie stiffen in fear at the sudden change in behavior and she swore she saw Klaus flinch just a tad at her reaction…but then again she was probably just imagining things.

Stefan starred down at the ground with hard eyes. He knew that he was compelled to turn his feelings off, but he fought it. He couldn't bare if something happened to Elena or one of her friends or family members. She had already lost so much, and he knew that if Madison got hurt by none other than Klaus then she would never forgive herself.

"You have twenty minutes for the witch to find an answer for me before I want you to tear you precious love to pieces. If there is no answer in twenty minutes then your doppelganger dies." He said as his sister Rebekah went to the control panels for the scoreboard in the gym turning it on and putting the timer on for twenty minutes.

"What about her Nik, are you going to kill her too?" Rebekah asked walking back towards her brother gently, starring at Madison with wide eyes. Instead of sounding lethal like she had when she addressed everyone else, she sounded almost caring. Almost as if she was scared that the youngest of the five in the gym would die.

Klaus ignored his sister and walked up to Stefan his eyes dilating. "Turn it off." Stefan held his ground though and fought the compulsion. But Klaus wouldn't have that. "I said TURN IT OFF!" And then Madison saw the change in Stefan's eyes.

Gone was the love and tenderness. What replaced them scared her; it made her heart turn cold. The warm blue eyes that she had grown to known over the last year were just as heartless as the man that stood before him.

"What did you do to him?" Maddie herd herself asking as she stared in awe. She felt her feet walk over to her cousin who was sitting on the gym floor completely baffled at the situation at hand. She knelt down to Elena and wrapped her arms around her trying her best to comfort her. Elena welcomed her cousin's embrace and lent into her warm arms feeling absolutely defeated. This was it; this was how she and her cousin were going to die. By the hands of the man she loved.

"I fixed him, love." The hybrid said with a slight smirk on his face as he watched both doppelgangers, cautiously watching as the younger one cared for the older one with tenderness.

"You destroyed him." Elena said emotionless.

Klaus smiled in triumph, "I brought out his true natural. I have finally brought the ripper out of him that he tried so hard to hide from me all summer."

Elena's face darkened. "You are nothing but a sick twisted monster. Are you so unhappy with your existence that you have to try and ruin everyone else's happiness in the world?" Elena shouted standing to her feet to stare down the original.

Before Madison could even blink Elena was sent flying about ten feet away and Klaus was now standing where her cousin was standing only a second ago.

"God dam, what is it with you and these dam vampires throwing everyone around like ragdolls!" Madison herd herself spit out with venom laced in her voice starring over at her cousin who was trying hard to keep any cries of pain silent.

Klaus ignored her comment, he just merely starred at her with his head titled slightly to the side, "So, I can hear you witchy friends conversation a few classrooms away…it seems to be my dear Elena, that your blood is the key indigent to my hybrids changing. So I shall say it's your lucky night, I shall not kill you for the moment." He said charging over to Elena taking a knife that Madison suppose he grabbed from his pocket sliding it over Elena's wrist squeezing some of her blood into a little vile he had in his other hand.

Madison gasped running over to help her struggling cousin stand as Klaus got the blood her needed tossing her to the side. Once Elena finally stood using Maddie as support she turned back to the laughing vampire behind her.

"Humans, truly pathetic with you emotions…feelings are what get you killed."

"You're wrong." Madison herd an poisonous voice and was shocked when she realized that the voice belonged to her. She stared down the hybrid with ghastly eyes as she spoke her next words. "Emotions and feelings are what give us power." And with that she concentrated all of her energy on the man in front of her.

He fell to his knees in pain holding his chest with one hand and the other going to his head. Never before had the original felt such pain brought to him by any witch or human. He knew the witch was making every blood vessel in his head explode giving him multiple aneurisms. And he knew that she was slowly and successfully squeezing his heart agonizingly till it stopped beating altogether.

"If you kill him then your cousin will die. I will make sure of it myself if you do not stop your magic on my brother." Rebekah said in a clam tone starring at the girl with wide eyes. It was clear to everyone that both originals were shocked at how much power this little slip of a girl had within her, Bonnie couldn't even give Katherine an aneurism from Katherine being too old and smart for witch tricks like these.

Madison grabbed Elena's hand and tugged her with her as she slowly made her way towards one of the many exits of the gym walking backwards to keep her spell going till they made it to the door and made a mad dash run for it, leaving Stefan behind knowing that he wouldn't have come even if they tried to get him to because of the compulsion.

Maddie sprinted through the darkened halls dragging Elena along with her existing the school as quickly as they could running to Elena's car. Elena quickly slammed on the gas flying home not even paying attention to the speed limit. Once they got to the Gilbert house they ran inside as quickly as possibly slamming the door shut behind them.

"Do you think everyone else is okay?" Maddie asked Elena panting trying to steady her heartbeat.

"If my blood is the key, then Tyler should be fine, and Bonnie and Matt should be fine as well. They gave Klaus what he needed."

"But what if they aren't?" Maddie whispered feeling dread hit her from head to toe. But right at that moment Elena's phone starting buzzing going off with Bonnie's ringtone.

"Bonnie!" Elena gulped into the phone turning onto speaker phone.

"Elena? Are you okay?"

"Yea, yea I'm okay what about you and Matt?"

"We're fine. Matt just dropped me off at home."

"And Tyler?" Maddie shouted beside Elena.

"He's a hybrid now. Caroline is with him, she's going to help him adjust."

"What about Klaus? What did he do?"

"He seemed puzzled when he first came into the room holding his chest almost like he suffered a heart attack or stroke. But once he gave Tyler your blood, and saw that he transition normally he just seemed pleased that we found the answer he and his sister left the school just leaving us all there…"

Elena rested her head against the back of the door closing her eyes sighing deeply, "Well at least you guys are okay, that's all that matters. And Klaus is gone."

Bonnie hesitated for a moment, "I don't think he's gone Elena."

"What do you mean, he got his answers…"

"Yea, but Elena he only had enough of your blood to maybe only turn ten or so werewolves, and that's only if he gives them a drop each…He's going to want more of your blood…" Elena didn't answer she just slide down to the floor with her back still against the door now with her knees pulled up to her chest with her head resting on them. "And he did mumble something to his sister as they were leaving about fancying themselves a home here for a while…"

Elena groaned look up at her silent cousin, "Fantastic."

'Great' Maddie thought to herself.

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