Disclaimer: I do not own once upon a time …. This story will be sad because right now I'm sad so enjoy

Emma's Gone

When I first met you I hated you. I managed to win my happiness but now you come along and try to take it. I wanted you gone I framed you for a crime but you still stayed. I made you look like a fool in front of the whole town but you stayed. Threatening you did nothing even framing your unknown mother for murder didn't stop you. Soon my hatred turned to respect but then you said you would take Henry away and ruin all of my happiness. Soon I formed a plan and gave you that wretched apple turnover and for once you finally left. Henry tried to convince you about the curse but he was too late you ate the turnover and fell to the floor dead. The curse still got broken because when you bit into that turnover you wished for Henry and for everyone else in Storybrooke to be happy. Then the curse got lifted for you made the ultimate sacrifice. Belle and Mr. Gold are together along with his son. Snow White and her Prince get their happily ever after. Thanks to you everyone does but me because now I realize my happily ever after was being with you. If I just overcame my anger and pride we could have been together and Henry could have both of his parents. All those dreams I had of us holding each other close and becoming one are now just bitter wishes. Daniel is gone because of a horrible accident and now you are gone because of my own doing. I wished and prayed for you to run because I didn't want to lose Henry but also, I didn't want to get my heart broken again. I did all these terrible things to you so you would hate me and leave forever but you stayed. Everyone gathered around the grassy hill and buried you beneath the earth due to your wish everyone just left me alone to my self-pity. Snow white got full custody of Henry but out of loyalty he still comes to see me. Sometimes I dream that you are there with him and I kiss your red lips and stroke your golden locks. You softly whisper in my ear saying", you love me and you will never leave me". Then you kiss me again and then I wake up to cry some more. I wanted to ruin everyone's happiness and now I ruined my own chance of happiness. My sweet Emma I would give up my entire worldly possessions throw away all of my magic just to have you back. But you are gone forever and this time I have no one to blame but myself. Mr. Gold was right magic always comes with a price and mine was losing you forever. All I have to say is I'm so sorry and don't worry I will get you back and nothing will ever take you away from me ever again. We will have our happily ever after my sweet Emma this I promise you. Just sleep now in your crystal coffin my love and once you wake up I will tell you all the things I wish I should have until then my beloved just sleep until I awaken you again.

The end?