Over the week between the end of the tournament and end of term many things happened. Fleur was released from the Hospital Wing as soon as she woke the next morning, Arthur had sent two pouches with 1000 galleons each to the two champions. Alex immediately gave his to the Weasley twins, having heard about their plans to start their own joke shop, and got kissed square on the lips by them both in the middle of the Great Hall. Cedric and Viktor had congratulated their friends on winning, infuriated that they had been robbed of their chance to win until learning of what had happened after touching the trophy. Severus' mark began to burn for his presence the moment Voldemort had gotten his body back, and the man was to the point of cutting his arm off for some peace by the second day.

Two days after the events, the Quibbler announced that the Ministry was giving free lessons on how to properly ward your home and protect your family; that announcement followed the front page proclamation that Voldemort had returned, actually using his true fake name. Many kids were pulled out of Hogwarts that week, their families wanting them home, but everyone was allowed to want their kids nearby in such times. A smaller notice stated that all underage students were allowed to do magic outside of school as long as it was in an emergency, to ward the family home, and so long as it was out of Muggle view if possible.

Firenze got word from Chiron 3 days after the task, and sent Nye off with the coordinates for Camp Half-Blood. His centaur ancestor was awaiting the demigods' arrival with Penny the day after their final day of term, though that was simply if they were going to take Muggle transport. As soon as they had the coordinates, the teens had head into Gringotts to have them make them an International Portkey to the camp, which was finished the day before end of term.

Dobby had been unhappy that he wasn't allowed to come with his master and mistress but had understood when they told him that he was needed to take care of everyone they were leaving back there. He'd nodded and stuck his chest out proudly, before getting hugged tightly.

The day before the train would return with their friends to London, Viktor and Fleur sticking around but would both be leaving on the train also, catching International Portkeys from the Ministry, the 10 friends were sitting beneath the large beech tree, trying to forget that one of their group may not be returning.

"So what exactly will you be doing at this camp?" Draco asked as he fiddled with Luna's hair.

"Training but first thing we're going to do is get our butts up to see our fathers," Hermione laughed lightly.

The others chuckled too, "So much trouble just to see your fathers. If you ever find out who it was who kidnapped you, be sure to beat them once for all of us."

Alex reached over and nudged the boy who said that, "Nev, we'll let you have your own shot at a Death Eater, that'll be good enough."

The war may not have officially started yet but those present knew that it was only a matter of time before Voldemort got tired of working in the background while the Auror's got even stronger. The demigods looked over at their friends and smiled, knowing that each of them would fight at their side when the time came, "You guys will continue training right?"

"Every morning," was the collective reply.


"And also do those forms you taught us," Viktor said in a slightly bored voice, they'd all been reminded of this for the past week.

The demigods grinned, "Good. We're proud to have you all as our close friends; you do all know that right?"

Nods, "Of course, we feel the same."

"Let's hope the gods look over us all and allow us to be victorious, you've all got weddings to attend in a year and a bit"

The demigods' personal lives were a running joke of only fall in love with someone who won't cause you to need three weddings but also an inspiration. Fleur had found the man Hermione swore she would get, someone who loved her soul rather than her beauty; Draco and Neville had gained the courage to ask out their current girlfriends, and were certain that they were the ones for them, Viktor had witnessed true love at its deepest and was going to be a better fiancé to Iliya from now on, showering her with love in public as well as private; while Cedric had great fun joking about with Penny, uplifting her self-confidence and taking her mind from the fact she was half-goat.

The group chatted and laughed for hours that day before heading in and having their final dinners together.

The next morning, Alex and Hermione made certain they had everything they would need packed away, all of their weapons in their possession, and went with Penny to wave their friends off as they left for the summer. Turning around, they saw a depressed Severus standing there, "Guess it's time for you to go now."

Rushing over they had a large group hug once more, "We're going to come back Severus, we'll never forget you, you're our father also."

The tears leaving his eyes, Severus placed a kiss on all of their heads, barely missing poking his eyes out on Penny's growing horns, "I love you each, even you Miss Hill, and I expect contact every few days somehow."

"We will"

"And don't go falling in love with Olympus"

The teens laughed, "We'll try not to."

"And come home to me"

"We will always do that"

Penny cleared her clogged throat, "I, umm, I'm thinking of asking Chiron to become Alex and Hermione's protector only, not a collector of demigods. And, I'd like to think, that had I known my father, he would be a lot like you are."

Severus smiled softly, embracing the girl tightly, "Well if you're looking for a substitute, I apparently am pretty good at it."

All four laughed wetly, none of the teens wanted to go, but the Portkey was vibrating madly to alert them it was time, "We…"

"I know, go on, get to the next step in your lives, I'll be here when you get back," Severus watched as the trio reluctantly ran outside of Hogwarts' Anti-Portkey wards, their hands already touching the brass ring. They were swept away the moment all three were out of the wards, and the man sighed before going back into the castle.