Enrique was already simmering with anger by the time Taz found him the nice restaurant on base. She sat down in front of him, the stubborn set of Taz's chin didn't make it any easier to keep his temper in check. Taz kept her legs braced in case he leapt over the table. Enrique took several deep breaths before speaking, "You will do as I say, I'm your legal guardian and responsible for you. You will resign from GLEE and you will go back home, keep out of trouble, and be a good daughter."

"No," Taz wrapped a hand around her knife, around her dad's knife and hung on for dear life. She spoke quietly in English, "Jou no longer have any control over me." Enrique looked exasperated, "Taz, you can't stay here. I can't take care of you 24/7."

"I don't want you to!" spat Taz, "Don't you get it? You've been dead for five years! You can't just come back and pretend you never left! That's bullshit!" Enrique grabbed her arm across the table, "I'll just get the courts to throw you out of GLEE, then. You're only making this more difficult." Taz snatched her arm back, looking pleased, "You can't. I've disowned you."

Enrique stared at her blankly, "You. What?"

To her credit, Taz's voice didn't shake as she continued, " Pathos and Barbara helped me with that. You're no longer my guardian. I've been emancipated from you."

His face paled to the color of fresh cream, "What have you done?"

Taz ignored the pain in his voice. "The paper work is all filed. You no longer have any power over me. I've disowned you," repeated Taz, "I'm an emancipated minor. You've been gone for five years. The judge saw all the decisions I've made and how good I've done here and she agreed that I don't need you to protect me. I can do that myself."

Taz watched Enrique's face, the thoughts connecting to one another as he drew a conclusion. He drew himself up in the chair, "You will go home!" Being childish would piss Enrique off more than anything, " Make me," She taunted him.

Enrique was about five seconds from flying into an outright rage, "Are. You. Serious?" The words squeezed out of him as though they had to travel a long way. "YOU WILL GO HOME THIS INSTANT!" Enrique yelled, several patrons in the restaurant looked over at them curiously.

Taz glowered at him. "I'm already home!" She was screaming now, everyone in the restaurant was gaping at them; she took in a giant breath and threw an envelope at him, " You have no power over 's all I have to say to you." She kept herself from running out of the restaurant and managed to keep in her furious tears in check until she reached her room.

She rocked on her heels in front of the burnished metal door. This is a bad idea, her mind warned her but Taz told herself to leather the fuck up. Still churning with anger, she opened the door to Up's office.

Taz slammed the door behind her and Up flinched at the sound. "Listen here, idiota." Up opened his mouth to interrupt but Taz screamed, "SHUT UP!" Dumbfounded, Up obeyed. "I'm sorry I left without telling jou. It was fucked up but I wasn't gonna leave forever. So whether jou forgive me or not doesn't matter becausejou had better believe that I'm not going anywhere."

Up sneered, "Until Enrique decides otherwise?" Up was glaring at her from under pale eyebrows. Taz had no idea why he was being a prick but she'd be damned if she cared, she spat in disgust, "Enrique's not in charge of my future, And it's none of your fucking business porque he ain't your family. Maldito tarado."

Taz slammed the door behind her and Up caught the stack of folders threatening to spill, again. He sighed when they settled back down.

"Zombie Christ, Up. I'm surprised you two haven't ripped each other's throats out." Pryce's voice crackled out from the phone on his desk, "No wonder you two are friends. Why won't you let it go?"

Up clenched his jaw and refused to answer. Pryce hesitated but admitted, " I'm going to take a stab and say that it's because of what happened last week. Losing men is hard but that doesn't make you a bad leader and it's not going to put her in any more or less danger. She's a Ranger."

"That was out in left field and in a completely different ball park but...What kind of leader does it make me then?"

"Goddamned unlucky." Pryce's voice was tinged with a bit of sadness, "But aren't we all? Which is why I called you; my last lieutenant died. No one else is biting, and my current temp is an unreliable blow hard. Think you're up for being on the suicide squad?" Up sighed, "Is that what you're calling them now too? What happened to the Rough Riders?" Pryce chuckled, "I'm the only one who doesn't think being on my squad is suicide, that's what happened. And who cares? We get the job done, no matter what, right? Are you in?" Up shoved some papers into a folder, "Sign me on, Commander. I'm fucking done with being stuck planet-side."

"Knew you wouldn't back out, good man. And don't worry, I can boot Taz from my lists, if you want," offered Pryce. Up dug his fingers into his eyes, glad that Pryce couldn't see him, "Just drop it already." Pryce chuckled, "Fine, fine. But I'm dying to know what's made you so pissed at her. Poor girl, you've got her in a tizzy." Up gaped at the speaker, "I- I haven't got anyone in a tizzy." Pryce laughed harder, "I'll contact you in six months once I get back planet-side or once my current Lieutenant kicks the bucket." The speaker went dead, and Up rubbed at the scar over his eye, feeling ambivalent about Pryce's morbid cheer. He dialed Isa's number to cheer himself, wanting to tell her the good news.

Taz pulled a sweatshirt over her head and Krayonder raised an eyebrow, "You aren't going to work out are you? You just got back., and it's like, almost midnight, Tazzie." Taz tugged on her boots, while eyeing Krayonder eating cookies, "Jou should come with stop eating so many cookies." Another cookie disappeared into his mouth, "Naw, I can work out tomorrow. It's late. Plus, I know you love cookies." Taz shrugged and headed out. Krayonder offered her a cookie and Taz munched on it on the way to the gym.

Since it was late, Taz hoped that everyone was heading home and she could have a nearly empty gym. She loped down the hallways, humming under her breath. She turned the corner and started running towards those dirty, double doors that lead to her favorite smelly, dingy gym. She skidded to a stop before the doors and happily kicked them open. She grinned crazily at the mats and the treadmills, the crusty water fountains, the..."Eek!" squeaked Taz.

Up stared at her with an amused expression, "Eek?" He was hugging a punching bag, a grin on his face. Taz considered walking away, finding a new gym, she turned towards the double doors, her stomach turning into a ball of writhing disappointment.

"Would you refuse a job if it was too dangerous?" Taz stopped and turned back towards the gym, her chest loosening a little. She tilted her head, "Isn't that our job description? Too dangerous? El Riesgo Siempre Vive." Up nodded, looking satisfied.

"Why?" Taz found a punching bag and tugged on her gloves.

"No reason."

"Jou softening up, old man?" She grinned and approached him, though eyed him warily, "Jou turning down a job because it's too dangerous? Those grays hairs are really starting to take over."

Up ruefully ran a hand through his short hair, "I should start dying it, huh?" Dead God he'd missed her.

Taz shook her head, "Jou're avoiding de question. And no, it looks totally fake when people dye their hair."

"I was joking!" Up held the sand bag for her and Taz threw a couple punches, warming her muscles. Taz smiled thinly,"So jou are soft? I knew it."

Up sighed, " No, people were making me feel guilty because I took- what the hell are you doing? You have to protect your guts too, not just your mug." Taz readjusted her arms and stance, "What did jou take...?"

"Pryce offered me the place of his lieutenant again."


Up grinned.

Taz stepped back, frowning, "Hold on, Krayonder said that Pryce's squad…" She snapped her mouth shut.

Up grimaced, "These rumors are bullshit."

Taz hummed under her breath, "Supongo que ... Isa's not happy about this?" Taz held the sand bag and Up touched his nose in affirmation before having a go at the bag. "Jou know…"

"What?" He really hoped Taz wouldn't react like Isa had.

"Solo que Isa really cares about jou. Jou shouldn't get mad at her."

Taz threw a surprising combination at the sand bag which Up took note of, "I know. But it doesn't matter anymore."

"Yes it does! She might even love-"

"Oh for Dead God's sake," groaned Up, "Please don't tell me you're giving me relationship advice."

Taz grinned sheepishly, "Pues tell me it isn't true?"

Up sobered, "It might be. But it doesn't matter- no let me finish!- Because she split. Said she didn't want to see me carried home in a body bag- Or in chunks- when I bit it." Taz winced, "That's rough." He stared at her glumly. Taz's mouth dropped open and she curled her mouth in a mysterious grin, " No me digas- Don't tell me that you love her?"

Up snorted and Taz cackled. "Up and Isa sitting in The Tree! K-I-S-S-I-Naughhhh!" Up lunged for her, tackling her to the ground. He rolled to his feet, "You want to give me more lip, Ensign?" He laughed and skipped back, giving them some room. Taz leapt to her feet and realized that Up was teasing her, "Hold de videophone. Does this mean we're okay?"

Up dismissed it, "You wish. I've been bored out of my mind since you left."

"I-" but Taz had no words for what she wanted to say, so instead of sounding like a giant sack of mush, Taz cracked her neck, "Alright old man, let's see what jou've got."


maldito tarado: you stupid jackass?

Supongo que : I suppose that

Solo que :It's just that

Pues: Well,

No me digas: Don't tell me