The peaceful blue skies above the church were suddenly flooded with flocks of Barsburg Hawkziles

along with dozens of enormous warships. Imperial soldiers descended on their Hawkziles to the

courtyards of the church, causing panic among the citizens who scattered in different directions.

They ran for the church's gates, fearing the worst from the fearsome soldiers, but the exit was

blocked by a sea of Barsburg troops, marching into the courtyard with solemn, stone faces.

Most of the soldiers continued into the church while some stayed behind in the courtyard to surround

the frightened citizens, penning them like cattle while threatening them with their weapons.

" Get down on your knees !" barked an officer savagely as the crowd obeyed his command.

He continued, " By order of Barsburg, this church is to be quarantined until a wanted criminal is found

and arrested. If anybody makes an attempt to escape, they will be shot!"

The poor citizens whimpered in despair when a child began crying. The mother tried to quiet her child

but it was too late.

" Shut that brat up!" growled the officer and pointed his gun at them. " Or I'll-"


A bullet struck the officer's hand, making a bloody hole through the back side. The soldier cried out and

caught his bleeding hand while dropping the gun.

" What the hell!?" the officer yelled as he stared at his hand in mixed anger and horror , " Where did

that come from!?"

The soldiers were on alert and looked around for the shooter. Besides them, they couldn't find any one

holding a gun when another shot was fired , hitting a soldier's knee. After a yelp and a crash, the

desperate officer pointed his gun at the crowd.

" Cease fire now or we'll shoot these people!" he yelled into the sky for the rifleman to hear.

The officer's hat was shot off his head, the bullet skimming across the skin by an inch.

The officer gaped in shock for a moment but collected himself to shout the order for the massacre of his


The mysterious rifleman was quicker.

Multiple rifle cracks were fired in seconds as each soldier was hit in the legs, arms or shoulders

with perfect accuracy and aim. Not one bullet missed its mark.

When all of the soldiers were disabled from their weapons and rolling around in pain, the citizens

made their escape to the gates.

One of them spotted flashes of light from the pillared balcony that over looked the courtyard. He

recognized the light as the sun's reflection off a glass scope on top of a marksman's rifle.

Before he left safely, he thought he caught the devious wink of a dark skinned girl who was behind the

scope. *

" HIEYAW!" I yelled as I swung my rifle at one of the advancing Barsburg soldier's head. The hard butt

of the rifle met the soldier's temple and he crumpled at my feet, leaving nine down and three left

standing before me.

After I had took out the cowards in the courtyard below, a group of soldiers from somewhere else came

running here when they heard my shots. Their appearance didn't surprise me. I shot the first ones down

and then fought the rest in hand-to-hand combat, using my kicks and rifle against their blades.

A gypsy wasn't worth his, or her, salt if she didn't know how to fight on her own.

The three soldiers glared over their swords at me in outrage. I smirked at them and said haughtily

"Who's next? Come on then!"

The soldiers charged at me with the tip of their blades aimed for my heart. I stood calmly and watched

them come with a excited smile.

The first one jabbed for my chest but I spun away from the attack and then swung my rifle at his

ribs to hear them crack. The next tried slashing at my legs and I jumped nimbly over his sword to butt

the end of my rifle into his face. As this one fell to the ground, the last came around his comrade to

send his blade for my neck. I fell backwards to land on the palm of my hands while feeling the sword

above swish through my hair. I shifted my weight onto my arms and lifted my foot to send it at the

soldier's crouch. I stabbed the sharp heel of my boot into the family jewels and then heard the sharp cry

of pain from my attacker. I leapt to my feet when he was rolling on the ground and knocked him out

with my rifle for assurance.

" Phew." I breathed as I wiped my sweaty forehead, staring at the hallway of unconscious soldiers

sprawled across the floor.

I should hurry to the chapel, I thought while panting, I heard they were taking more hostages there.

Those bastards…

I wiped the dirt from my pants when I heard the clicks of boots walking down the hallway ahead of me. I

perked at the sound and looked up to face the intruder. It was another Barsburg soldier, alone on his

own as he strode towards me in confidence. But he wasn't just any officer.

" You!" I hissed as I aimed my rifle at Colonel Kasturagi; one of Ayanami's Black Hawks.

" Miss Carmen." greeted the older soldier with a pleasant smile, stopping to stand a few feet away. " It's

been too long."

I cocked my rifle and said with scorn, "Are the rest of the monsters here?"

I couldn't tell if Kasturagi was also a Warsfeil but more than likely he was. Either way, I can't let my

guard down around this man.

Kasturagi answered my question without looking intimidated by my rifle, " Pretty much, with the

exception of our fallen comrade, Haruse. Thanks to your troublesome friend."

" Obviously you're here for him." I growled, " But it looks like you're lost. Need a map?"

Kasturagi chuckled, his smile suddenly turning eerie as he glared at me with those dull gray eyes, " No…I

was never lost. I knew where my destination was. It was a simple matter of getting there. And

now…here I am. The one I've been searching for standing right in-"

He was interrupted as I quickly fired at him, taking my chance to immobilize him and get away. But the

Black Hawk never let his guard down. He unnaturally dodged the bullet by stepping to the side while

reaching for the pommel of his sword. The blade zinged from its scabbard and Kasturagi sprinted at me

as I fired again.

He slashed the bullet away with ease. My heart pounded as he came up to me with his sword raised to

strike downward. I raised my rifle sideways to block the attack, the sword making a loud clang as it

crashed against the strong wood and metal of my gun.

I struggled to keep his blade back, forcing all my strength into my arms to push. But they shook painfully

as Kasturagi pressed his power onto his sword, threatening to snap my rifle in half. The Black Hawk's

strength was greater than mine and we both knew it.

"There's no use fighting." Kasturagi smirked, " You're already tiring. Just surrender already. "

I was panting heavily when Kasturagi pressed his sword harder onto my rifle, making me grit my teeth as

my planted boots skid back a few inches from the force.

Kasturagi continued to taunt me, " Be assured, I will take you to Ayanami-sama. Just like last time in the

Capital. "

" That will not happen twice!" I yelled and front kicked at his gut.

He vanished from my sight before my foot could pound him as if the wind had taken him. I knew where

he was going to reappear next but I was too slow to react as gloved fingers covered my mouth from

behind. Another arm wrapped around my shoulders to draw my back into a chest.

I struggled against Kasturagi and dropped my rifle to try prying his heavy arm off my chest. I shook my

head from his hand that stuck to my mouth, his fingers painfully digging into my face like hooked claws.

Kasturagi smiled down at his struggling prisoner when we both heard a flamboyant voice say behind us

" What a brute you are! Harassing a weak, little girl! How ungentlemanly of you."

Bishop Lance!? He was the last person I expected to appear.

" You-!" Kasturagi exclaimed in shock as he slightly turned to the bishop, paying no attention to me.

I stomped on his foot with my heel and sank my teeth into his hand until it bled black blood. Mystery


More surprised than hurt, Kasturagi flung his arms from me and I instantly ran from him while picking

up my rifle. Once I was a few feet away, I turned back to point my rifle at the Black Hawk. Bishop Lance

appeared at my side while holding a golden bascules and keeping his eyes on the Warsfeil.

"Who's calling me weak?" I said while cocking an eyebrow at Lance. He laughed mildly

" I beg your pardon, Miss Carmen. I thought you were in need of assistance."

I replied " Thank you for coming, Bishop. Now let's take this guy down."

Lance barred me from continuing with his arm. I looked up at him, slightly offended when he said

" You're needed elsewhere. There's a certain boy who's in trouble right now."

Teito! Oh no, I have to find him and get him out of here before the soldiers do!

But my thoughts turned back to Lance. " What about you? Can you handle this on your own? He's not


Lance smirked at that. " Neither am I. Now get going! This pesky man will be dealt with in seconds."

As I turned to run, Kasturagi sneered at Lance, " You think I'll let that girl go?"

He slashed his sword through the air to cast a firing spell that screeched through the air after me. Lance

raised his bascules to release threads of zaiphon and intervened Kasturagi's attack, destroying the spell

from reaching its target. "Consider her gone!" Lance cried.

I kept sprinting down the hallway as the battle continued behind me, daring not to look back but

focused on my one, true duty. I vowed to say my gratitude to Lance once this is all over.

If it will end. *

Lieutenant Konastu casted non-stop cannon fire from every cut of his blade at the two bishops across

the garden. His Major, Hyuuga, was standing beside him while firing his own attacks at the bishops they

were ordered to kill.

But these ones were not making the task easy. The one with the glasses spun sharp threads like a spider

and the other pretty boy grew black wicked flowers from his fingertips, stopping his and the Major's

magic when met. The bishops proved to be powerful foes, but they were being pushed back by the Black

Hawk's attacks.

"We almost have them, Kona-kun!" Hyuuga laughed in delight, " Keep going! You're doing great!"

Konastu was touched by the Major's words and continued his attacks with more determination, inspired

to give it his all when his eyes caught sight of a familiar person. The figure was running down a hallway

in haste that was two floors below the garden, her black raven hair rippling behind her as her honey

eyes were focused and alert. Even from the far distance, Konastu knew exactly who it was.

" Carmen!" he suddenly yelled over the buildings , forgetting the fight entirely and watching the only

girl he had any feelings for. He was told Carmen had survived and resided in this church, but he couldn't

help feeling overjoyed to see her alive.

Carmen halted and turned to look up at whoever called her name. When she met Konastu's eyes, she

looked surprised, maybe a little frightened. His heart raced as her honey eyes gazed at him, expecting

him to make a move. Konastu wanted to say something, but he had no words as her face paralyzed his


The spell between them lasted for a second as Carmen turned her shoulder to go.

What am I doing!? thought Konastu and cried down below ," Carmen! Wait! Come back! I'm not going

to hurt you!"

She wasn't listening. She kept running.

Konastu braced his legs to jump to the balcony below, planning to chase after Carmen when threads of

steel snatched his neck and coiled around his throat tightly. He clenched his teeth as the bishop holding

the string pulled him away from the edge of the garden.

" Stay away from her." The bishop threatened in a low voice, his orange eyes narrowed behind his

glasses. " She doesn't have any feelings for you."

"How dare you, you bastard!" Konastu gasped through the wire.

Suddenly, a blade slashed at the thread and cut the wires in half, releasing Konastu from the bishop's

hold. Hyuuga stood behind his lieutenant, his katana raised and ready as Konastu coughed for air and

then straightened in battle ready position.

" Damn it." Konastu cursed under his breath, " I can't get to Carmen. She'll get hurt if she stays here."

Hyuuga said over his shoulder with a smile " Don't worry, Kona-kun! We'll find Carmen-chan for you

and then bring her back to the ship so you two can have your hot love! How cute!"

Konastu turned red and exclaimed at Hyuuga, " Stop it, Major! I-It's not like that at all! Focus on the

mission please!"

" I should be saying that to you." Hyuuga smirked with a side long glance.

The young bishop with light purple eyes and hair glared at the two with suspicion.

" Why are you Warsfeil so interested in Miss Carmen?" he said, " What does your master want with


Hyuuga was silent before making a small laugh and then turning to the bishop with a smile.

"Only Aya-tan knows that."*

I was running down the dark hallway to where the acolytes were supposed exit from the rooms they've

entered for the last part of their exams. The hallway was empty as I sprinted to Teito's door, praying

that I would reach him in time. Hopefully, Frau is with him.

I was running out of breath, forcing my body to keep going when I spotted the white robes of Frau and

Hakuren, both standing in front of Teito's door. I was glad to see them but I noticed their backs were

facing me and their stares were focused ahead to another person dressed in a Barsburg uniform.

It was the child Warsfeil, Kuroyuri , smirking at the two bishops with a huge mass of black Wars

surrounding him, moving like fire.

" Frau! Hakuren!" I cried as I appeared at their elbows. They turned to me with surprised looks.

" Carmen! What the hell are you doing here!?" Frau exclaimed while keeping his keen, feline eyes on

Kuroyuri .

" I heard Teito was in trouble!" I said, " But where is he!?"

Hakuren answered, " He hasn't come out yet."

" He's still fighting the fear that he can never hope to be rid of." Sneered Kuroyuri , " This fear is real

and powerful, and will defeat Teito in the end."

I blanched at the Warsfeil's words and turned my wide gaze at the closed doors.

No…It can't be! I screamed inside as the dark realization came over me like a crushing wave. The

monster is in there with Teito!

" You little brat!" Frau snarled as the black scythe ripped its way from his arm and snatched its handle to

point its blade at Kuroyuri. Frau's face was twisted in black rage, baring his canine teeth , his pupils

narrowed like daggers. Hakuren raised his bascules while gnashing his teeth in anger but there was fear

and worry in his amethyst eyes.

Kuroyuri only snickered at us, " None of you will get through me. This is between Teito Klien and


Teito cannot face this darkness by himself.

The words that a Ghost had once spoken to me echoed in my head , resonating so loudly until it was like

being spoken into my ear by gentle, warm lips.

I nodded, understanding the meaning and gripped my fingers into fists as I turned to Frau who looked

back to meet my determined stare, his anger residing into horror.

" Distract him." I said quickly to him in a whisper before I charged for the door, placing myself between

Kuroyuri and the bishops.

I heard Hakuren cry but that was quickly deafened by the loud grotesque snarls of the Wars that

sped after me. None the less, I stretched my hand for the door's handle while ignoring the slight pull at

my hair that the Wars had ensnared itself into like fingers.

The adrenaline rushing sensation lasted for a second when a sharp zing of a curved blade came down on

the Wars, separating it from my hair.

I didn't look back to my savior who began his fight with the Wars as I gripped the handle and pulled with

all my strength to swing it open. Without pausing to look around, I leaped into the room, into a black

void as the doors behind me closed shut to trap me inside.

My feet found solid ground and I stood to catch my breath and take in this strange environment.

It was empty, silent, dead of any life. Nothing stirred. It was just pure darkness with no light.

I imagined this was Ayanami's magic, to keep anyone from reaching the real room.

I couldn't see my hand in front of me as I walked forward in hopes of finding an exit. Anything for that

matter. Hopefully Teito.

Nothing appeared for a long while, and I tried going in different directions but the end of this darkness

never came. I looked back to see the doors gone. Not that I wanted to go back. My friend was trapped in

here with the man who wants to use him to revive as Verloren. And he will kill Teito once he gets

his claws on him.

Frustration stung at my eyes , threatening to erupt in tears but I held them back with clenched teeth.

I won't fall into despair! Come on, Carmen!

I then thought of my Sight. If it came to me now, it could lead me to Teito's location through this spell.

But I couldn't control it, it appeared when it wanted to.

Isn't that what you believed to be true? Maybe it's the reason why your Sight doesn't come?

" You're right." I whispered to the darkness, " I was a fool this whole time. Then…I will summon it."

Obeying my words and will, my eyes were clouded in white , blinding me for a while until the

black void slowly came back, my heart sinking in defeat at the sight of it.

But it wasn't done, a small light appeared before me, welcoming with its simple beauty. The light grew

until it was as long as my arm when some familiar object emerged from the light.

With this, you will find Teito.

I smiled at the gentle voice, a tear falling from my eye to streak down my cheek in the

radiance of the light, reflecting its glow on my skin.

" Thank you" I said as I reached my hands into to the light, gripping the warm handle of my violin and

then taking the bow to lay it on the strings. *

When I reopened my eyes, though I don't recall closing them, I found myself standing on a stone

walkway with a blue stained glass dome above me. My violin was gone but my loss was quickly

forgotten when I saw Teito standing in front of me on the walkway.

He held his bascules before him, his face enraged as he gritted his teeth, his emerald eyes focused

ahead of him.

When I followed his glare, staring at what made him so defensive and furious, I sucked in my breath and

held it as the dark presence crawled over my skin like a plague.

Standing in front of us, wearing the same Barsburg uniform and hat, standing confidently tall , was the

the reincarnation of an ancient evil that was sealed away long ago.

Ayanami himself. Not an illusion at all. He was here in body and flesh. I could sense it.

He was the same when I last saw him, though I now knew what he really was. His merciless, snake like

eyes were glowering at Teito, a small smile played on his pale lips.

I clenched my hands into fists at the sight of Ayanami, feeling my blood rush uncontrollably as anger

flowed through my veins like poison. My hate and the desire to kill this man rose as memories of torture

and despair flooded me.

Ayanami was the one who killed Teito's family, the one who separated me from my friends, who put us

through torture, who took away my freedom and dignity, who sent his minions to hurt us, who

tricked the ones we loved to go against us.

The one who killed Mikage. My only love.

But…Teito was here, and he was my first worry. The anger that erupted from me subsided, calming it to

a mild degree. I couldn't let my anger get the best of me. I have to keep my head straight.

Neither Teito or Ayanami noticed that I was in the room, only kept glaring at each other; one in vengeful

hate and the other in sadistic amusement.

Without another moment to lose, I cried " Teito!"

Teito spun to face me, shock overcoming his anger as he met my eyes, speechless at the sight of me. I

ran to his side with my rifle in hand and said to his face, " I'm here Teito. You're not facing this alone!

You never should!"

Teito stared at me with mixed emotions of disbelief and outrage crossing his face, but when he spoke, I

heard the relief in his calm voice

" Carmen, you shouldn't be here but thank you for coming."

I gave him a curt nod and a determined smile.

" Carmen." Said the deep, menacing voice from across the walkway, pronouncing my name slowly. I

whirled my head to meet Ayanami's amethyst eyes , gazing at me with more interest than ever.

" I hadn't expect you to come here." He said, his lips curling into a grin " I was hoping my subordinates

would capture you and bring you to my prison, but this is better. Now both of what I have been trying to

obtain are here before me. Easy for the picking."

Ayanami's words chilled me, but I quickly brushed them off as I aimed my rifle at him.

" Good luck with that!" I growled at him, " Like I said a thousand times before, you're never getting us!"

" Carmen." Teito whispered to me without tearing his glare from Ayanami, " Be careful, he's incredibly

strong. My zaiphon can't get to him. I've been using almost everything on him."

I knew my rifle wouldn't be of much use but I wasn't going to give up fighting this monster if I had to.

Ayanami was watching us converse quietly to each other when he spoke up

" Carmen, do you remember this place at all? It must seem familiar to you."

I froze at his words and looked at him in disbelief. He smiled at my shocked face as he continued

" This place was in your dreams. You were actually here on that night. This is the exact place where you

saw Mikage."

" No…" I gasped as my legs trembled, my fingers gripping my gun so hard until they turned white . Teito

turned to me,

" Carmen, what is he talking about? What did he do to you!?"

Ayanami answered Teito while still keeping his eyes on me

" Carmen swore her vows to me here. She promised to be forever mine while completing the ceremony

that bond us together."

" Oh god…" Teito whispered. I shook my head and practically screeched at Ayanami

" You lying bastard! That was only a dream! You may have spied on my dreams, but none of it was


" But Carmen…" Ayanami sneered as he raised his arm to show something dangling around his


A golden bracelet.

" You were the one who put this marriage bracelet on me." Ayanami said in a taunting tone as his grin

repulsed me even more.

" SHUT UP!" I screamed, gritting my teeth as I cocked my rifle, " I don't give a damn what happened on

that night, but I know it wasn't me! You casted your illusions on me and forced me against my will. And

that dosen't matter now! This is the real me now and I say ' Go f- yourself!'''.

" Carmen…" Teito said softly as I panted to calm my nerves, my throat starting to burn. Ayanami's smile

disappeared into thin line across his lips, his eyes hidden under his cap.

" If this is the real you at this moment…" Ayanami said as he raised his arm to point his fingers at us, a

gesture that me and Teito knew too well, " Then I will have to change you."

A wave of red zaiphon flew at us from Ayanami's fingers but we were waiting for it and leaped from the

deadly magic as it tore up the walkway. Once on his feet, Teito casted his blue zaiphon and sent it at

Ayanami. He blocked with his zaiphon and as the red zaiphon was busy devouring Teito's , I fired at

Ayanami's chest while he was distracted.

It made contact, and struck into his heart with a splash of black blood. I thought I had him but the black

tissue surrounding the bullet hole moved to stich back together along with the coat's fabric, repairing

itself at such a speed until it was good as new again. As if the bullet never struck.

I forgotten that Ayanami was a monster and therefore he didn't have a heart. He couldn't die from

normal attacks.

Ayanami made a smirk as me and Teito stared at him in astonishment,

" Not good enough."

With a quick wave of his hand, he sent another barrage of zaiphon. They were much quicker than the

last ones and were at us in a flash. We tried dodging them, but Teito was directly hit by a cluster and

was sent flying backwards while one swiped into my side.

My arm was scorched by the magic and I yelped from the pain as I fell to the floor. I coughed in hacked

breaths from the clouds of dust and debris that choked my lungs, the thick grey mists growing from the

earthshaking attacks. My vision was blocked by the dust clouds as I tried to look for Teito, or even my


Suddenly, I felt an intense inflaming burn on my leg and I quickly looked down to see a red zaiphon

wrapped around my boot. It quickly coiled up my leg to my thigh, the words torching through my pants

and I had only a second to grab my rifle before it pulled me backward across the walkway.

As it dragged me back at a fast speed, I cried in hurt as my arms skidded on the stone, my skin being

scrapped until it bled. All the while, I held on to my only weapon, ignoring the sparks flying from

underneath its metal hide to hit my face.

Finally, the zaiphon halted and unwrapped from my leg as I lay on my stomach. In a shaking breath, I

slightly raised my rifle when a boot stomped onto it from above. The boot crushed the rifle into pieces,

splintering my weapon in half merely inches from my face.

I stared at my poor rifle in shock, and jumped when another boot stepped over me to the other side of

my head.

" Now nothing will protect you from me." said Ayanami above me, his deep voice booming in my ears.

A powerful hand smashed onto my head and grabbed a mass of hair to yank my head up from the

ground. I cried from his grasping fingers as Ayanami forced me to my knees before pulling me into his

leg, holding my head against his hip. As my face was pressed into Ayanami's belt, from somewhere I

heard Teito scream


I heard the high shrill of zaiphon, imagining Teito casting his attack at Ayanami with his war cry.

Suddenly, multiple tendrils of red zaiphon spun around me and Ayanami to form a sphere , deflecting

Teito's zaiphon .

I struggled against Ayanami's leg, clawing at him as I tried pulling away from his grip when he spoke

" You can't break this shield , Teito Klien, not even with the best of your attacks. So just wait and don't

interrupt us. Carmen has something important that I need."

What?! I thought in surprise. He never mentioned that before! What's going on!?

Before I could guess his motive, Ayanami began pulling at my hair to make me rise.

" Get up Carmen." He commanded as he pulled me to stand to face him. His hand released my hair to

clutch the back of my neck, drawing me into him as I cried from his fingers painfully digging into my


" Look at me." Ayanami said to me, feeling his cold breath on my face. I gulped and mustered my

courage to glare into Ayanami's demon purple eyes, his smirking face towering over me.

" What do you want from me!?" I spat at him in scorn while trying to keep my voice strong. I thought he

just wanted to use me as an amusing toy to torture with , but now I see from the hunger in his eyes that

I had something vital to his interests.

Ayanami raised his free hand to my face and stroked his long finger across my cheek, holding his

locked gaze onto my revolted expression as he coolly said

" When I first saw you, I noticed you had the same facial features as the other gypsy man who I killed

long ago when he refused to use his gift for me."

My jaw dropped as his finger brushed my hair behind my ear, my skin crawling not from his touch, but

from the horrific truth that unfolded before me.

" So you're the one…" I spoke in a whisper, tears dripping from my eyes before I gritted my teeth and

yelled at Ayanami, " You killed my father!"

" Yes." Sneered Ayanami as he squeezed my neck harder, making me cry in anger and pain. " He had a

rare power that the Empire wanted; to use it in battle with the other nations. When I offered him a deal

for his service in exchange for money , the stubborn fool declined and I knew that nothing would move

this man. He proved to be useless to me and so I disposed him. But…"

Ayanami drew my face closer to his despite my struggle, close enough to see my reflection in his

amethyst irises.

" I knew he had a child and that one day it will grow up with the same gift, stronger and far seeing than

the father. And when I saw you for the first time, I knew you were the one. I knew all along you

had the sight. A tool I need to find what I desire."

" You think I'm going to use it for you!? " I growled.

Ayanami's free arm wrapped around my waist as he said " I don't expect you to. And it doesn't matter. I

learned a way to use your Sight for myself, with or without your consent. "

His hand on my neck slide up to my skull and spread his fingers through my hair to grasp my head. At

that moment, I knew what he was going to do next but Ayanami quickly acted before I could panic. His

arm around my waist lifted me from my feet to level with his eyes and forced my face into his.

Ayanami took my lips into his mouth, my gasp disappearing into him as his cold lips chilled my face. He

was tasteless but I felt the sickening Wars writhe in his mouth, burning my tongue and lips with their

despair. It was like kissing death.

But that wasn't all. My mind was suddenly flooded with moving images, swirling rapidly before my eyes ,

making my head ache from the voices and sounds that erupted from each image. It all felt forced

and rushed, and my mind felt heavy from a dark presence that entered my mind.

My eyes widened in fear at realizing that this was Ayanami's doing. He's hacking into me to use my


I tried pushing my hands on Ayanami's solid chest to pull myself away but his powerful jaw held my lips

and his hand in my hair refused to let me pull away.

Desperate to stop my torment, I bit my teeth into his bottom lip, using all my strength in my mouth to

make him let go. Ayanami smiled and laughed darkly as I tore at his lip, tasting his black blood.

"You naughty girl." He chuckled as I whirled my head from him to spit the dark fluid out.

I suddenly heard Teito's screams and I turned to see him charging at the sphere with rings of zaiphon,

his face twisted with uncontrollable rage. Deep cuts and bruises covered his face and his clothing was

torn and smoldering, but he kept crashing his zaiphon on the sphere, determined to break Ayanami's

powerful magic to help me.

" You should be paying attention to me, Carmen." Ayanami murmured as he took my chin in finger and

thumb, drawing my eyes back to him. " You'll soon forget Teito Klien's existence entirely."

He quickly took my lips again in one quick movement, devouring into me once again. The images come

back to blind me of Ayanami's face but this time, there were more of them, blending and rushing

together like one great river. It felt like I was caught up in its strong current, whisking me away from the

glass room to drown me in these images.

Through this torrent, I focused on the images and recognized some of them as my memories; one of

of laughing with Teito and Mikage back in the Capital, the next of being clasped to a chair with Ayanami

whispering to me, another of fighting the possessed Mikage. All playing back the events like a film.

But most of the images were foreign to me. As they rushed by me, I managed to see a small boy being

held in Teito's arms, a black abyss with floating dead bodies, Frau standing over Teito with a grin of

sharp teeth and hunger in his eyes, and a masquerade ball with a girl of pink coloured hair solemnly

dancing in the middle.

Are these…visions of the furture!?

Suddenly, a shadow crossed over the images, flowing like a poisonous liquid. My head felt heavy ,

almost too unbearable to handle as if a hand was crushing my head between its fingers.

Show me what I desire

That voice. It resounded throughout my mind until it was worse than a severe headache.

Reveal what I seek , Princess of the gypsies

It's him.

Do it before it becomes too painful for you


You don't have a choice

I cried out loud as long black talons tore through the images, pushing the torn sheets aside to pull in


Where is it!? Where are you hiding it!?

Through the havoc of pain and despair, the seven ghosts flashed by before my eyes before disappearing

into the darkness .

I'm getting closer…Hurry!

A black coffin with coils of chains wrapped around it slowly came into view.

Oh no…

That's it!

He's going to…

Now show me!

Find his body!

Break before me now!


A girl with curling chocolate hair and kind emerald eyes reached her hand to me with a soft smile.

Then it was over.

My lips torn away from Ayanami with a retch of my head, his arms loosening around me, allowing me to

push myself from him. With a thrust of my hands against his chest, I broke free from the monster's


I landed on my side with a thud against the stone floor a few feet away from Ayanami, the smooth

marble against my skin much more welcoming than his gloved hands.

My lips felt numb and throbbed violently to my cheeks, aching my whole face but I ignored it as the

sphere of zaiphon suddenly dissipated into flecks of light, barring Teito no more from me.

" Carmen! Are you alright!?"he cried as he leaped to my side, pointing his bascules at Ayanami who

stood facing us.

I sat up to touch my forehead before answering, " A little shaken, but I think I'm okay."

What was that just now?, I thought as I slowly forced myself to stand, How did I escape him like that?

Was it my Will?

I turned to Ayanami, standing still as a statue across from us with those glowering eyes.

No, he was in my mind too deep, I wouldn't have been able to break away like that. He's too strong.

I felt a small burning sensation on my brow, not at all painful. I touched it, remembering when Father

Fea pressed his fingers against there to bestow me a spell to escape the Unidad caravan.

Could it have been…!?

I noticed that something about Ayanami was out of place. I caught his lips opening to exhale a shaking

breath, his eyes slightly twitching in irritation or was it…Fatigue!?

The great Chief of Staff was out of breath! He must've lost a large amount of energy when he broke into

my mind!

We had an advantage on him but we still couldn't risk in fighting him again. As we learned, Ayanami

isn't that easy to take down especially on our level. He could regain his energy in seconds. It didn't leave

us much time.

I looked at the glass wall, quickly storming up an idea though not sure if it would work, and then turned

to Teito to shout

" Teito! Hit him now!"

Teito read my true plan on my face and with a yell, he swung a ball of zaiphon from his bascules at


Obviously, Ayanami was ready for the attack and effortlessly leaped out of the way to land on the

walkway below us.

Meanwhile, the spiraling comet of zaiphon crashed into the dome's glass, shattering the wall into blue

pieces. The room began to quake violently while the glass around us began to crack, raining us in glass

shards, but it was too slow.

Ayanami came back onto our walkway and began stalking towards us with his golden sword in hand,

black zaiphon flowing around him like serpents, his cold eyes narrowed at us in lust for blood. We

backed away from him, Teito standing in front of me while holding the bascules , our only protection

against this monster.

I could tell Ayanami knew what we were doing , he would stop us if we tried destroying the dome again.

Now he was intent to get what he came for.

My hand was suddenly buzzing with warm energy, my fingers stretching down for the floor, pulling at

my arm on its own. Without knowing the outcome but hoping it would help us, I dropped to the floor

and slammed my hand on the walkway.

A light shaped in Vertrag's mark suddenly grew from my fingers, engulfing the whole room in its

blinding light, including me, Teito and Ayanami, taking us to another dimension. *

An immense light from an unknown source flooded the whole complex of the church, taking

all of the individuals that were marked as either a Ghost or a Warsfeil.

The two sides, bishop and soilder, appeared in a place of light with a circle of the seven Ghost statues

surrounding them in the center. The Black Hawks looked at this place in puzzlement while their leader,

Ayanami , stared at the two children standing with the bishops across from him.

Teito and Carmen stood together, the boy ready with his bascule and the girl gripping her knives in front

of her, glaring at him and the Black Hawks.

So this is your doing Vertrag. You marked Carmen so the Ghosts can come protect her and Teito from

me , thought Ayanami when he smiled. You were a fool to the end.

" So, what should we do Aya-tan?" Hyuuga smirked at Ayanami's side.

Ayanami answered, " In this situation, we can only take one of the children if we can manage to get

through the bishops. And we can't stay here long. "

"Which one should we grab?" Hyuuga asked.

" It would seem Teito Klien should be first priority, but I feel we should take Carmen back instead."

" Eeeh." Hyuuga smiled, " Aya-tan likes her that much."

" Teito is the key and Carmen is the map to what I'm searching for. I choose to obtain the map first. The

key will follow her to me and then I will have both."

" Hmm." Hyuuga made a thoughtful smirk.

" Now go." Ayanami commanded and at once, all of the Black Hawks charged from Ayanami's side while

casting dark zaiphon from their blades, sending their attacks at the bishops.

" No you don't!" shouted Frau as he, Teito and the other bishops casted their light zaiphon at the Black

Hawks, stopping them from nearing any further.

Carmen watched the words of dark and light as they were locked in a powerful clash, feeling the

intensity of the battle shaking the marrow in her bones. She saw Teito joining the fight, adding his

powerful zaiphon to the raging sea of words that spiraled above their heads. All she could do was marvel

at this rare sight, but felt an uneasy quake below her feet.

This place isn't strong enough to hold this power and it was about to crack.

Ayanami must've sensed this when the Black Hawks withdrew from the zaiphon barrier as he charged at

it to slash his sword at the zaiphon. Both dark and light word crumbled from the powerful blow, the

power and intensity gone in one move.

Meanwhile, Kuroyuri casted a sphere of black Wars from his hand and it grew into a large, dark portal

which all of the Black Hawks jumped into.

Ayanami gave one last glare at Carmen before leaping himself into the dark abyss. The portal

, along with the Barsburg soldiers, disappeared and the dimension became still.

Teito let out a relieved sigh as the bishops turned to leave, knowing there was an exit in this place.

It's over, Teito thought as he turned to Carmen who stared at him with a small smile, waiting for him

while offering her hand to him.

" Let's go back, Teito." She said with a gentle voice.

" Hmm." Teito nodded and took her hand, smooth and warm to the touch. Carmen smiled while she

lead him where the bishops have went, comforting each other as they stepped into the exit.

It's over, you say. It's far from it.*

As soon as me and Teito stepped from the exam room's doors and into the hallway, we saw Frau himself

come charging at us while hearing him shout along with Hakuren in the background

" Carmen! Teito! Are you okay!?"


Before we could invade, Frau swept us in his long arms and crushed us against his hard chest.

" Frau!" Teito exclaimed when Frau angrily growled at us in our ears ,

" Why don't you ever stay out of trouble!? Babysitting you two is freakin' hell! And you…you stupid

girl! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!? Diving in there like that could've killed you! I thought you were


" Bishop Frau! You're killing them!" Hakuren cried.

I struggled to say while being suffocated " I'm sorry Frau…"

" But I'm glad you did it." He said in a calmer tone, his arms around us relaxing, " Teito would've been

lost if hadn't been for you."

Frau took his arms from us and backed away to show us his soft smile. A smile I never seen Frau make.

" Hakuren." Teito turned to our friend" Are you also well?"

" Silly, of course I 'am." Hakuren said cheerfully with a bit of arrogrance, " Just worry about yourself."

" Good old Hakuren." I laughed.

" Welcome back." said Castor, who appeared behind Frau with Labrador at his side.

" Thank goodness you two are okay ." Said Labrador with smile but it was quickly gone when he

continued solemnly

" But, you are still are not safe here. You need to leave the church."

Castor joined in " The Imperial soldiers are retreating, but they know that you two are here and they will

come back again. This will endanger the people of this city."

" We understand." Said Teito. I nodded in agreement. We stayed long enough. It was time to move on.

" And I'll be coming with you." Said Frau with a determined look, ready for anything.

I said " Oh, that's right. Teito needs to see you or else his collar will blow up."

Frau coughed, " Y-yeah, that too. But I'm not leaving you guys to travel on your own! You need a

protector and someone who knows his way around."

" I do! I've been travelling my whole life." I peeped up. Frau covered my mouth and shushed me

"Quiet you."

Teito asked, " How will we be travelling?"

" By Hawkzile." Frau said, " We can take a secret tunnel to leave the church unnoticed."

" Wait! What about Vivo!?" I cried, not once forgetting about my friend, " I can't leave him here!"

Castor kindly said " Please forgive us Miss Carmen, but a hawkzile is much faster and safer than a stag.

You must leave here without him, but I assure you we will take good care of him."

It pained me to listen to this but he was right. Vivo couldn't take all three of us on his back. I finally

nodded and said, " When he's ready, could you let him go on his own? He can find his way back to my

caravan. Vivo had done it before. You can sell my saddle and reins if you like. I'm afraid I won't be

riding him for a while."

Labrador nodded and smiled " He'll be well taken care of."

" Now let's not waste any more time." Castor said, " Let's get to the tunnel. There's a Hawkzile waiting

for you there."

All of us made our way to an underground hallway where, like Castor promised, the bird like vehicle was

sitting quietly on the white tiles. Ahead of it, was the dark tunnel.

Frau leaped onto the Hawkzile's seat to start its engines. Once the vehicle roared to life, me and Teito

turned back to the others to say our farewells.

" Thank you Bishop Castor, Labrador for all the kindness and aid you gave to us." Teito said as me

and him bowed our respects.

" We won't forget you guys." I said.

Castor and Labrador smiled at us.

" You are always welcome here." Said Castor

" We'll meet again very soon." Said Labrador.

My eyes started to sting, threatening to spill tears as I sniffed with a smile

" I hope so. Thank you again."

" Well, you're off to travel the world, Shorty?" Hakuren said with a smile.

" I'm not ' Shorty'! Stop calling me that!" Teito yelled.

" It's your fault that you're not eating properly." Hakuren said " Carmen will make sure you do in my


" Of course I will, Hakuren." I said with a small smile.

Hakuren looked at me with a sober gaze. " Take care of yourself too, Carmen. And I also want to


" For what?" I said puzzled.

Hakuren continued, " Teito told me that you lost a friend that you loved very much and I courted you

constantly while you were grieving for him. Carmen, I'm deeply for my stupid-"

I ran to him and wrapped my arms around his neck, burying my face into his chest.

" No, please don't say you're sorry." I cried into him, " You're a good friend ,and I'm happy that I got to

know you."

Hakuren encircled his arms around me to murmur

" Same here. Take care."

" You too." I said,, withdrawing from him while tears dripped down my face. I was deeply saddened to

leave these kind people, our friends that had guide us and protected us.

Frau said his farewells to his fellow bishops before he turned to me and Teito

" Let's go, you guys. The Barsburg ships have begun their departure. We should go before they can see


With one last goodbye to our friends, me and Teito hopped in front of Frau on the Hawkzile. As Teito

secured the excited Mikage in his jacket, Frau shouted to us over the engines drone,

" Hold on! We're outta here!"

With that, the Hawkzile flew into the tunnel, leaving behind the church's hallway light in seconds. I

couldn't see a thing through the darkness or the powerful wind that whipped at my eyes, but Frau

maneuvered the Hawkzile easily with his supernatural vision. The vehicle swerved and ducked for what

seemed to be an eternity when we saw a light through the dark, signaling the end of the tunnel.

Frau accelerated for it and the hawkzile zoomed from the tunnel and into the sunny, blue skies. I

winced from the harsh sunlight, but my eyes soon adjusted to gaze at the land below.

The height was incredible, literally taking my breath away at the sight.

We passed over the city and into the country side of fields that looked like the sown patches of a quilt. I

looked over my shoulder to see the towers of the church far behind us, and when I focused my eyes past

the church, I could see the small white shapes of the imperial fleet retreating the other way.

" It's so big." I heard Teito murmur in front of me. I looked at him to see his awed face as he watched

the world below us pass by from underneath.

I smiled at his funny expression , knowing he never traveled before , and said to him, " Yep, the world is

big alright. But what you're see is only a fraction of it. The rest of it is quite different."

" But it'll take time to get there." Frau yawned behind us, " Meaning a lot of flying."

" I don't mind." Teito said, his tone determined, " I want to uncover the truth about my past. I want to

learn more about my royal line and the Eye that was given to me by my father. "

I put my arms around Teito's waist and hugged his back with a smile.

" We'll figure all of it out, Teito. And we'll do it together." I murmured to him, " I won't leave you."

" Carmen." Teito sighed as he took my hand to his cheek, his skin warm to the touch, " Thank you for

being my friend."

" And don't forget about me, you damn brat." Frau laughed as he roughly messed up Teito's hair. As

Teito exclaimed his annoyance and Frau chuckled in deviousness, I thought about the vision I saw back

with Ayanami.

I remembered the strange girl with the same brown hair and green eyes as Teito, she almost looked like

him too.

Who was she? Is she someone of the future or the past? But I never saw her before?

I felt this was important and somehow it was connected to Ayanami. With a sigh, I gave up on my

pondering. We'll find out on our own.

For now, I continued watching everything from our Hawkzile, enjoying the beauty of the land and sky

with Frau, Teito and my love, Mikage, his fingers brushing against my smile.