Hello, and welcome to the first chapter of Karakura is the Arrancar's Home! This fanfiction will feature some arrancar pairings that you may not have seen before, but I can assure you that there will be some of the dead characters brought back to life! Confirmed pairings include Starrk/Harribel, Grimm/Nel, and... well, I can't spoil all the secrets now, can I?

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Dusk settled over Hueco Muendo as... Well... It was always dusk in Hueco Muendo. A slight breeze blew silently throughout the sandy wasteland, like a lost wandering ghost.

However, the main focus for our story begins in the towering fortress of Las Noches. All was quiet in the ruins of the old forgotten fort. Once it had been a magnificient base for Lord Aizen, ruler of Hueco Muendo. But now it was little more than ruin. For the shinigami had cleared out the place of all signs of life...

...Well... ALMOST all signs of life.

Perched on top of one of the many towers of the fort was an arrancar reading a book.

She had a slender appearance, with brilliant green hair and a scar running down her nose. She had soft golden eyes that scanned the pages speedily before settling on the next page. However, the most identifying trait of her was probably the ram skull sitting atop her head like a crown. Originally the skull had a large crack running through it. But now it had been closed off and healed.

The girl's name was Neliel Tu Odershvank. And she was a forgotten espada.

She continued to read her book quietly, appearing to be completely oblivious to her surroundings. Completely and utterly vulnerable to any attack.

"... You can come out now whoever you are."

The figure stepped out of the shadows revealing his true form. Nel looked up from her book and almost immediately recognized who it was.

"Oh! Rudobone! I didn't expect to see you here!"

The man she was speaking to was of average height. He wore a pure white suit, except for the black strap that ran halfway down before slanting to the right. He wore black gloves that concealed his hands and a scabbard to hold his zanpakto. The most distinguishable part about him was his head. It was a bulls skull with long curved horns and was purely white. It gave him an intimidating appearance to those that would dare cross his path. Hollow pitch black eye sockets gazed down on the tres espada, the gaze hardened, just like the figure was.

Behind him were four other figures very similar to him. Except for the fact that their skulls were more human shaped. Each of them carried a sword just like Rudobones, except not as big as his was.

"It's quite alright Ms. Nel. After all, I'm sure that some of the remaining arrancar think that I'm dead after Yammy attacked me from behind."

Nel's brow creased upon this information. "Yammy attacked you? I had no idea. I had assumed that you were defeated by the shinigami. Not that I'm underestimating your powers of course. I just thought that maybe you had been... uh, outnumbered by strong opponents."

Rudobones chuckle was a deep and gravelly one. "That's a good one! Me? Outnumbered? Well, I survived. A shinigami that I had ran into earlier had healed me after the battle. And I see from the looks of things that you were healed too."

Neliel smiled and nodded. "Yes, by a shinigami with her hair in a black braid. Her healing powers restored my skull back to it's original state so now I won't turn back into my child form again."

"Hmmm... What a coincidence. This shinigami that you mentioned was the exact same one that healed me. She must be a very kind and compassionate person to give mercy to an arrancar."

"Yeah well, I wonder if she healed anyone else..."

Rudobone was about to respond when a familiar spiritual pressure entered the area.

"... I think that we may have found our answer to that."

The began to two flash toward the spot of the aforementioned reiatsu.

"So Rudobone, you aren't going to attack me?"

"I don't see any reason Ms. Nel. After all, Aizen-sama- er, Aizen is sealed away. I no longer serve him so my purpose as the leader and founder of the Exequias has been compromised. Although I must say, I don't really have a clue on what to do now. I feel as though I've... lost my purpose."

Nel gave one of those cheeky smiles and began to increase her pace.

"Well how about we start by finding who's reiatsu this is."

"Sounds like a plan Ms. Nel."

"Oh, and Rudobone?"

"Yes Ms. Nel?"

"You really don't need to call me Ms. Nel. Nel is just fine."

"Of course Ms. Nel. I'll stop right away."


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