"So... you're the cat boy Nightwing is playing with, huh?" Robin was leaning over Stray with his hands on his hips looking deliciously resentful. Those strong legs of his were within easy reach if Stray so desired to touch and he did. Robin was almost as good looking as Nightwing, though he needed to learn some manners, grow up, and wear some practical pants.

"Why?" He asked, cocking his head to the side and pushing his green tinted goggles over his forehead. "Are you jealous?" Stray trailed his diamond tipped claws down one of Robin's legs lightly so as not to leave a mark.

Whatever it was Robin had been about to say died on his tongue.

"Oh, you don't have to say anything." Stray batted his eyes at Robin from his scandalous position on the gritty rooftop between his legs. "You're secret is safe with me..."

Robin licked his lips then looked up at the approach of a new arrival. "I found your boy toy. Ha! Missed me." He stuck his tongue out from where he had retreated to across the roof away from Nightwing's fist.

"What have I told you about teasing?" Nightwing held a hand out to help Stray to his feet.

Stray schooled his expression into one of complete innocence."To not to because meat head might think I'm serious."

"I can hear you."

"Shut up, Robin." Nightwing snapped then turned back to Stray. "You were supposed to meet me for dinner."

Stray's eyes widened a fraction and he bit his lip. They were supposed to meet at the park then go back to the Manor for dinner and meet the rest of the family. It was a mutual idea considering Stray only knew them as vigilantes and not regular people. "I forgot."

"You forgot?" Nightwing raised an eyebrow behind his mask. "I'm hurt." He put the back of his hand against his forehead in mockery and leaned on Stray.
"Oh, stop it! You're heavy, you baby." Stray pushed back on Nightwing until he stood up on his own. "I was with Selina...shopping."

"Shopping? What kind of shopping?" Nightwing had his skeptical face on as if he wasn't quite sure what type of shopping Selina Kyle would be doing.
Images of lace bras of impossible sizes and frilly panties flashed through Stray's mind, coloring his cheeks the more he thought about it. "Feminine underclothes. I don't want to think about that anymore. It was a nightmare."

Nightwing had to laugh at the serious expression on Stray's face mixed with the blush of one who has never known a woman (and probably never will). "Well, maybe I could interest you in some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and milk courtesy of Alfred?"

"You didn't tell me Alfred was making cookies!" Robin ventured closer to the couple, having stayed to openly spy on their conversation, but not because he was told to, no. A look from Nightwing sent him back to the safety of the other end of the roof.

"Cookies sounds really good right now." Stray smiled up at Nightwing, batting his baby blues.

Robin made gagging noises when Nightwing tilted Stray's chin up and kissed him gently then scoffed when Stray gave him the finger. "Get a room!" After contributing his jealous opinion to the nonexistent conversation, Robin shot off a grapple line and didn't quite run away. It was obvious that he was the third wheel and it was no fun.

"My bike is a few blocks back, if you want a ride."

"That would be fantastic."

Half an hour later, Dick and Tim were seated in the kitchen with a full plate of warm cookies, two glasses of milk, and Alfred's blessing. He seemed to like Tim well enough and that alone pleased Dick. Now if he could get Bruce to like him and perhaps modify the whole stealing thing, everyone would get along just swell.

"These are the best cookies I've ever had. Selina only ever buys store made." Tim broke his cookies into four pieces and dunked them in his milk before eating them one at a time.

Dick took large bites out his cookies. "Alfred is the best cook ever."

Once they had eaten their fill of cookies, but not enough to get sick, they retired to the den for a movie. Wayne Manor had more movies than any one person could actually want to watch. Dick gave Tim the first pick even though they probably wouldn't last through the first movie anyway. Tim picked out something familiar and Dick put it in the DVD player.

"I haven't seen much of this place but it's pretty amazing so far." Tim said taking a seat beside Dick on the plush couch.

"Yeah, it's really great." Dick put his arm around Tim and stifled a yawn. It was only somewhere around three or four in the morning. No reason to be tired yet they did have a their hands full tonight with planned gang robberies and the like. Not even half way through the movie, Tim was asleep, laying across Dick's lap.

"I suppose this is going to be a regular occurence?" Bruce's soft voice broke through the haze of drowsiness around Dick. "Do you plan on sleeping in here tonight?"

Dick yawned and turned his head to look at his mentor in the doorway."Uh, yeah, to both questions, I think."

"I don't want him in the Cave. Understood?" Bruce's voice was still soft but had a edge of steel to it. Jason liked to say that Batman was playing Bruce Wayne when he talked like that.

Dick turned back to the TV and his eyes drooped, blurring out the image of Han Solo. "All right." He let his eyes close completely when he felt more than heard Bruce's walk away.
"He doesn't like me very much, does he?" Tim's voice was just above a whisper.

"He'll get used to it." Dick snuggled into the couch, pulling Tim closer. This was the first time they had slept on the same surface in the manor. "Trust me."

"You really have issues with him don't you, Bruce?" Selina unzipped her leather suit and took off her goggles. Here she was in the bedroom of the famous Bruce Wayne, stripping as he watched. It was almost a routine.

Bruce's eyes followed Selina's hands as she slowly removed the tight leather. "I have a problem with his occupation, yes."

"Do you have a problem with their relationship?" Selina stopped moving and stared at Bruce, daring him to say no.

He narrowed his eyes at her but answered truthfully. "I have no control over who Dick dates."

"Good answer." Selina resumed her actions, sitting her naked butt on the silk sheets. "I'd be offended if you did since we must be the role models."