There were just too many trumps from the abyss to fight off so after taking them down one by one with no end in sight, Break stepped ahead of the group and said, " Honestly, this is just getting tiresome." With that he jumped into the air releasing the Mad Hatter in all its glory. That huge glowing red eye annihilated every last creature.

Once the Hatter vanished and all was suddenly quiet, Break bent over coughing violently. The blood forming a huge pool at his feet while his coat sleeve and mouth were covered as well. Then Break glanced at the 4 people over his right shoulder. " Does anyone have another handkerchief? Mine seemed to be ruined." He spoke the last word and promptly collapsed on the pavement.

Gil and Sharon ran up to him. "It's too much power. He could have…." Sharon could not finish the sentence. Gil hoisted Break up on his back and carried him to Gil's apartment. Once inside, Gil laid the unconscious Break on his bed and began the task of cleaning the blood off of his face. Alice, Oz, and Sharon headed off to speak with Reim. Gil offered to stay behind and babysit Break. He stood at the window smoking and thinking about how motionless the usually flamboyant Break had been while he wiped the blood off his mouth. That mouth, though it had only been brief, Gil remembered the way it felt wrapped around him.

He was angry. At that moment, Gil didn't know if he wanted to hug Break or choke him. "Wow, that's gonna take some work to get out," Break said in mock frustration regarding the bloodstain on his white coat sleeve as he sauntered out of the bedroom. Gil swung around, grabbed Break's shirt with both hands and shoved him against the wall. "What the hell is wrong with you, you goddamn clown!" Gil shouted furiously. "Gilbert," Break said in that irritating tone, " you are mad at me, eh?" Gil slammed Break's back to the floor, straddling him, "I am so sick of your self sacrifice bullshit!" Gil roared. Break's innocent look met Gil's narrowed one. "You could have…." He couldn't say the word "died." The tears welled up in his golden eyes and he couldn't quite shout the last part, " Do you really have nothing to live for?" Gil's expression both fear and anger.

That startled Break, shook his very core and he was too choked up to respond so he just grabbed Gil's head and pulled him down till their lips met. They had never kissed before. To both men, a kiss was a special kind of intimacy. Gil was too stunned to respond at first but Break immediately started licking, sucking, and nibbling on Gil's lower lip. Then when Gil's lips parted slightly, he drove his tongue inside, filling Gil's mouth, tasting him. It became an urgent and deeper kiss between the two.

Break finally broke the kiss, both men gasping for air. " I ought to…." Gil started to say but Break cut him off. "What? Punish me?" He teased. Gil was thinking more like kill him but in their current position maybe punishment was a nice alternative. Gil's coat was off and his shirtsleeves rolled up. "Don't you dare move," Gil warned. Break raised a brow but complied as he watched Gil shed his lower clothing and came back to straddle Break's neck.

Holding his hard throbbing cock, he demanded, "Open!" Break was beginning to like this dominant side to Gil very much. He opened his mouth and Gil thrust his full length into Break's mouth. Gil frankly didn't care if Break could breathe, he gagged and choked Break till saliva dripped from his mouth. God it felt good to feel Break's hot mouth again. Gil flattened his palms to the wall above Break's head and found a rhythm thrusting in and out of that delicious wetness. Break's arms wrapped around Gil's contracted thigh muscles. But it was too good. If Gil wanted to go any further this would have to end soon.

So he finally pulled out and went straight for Break's boots and pants, yanking them off. Then he ripped open Break's shirt, buttons popping and bouncing on the floor. Gil slid his hand all the way up Break's torso to his mouth. "Suck!" He commanded. Break's heated gaze met Gil's angry one but neither looked away as Break did as told. But he could feel Gil's trembling body. Break knew what was going to happen next but he also knew that Gil had never done it before. This could be interesting, Break thought.

Gil bent up Break's legs to expose his entrance. He had to have Break this way so he could look at his face while he fucked him. Slowly he inserted one finger, giving a thrust or two before adding another. He used three fingers to spread Break's hole wide. Break found himself a bit nervous at Gil's size. Gil spit to moisten his cock before driving it into Break. "Uhhnn," Break groaned and stiffened. He clutched Gil's arms-damn he was huge, Break thought to himself. But being inside Break's tight ass was so intoxicating that he immediately started pounding him. He went as deep as he could go, finding Break's spot and hitting it every time.

With every rough thrust, sounds of pleasure and pain escaped Break. The full feeling of Gil's hard cock in his ass was so damn amazing! Gil watched Break squeeze his eyes shut and arch towards him. It was a beautiful sight to Gil. Break felt Gil stiffen and groan, "B-Break, open." Gil quickly pulled out and climbed over Break, spilling the white cream in and on his mouth. Break smiled wickedly and licked his lips.

But Gil only had to pump Break vigorously for all of 30 seconds before he came, the hot cream dripping onto his fingers. Both men were panting and sweating but Gil jumped up and retrieved his clothes. He slumped down on the couch, holding his head in his hands. What the hell had come over him? Break dressed and came to the couch, lying down. He pulled Gil's head to his chest, embracing him. Gil gazed up, " Are you gonna answer my question?" Break saw the heartache Gil could not hide. "Hahahaha, I think you just got your answer."