My heart pounded against my chest, my face flushed and my eyes darted side to side. Had I really been caught spying on Naruto by Kiba? My hands quickly flew together and I pressed them closer to my heart, "K-Kiba," My words stuttering like they always do, "W-what are you doing here?" My words trailed off in embarrassment

"Me and Akamaru were taking a walk," His hair was cut short; he looked a lot different, his personality was the same though, "Why are you staring at Naruto?" His eyes moved from me to Naruto who had been practicing the rasengan in the field

"I-I," My words cut short, I didn't know how to hide what I was actually doing, "I, you see, I wanted to see how Naruto became so strong." My two fingers started to touch tips as I awkwardly explained myself to Kiba

"And you're doing that behind a tree?" His hands were at his hips, Akamaru wondered off into the trees, "Hinata..." This time it was Kiba's words that trailed off, "We've gotten really close over the past few years and you're like a sister to me," He frowned a little, but stayed calm, "Naruto loves Sakura." The words hurt, not because they may be true, but because I've never heard anyone say that before, "He only sees her."

My head dropped down, and my eyes began to tear, "Kiba," My voice was soft and low but clear, "I know it may be a long shot, but I love Naruto." My head came back up with a big smile on my face, "And I want him to be happy, no matter whom he chooses..." The smile was smaller, "Even if he does love Sakura, I'll be okay; I just want him to know that I have admired him for as long as I can remember..."

Kiba gave me a toothy smile and patted my head like he always had done in the past, "You're one of a kind, Hinata."