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As Angela was getting ready to go to bed, she looked out her window and noticed the still glowing lights in Maura's kitchen. I wonder if everything is okay? Maura is never up this late, usually. Angela slipped on her bedroom slippers and headed out the door and over to Maura's to check on the ME to make sure nothing was wrong. As she was walking in the direction of the side door to Maura's house she noticed Jane's car parked on the street just past the driveway. Hmm. Jane is here but why isn't she parked in the driveway?

Walking up to the door Angela held her ear up close to the door to listen if Jane and Maura may be in there, not wanting to disturb their conversation if they were having one. Not hearing any noises coming from the other side of the door Angela tried turning the knob which gave way and allowed her entrance. Being the nosey woman she was, Angela peeked her head around the door looking into the kitchen to see if the girls were in there. Seeing no one she ventured into the house more.

Turning the corner, Angela peeked her head into the living room to see if the girls had fallen asleep while watching one of Maura's documentaries. Not seeing anyone in the living room either she became a little worried and decided to call out to see if there was anyone in the house.

"Maura…Jane…is there anyone here?" Angela waited in the kitchen to see if she got a response.

Jane was laying on her back enjoying the calm after the storm with Maura in the niche of her arm snuggled up tightly against her side. Maura's breathing was slowly starting to even out and Jane knew that sleep was going to come to the ME soon. Jane, herself, was feeling the workings of post-sex sleep creeping up on her.

All she could think about before sleep was about to overtake her was how Maura made her feel like no one had ever felt before. It felt right. Still feeling her inner thighs burning from where Maura kissed her Jane could only think of how sexy Maura looked and how stupid she was for thinking that taking their friendship to the next level was going to hurt anything because she only felt good, whole.

Right before either woman could fully slip into the world of sleep, a familiar voice caught their attention and immediately caused panic.

"Maura…Jane…is there anyone here?"

Jane slowly opened her eyes thinking that the voice she heard was in her dreams. She quickly realized the voice was that of her mother's. "Oh shit Maura!" Jane jumped up quickly scaring Maura out of sleep and almost flipping her out of the bed at the same time.

Still in a sleepy haze Maura was trying to figure out what was going on and why Jane was in a panic trying to find her clothes that were strewn about the floor. "What's going on Jane?"

"You didn't just hear my mom call out to see if both of us were here?" Jane said in a panicky voice. She bent over and picked up her dress looking at it. I can't put this back on. Ma would wonder why I was up here still in my dress. "Maur, you get dressed and go down there and meet my mom so she doesn't come up here cause this would be an awkward situation for her to have to walk in on."

"I suppose you're right." Maura wiped away some sleep from her eyes. She quickly got up and threw on her blue silk pajamas that were quickly discarded not too long before.

"Do I have any extra clothes still here?" Jane asked.

"Yes, but they are in the spare bedroom."

"Shit. Well you go downstairs and distract ma and I'm gonna make a run for the spare bedroom and put on my spare overnight clothes and I'll meet you two down there in a minute or two." Jane was now nervous that her mother would be on the way up the stairs when she was trying to make a run for the spare bedroom in the nude.

Maura walked over to the door with a very naked Jane close behind her almost using the ME as a shield from whatever may be on the other side of the door, preferably not her mother. Maura slowly opened the door making sure no one was on the other side and peeked her head around the door to make sure Angela wasn't coming up the stairs.

"The ghost is clear." Maura made the announcement letting her know she was safe to make a run for the spare bedroom.

Jane did her best not to smack the palm of her hand against her forehead. "Coast Maura, the coast is clear."

"You know what I meant." Maura turned and gave Jane a quick kiss then walked out into the hallway. She felt Jane slip out behind her and heard the quick padding of her feet down to the spare bedroom followed by the door opening and closing.

Just as Angela was about to head up the steps to see if everything was okay she was quickly met by Maura at the bottom of the steps. "Good evening Angela, to what do I owe this late night visit?"

Angela, now feeling a little embarrassed at her thoughts of being something wrong said, "I'm sorry to intrude Maura but I just wanted to make sure everything was okay over here. It's kinda late and I saw your lights still on so I just wanted to come over and make sure that everything is okay." As Angela was looking at Maura she noticed the ever impeccable dressing habits of the ME seemed a little off. Looking at Maura, Angela noticed how wrinkled her blue silk night shirt was and one button seemed to be out of place. Hmm. Interesting. "And on the way over here to check on you I noticed Jane's car out by the curb and not in your driveway like it usually is."

"Well Jane was a little tired from this evening's events." As Maura was explaining to Angela she started feeling her neck getting warm trying not to lie and hoping that no hives were starting to show from her nervousness. "We went out to grab a bite to eat and we came back here and Jane started to leave and when she came back…"

Jane heard Maura starting to explain the night's events to her mother and she decided she better cut in as soon as she could so Maura didn't have to lie and break out in hives or tell the truth. As she reached the bottom of the steps Jane put a reassuring hand on her lower back giving Maura a small rub to let her know she was there to take her out of the awkwardness. "…I had to use the bathroom cause I had a little too much to drink. I decided I had a little too much to drink to try and drive home."

Maura felt the caress on her back and leaned back into it only to have it disappear as Jane stepped to her side. "Jane decided to stay the night which I am always more than happy to have her." Maura looked over at Jane and gave a little wink which did not go unknown to Angela but she decided not to call her out on it. Angela had also noticed the gentle caress her daughter gave Maura as she came down the steps to the rescue. It also did not go unnoticed to Angela that her daughter's hair was more tousled than usual. Angela could only smile inwardly knowing the possibility of what might have happened.

"Well you know me, nosey old mom. I just wanted to check on Maura to make sure everything was okay because her lights were still on and when I was on the way over here I saw your car parked by the curb and I got a little worried. That's all." Angela felt a little sheepish at the possibility of what she may have interrupted. "But now that I know you two girls are fine I am going to bed and I will see you two tomorrow morning. Goodnight girls." Angela turned around and headed out the door and as she stepped out the door a slow grin spread across her face. I knew it.

As Angela walked out the side door and back over to the guest house Jane wasn't far behind her locking the door to make sure there weren't any more unexpected surprises for the evening. "I wish I did not have such a nosey mother." Jane leaned back against the door hoping her mother was none the wiser to what transpired before she came in.

Maura walked over to Jane stopping in front of her. "You know Jane, she does what she does because she cares so much." Maura leaned in giving Jane a small kiss on her lips.

"Mmm. But that doesn't mean she has to be so nosey." Jane wrapped her arms behind Maura's neck pulling her in closer for another kiss. Pulling away she looked into the hazel eyes before her. I could stay like this forever. Jane leaned back in for a more tender kiss that gave way to tongues exploring familiar territory.

When the kiss ended and Maura leaned back a little Jane noticed something out of place on the ME. "Ummm, Maur, you kinda missed something." Jane couldn't help but giggle at seeing Maura having a button out of place when the ME always had everything in order.

Maura looked down. "Oh no. You think your mother caught it?"

"I don't know but I sure hope she didn't." Jane let out a soft chuckle. Noticing the red hue taking place on Maura's face Jane leaned in for another soft kiss. "I don't know about you but I'm tired."

"Yes I am. Let's go to bed." Maura pulled away and Jane immediately missed the contact. Maura missing the contact as well immediately grabbed Jane's hand and intertwined their fingers together and led them both up the stairs and into bed. Both barely hit the mattress before they were sound asleep, both with smiles on their faces.

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