This scene takes place after tv episode 20 when everyone is drunk. Break saw the exchange between Oz and Gil before Oz went to sleep. Oscar, Sharon, and Alice are lying around the room drunk.

Break lounged on the couch shaking his head at the drunks passed out around him. Unfortunately, wine didn't affect him. Then suddenly, something caught his eye. It was Gilbert standing up and heading straight for the door. He must be going to bed, Break thought. Then a thought crossed his mind, Gilbert was terrible drunk so he probably wouldn't even find his room. Break sighed and got up. Break spotted Gil going into Oz's room. This was not going to end well, he thought. But he waited down the hall just long enough to see Gil quietly shut the door and lean back against it.

God how he longed for Oz, Gil thought to himself. Oz looked sooo good lying curled up in the bed, so peaceful. He had to control the urge to run in there and lay down next to Oz to hold him in his arms, protect him as always. The thought caused Gil's arousal to spring to life. With his mind swimming from the wine and his aching need for Oz, he instinctively reached down to massage the ache. With his eyes closed, Gil didn't hear anyone approaching until the voice broke the silence.

"Ahhh…what have we here?" Break said teasingly. Gil quickly dropped his hand. "Shut up Break," Gil growled trying to stagger his way down the hall to his room where he could be alone with his thoughts of Oz. Or fantasies rather, fantasies that he could only live in when he was alone in his room.

"Gil," Break laughed wickedly, "Don't be ridiculous. You'll never make it there on your own." At that point, as if on cue, Gil stumbled. Break hoisted Gil's arm around his shoulder and took him to his bed. Once there, he dumped Gil face down on the bed. "It's a good thing for you that Oz wasn't the one to catch you," Break said in that constant teasing voice.

Gil groaned at the mention of Oz's name since his erection had not completely went away yet but now was growing again thanks to Break. He also goaned because of all people, Break had been the one to catch him feeling himself up as he thought of Oz. Break would hold it over his head forever, teasing him endlessly.

But with all the wine and his desperate need of Oz, he slipped one hand underneath his body. "Ah…still thinking of Oz I see." "Break…please…go away," Gil murmured from his face down position. Break came to the bed and sat down. He tugged on Gil's shoulder causing Gil to lean back toward Break, his head in Break's lap. But before Gil could say anything Break spoke of Oz, spurring on the fantasies, spurring on Gil. "The way Oz teases you, like you are still that little boy." Then in a more husky tone, " You like it don't you? In your own sick way, you love it." Gil glanced at Break confused but saw only Break's twisted humor in his blood red eye.

Break moved one hand over the top of Gil's which was still pressed over his hard bulge in his pants. Gil stiffened, about to protest, but was too drunk to fight it. Even at the age of 24, Gil had never been with anyone nor had anyone touch him like Break was doing now. The wine mixed with Break's commentary on Oz, and touching him that way felt so fucking good, Gil thought, that he wasn't about to let it end now.

"Ha…Haaa…" Break laughed, "You want to join him in his bed, hold him." Break continued as Gil's hand fell to his side and Break massaged him through the straining fabric. "You want to see those big green eyes stare up at you." Gil tore open his pants, at that point, exposing his forbidden arousal which Break grasped firmly. At the same time, Gil turned his head away from Break, humiliated by what he was silently seeking from Break, yet compelled to have it. Break used his free hand to caress Gil's head, smoothing back the hair from his face.

"Does Oz touch you in your sick little fantasies or are you the one in control?" Break pumped Gil harder…faster. Gil's breathing had become shallow, he started squirming and clutching the sheet with one hand and Break's coat sleeve with the other. Gil squeezed his eyes shut and groaned, "Oz…oh…Oz," while he turned Break's words into vivid images in his mind. Break pumped harder…faster still.

Break could tell that Gil was lost in his fantasy as he groaned and pressed his hips to Break's hand. Satisfaction flickered unnoticed in Break's eye. Though his own arousal was there, he knew he had to take it slow with the ever emotional Gil so tonight would just be the first of many. "You want to feel your bodies molded together. Oz crying out to you 'Gil'." Harder and faster he pumped Gil's hard shaft.

Gil's body tensed and he squeezed his eyes shut tightly, "Oh…fuck…Oz!" Gil cried out as his body shuddered and the warm liquid squirted out of him. Break laughed wickedly as he slowed his hand to a light massage allowing Gil to ride out his intense climax. Still feeling Break's fingers running through his hair, he pressed his face into Break's lap, hiding the embarrassment at his own weakness and the tears spilling out the corners of his eyes.

"I think you need to sleep off the wine," Break finally said after a few minutes as he eased out from under Gil, wiping his sticky fingers with his hankerchief. His laughter echoed in the room as he went to the cupboard and glanced back at the sated Gil, tenderness in his expression, again unnoticed. For Break knew all too well what it was like to secretly want someone so badly, to have them just out of reach…well almost out of reach.