Hi everyone, just a quick Author's Note to start you off with. The typical disclaimers, I don't own the Harry Potter or Percy Jackson series, though I'd love a portion of their royalties. I do own my wonderful Satyr, and my gorgeous Golden Pegasus though. I apologise to everyone out there who doesn't like this story, I wrote it for myself and chose to share it; if you don't like it, then just find something else to damn well read, honestly.

I love it when people review, I crave it actually, so compliments, suggestions for improvements, anything will be taken. I don't approve of flaming, I don't do it, don't do it to me, thank you.

There will be another half to this story but at over 100,000 words I chose to split them apart, the real Percy involved stuff is still in the progress of being written and I hope to have it all done soon.

Characters are completely OOC; I mean ultra OOC, so keep that in mind and take everything with a grain of salt.

Sorry about the varying chapter lengths, it really depended on how into the part I was at the time. Couldn't figure out ways to meld the short ones together and didn't want WAAAAY long ones so, yeah, oops.

Italics = Spell incantations

Bold and Italics = another language i.e. Ancient Greek, Parseltongue

Bold = Mental communications

So yeah, that's everything I believe. Hope some of you like it.

Violet Vicky.