The journey on the boat was long. As I rowed towards the next town, I had time to think up my first evil deed. I recalled that the name of the man Frankenstein ventured with was Henry Clerval. He, by default, became my target. I knew the relationship between Clerval and Frankenstein was dear to Frankenstein's heart.

I recalled at that time the horrible accident I had of killing William. I did not know what I was doing as it was being done, but I did strangle to poor innocent child to death. My mind was naïve then, but I knew from experience this would be the perfect way to kill off Clerval.

Through the mist of the salty waters I saw the candle lit cottages of the town. I knew that was the town Henry Clerval must be lodged in. It was a dark night with fog that restricted ones vision greatly. My boat bumped the dock, and the dock mate tied up my boat. "Cynical weather a bruin', isn't it?" asked the ship mate.

I simply responded with a grunt. Then I made my inquiry after Clerval.

"Ah, Clerval 'eh? Henry Clerval: he is lodgin' at Mrs. Hanks place: up the road about three quarter mile. The only place with music still filling the rooms." The man went back to fiddling with some contents in a box.

"Thank you," I replied. I then rapidly walked in the direction the man told me. Sooner than I had expected, I reached the location of Henry Clerval's residency. I knew it by the description the man gave of music exuding from the place. I stood outside the home for a few moments. Then the door opened, and the fog around the house practically dissipated. I saw a stout woman talking to a fit young man.

"Now Henry, be careful. The streets are dangerous this time of night!"

"Thank you Mrs. Hanks. I will be careful, and will be home in approximately three hours." The young man kissed the lady on the top of the head and trotted down the steps out onto the road. I knew this Henry was the Henry Clerval I was looking for.

I wasted no time. I approached him immediately. "Henry Clerval?" I asked.

"In the flesh," he responded. He seemed as if he was in a world full of beauty and love, as he didn't seem to notice my disfigured voice. "May I assist you in locating something? Although I am a visitor, I know these streets quite well."

I did not have time for the foolishness Clerval was heaving upon me. I grabbed him by the shoulders. He then snapped out of his clouded state. I spoke quickly and to the point. "I know that you are involved with a beast who calls himself Frankenstein, are you not?" Clerval nodded in agreement. "By associating your name with this man, the man who created me, you have sealed your own destiny." With these words, I stepped under a street lamp nearby to reveal my hideous features. Clerval's face twisted in horror, and with that I grasped his neck and squeezed until I felt his body become lifeless. I dropped him to the ground, and turned around to walk back towards the dock.

I remember the exact feeling I had when I strangled William. Regret, sorrow, ill. I had killed Clerval the same way, and yet I was numb to all these emotions. I felt nothing but the mist resetting itself on my being.

I reached the dock where my boat had been tied. The dock mate was nowhere in sight. I took it upon myself to untie my own boat. I then set sail back down the body of water. I did not have a plan. I did not have remorse. I did not feel any emotion. I did not take time to think of any consequences to my actions. I only thought of my next target: Elizabeth.