PnF: Mind Trapped

*Total Number of Chapters: 14*

*One Chapter Posted Per Day*

Chapter 1

Phineas and Ferb entered the doorway of their house, Phineas waving his math book out in front of him. He took out the sheet of questions that their high school professor had given them and placed both on the kitchen table. Soon he had lifted his backpack off his back and placed it under the table's legs.

"How many did we have to do before Thursday?" Phineas asked, coming to sit in the chair with the scattered papers in front of him. He took out his pencil and looked over the list of math problems.

But Ferb had slowly followed behind Phineas, walking through the door with his feet dragging along the wood floor. He stopped and managed to set down his bag with some effort.

"Oh, I don't remember," Ferb answered, rubbing his forehead as he dipped his head down. Phineas noticed the way his brother shut his eyes tightly.

"Are you feeling okay?" Phineas asked in concern.

"Not particularly," Ferb answered as he fell down into the chair beside Phineas. "Just feels like I'm catching something."

Ferb had drawn up his own math homework and set his head in his hands as he looked over it. Phineas kept staring at him for a second, before returning to his own work.

"Hmm, well I remember him saying to do all the even ones," Phineas commented. "I think it would be safe to do up to problem forty then ask him tomorrow, huh?"

Ferb just nodded gradually with his hand still supporting his head, as he took out his pencil. Phineas followed and did the same, starting to look over the first question.

They were doing the first portion of their pre-calculus course. This section was on limits and curves, and Phineas soon sped through the first few problems. Mostly it was picking out pictures of graphs from groups, but when Phineas had been working for about an hour, his eyes stopped hovered over the given equation and corresponding graph.

"Hey, Ferb?" Phineas asked, poking his brother with the eraser end of his pencil. "What did you do for number twenty-six?"

"Hmm, uh?" Ferb responded, looking up as though he had just been zoned out. He still had his fingers in his hair and his pencil resting loosely in his other hand. "I'm still on number four…."

"Are you stuck on it?" Phineas questioned as he peered over to see what Ferb was doing on his paper.

"Not really," Ferb responded through a deep sigh. "I'm just having a little trouble concentrating…."

"Do you have a headache?"

Ferb placed his pencil down and leaned back in his chair, hands on his face. "…I'm just not up for math right now."

Then Ferb stood up and pushed the textbook that he and Phineas were sharing over to Phineas' side of the table. He walked behind Phineas' chair, heading for the stairs, while Phineas turned his head to follow him with his eyes.

"I think I'm going to go upstairs and take a nap," Ferb said as he placed his hand on the handrail, trudging his feet up the steps.

"Okay," Phineas spoke sadly after him. "Hope you feel better."

Ferb stopped moving upstairs for a moment, turning his head over his shoulder to look back at Phineas. "Don't you worry about me, Phin. I'll be okay."

"Alright," Phineas answered, returning to his homework. "I still hope you feel better."

Ferb eventually made his way up to his bedroom door, and pushed his palm against it weakly. He forced his feet to bring him over to his bed, where he slumped down without bothering to get changed.

The softness of his pillow felt good against his cheek, but he still could not lift the annoying fog that had begun to clog his brain, even after he had shut his eyes firmly and drew his shaky hands close.

At first, Ferb thought that he had misplaced his blanket, shivering at the cold chill that nipped at his arms. Then he remembered that he had never bothered to get under his covers in the first place.

Moving his arm all around him, Ferb sought the softness of his purple blanket. Strangely, he could not seem to find it nor, for that matter, the edge of his bed.

Then he realized that he had a strange feeling of lying upside-down. As he slowly moved his head back and forth, beginning to wake up, Ferb noticed that he was not upside-down, but was indeed sleeping on an inclined surface. Somehow he found himself laying on at least a forty-degree incline, with his feet higher than his head.

Feeling a sudden rush of vertigo, Ferb shot up and repositioned himself correctly. He sat up in the goopy mud and propped himself up on his arms.

Ferb stopped, and before he even began to process his surroundings, he grabbed up the squishy substance beneath him and looked at the two handfuls of mud in his fists.

How did I get to be sleeping on mud…? Ferb thought to himself. Then, he tipped his gaze up to the dirt and grassy mounds around him. He was sitting on the side of a muddy ditch, with no sign of his bed, or anything familiar, to be found.

"H-hello?" Ferb called out, to no response. Looking further out of the ditch, Ferb could see the flat, asphalt surface of a highway.

He pushed himself out of the glop, and discovered that though he no longer had a headache, he now felt stiff and achy, as if he had not moved in a long while. As he came up to the edge of the road, he tried to brush the caked mud off of his shirt. It stayed stuck firmly on in cracked pieces, almost as if it had had a time to settle.

How long have I been out here…?

Ferb shook his head and looked up. The sky was dark and cloudy, threatening rain at any moment. Ferb silently hoped it would come, so he could more easily get clean. A small distance down the highway, Ferb could see the skyline of a city. He immediately recognized it, with a welcoming sigh, as his home town of Danville.

Coming out a little ways into the center of the highway, Ferb looked down the road at the direction that led away from the city. It straightened off darkly into distant wilderness. No headlights were visible in either direction, and nothing more than a quiet wind could be heard over the silent and undisturbed highway.

Ferb turned back to look at Danville. He stayed staring for a moment, before pushing up his knees in a slow effort to walk back towards town.

He was only about two miles away from the city, but it took well over a half hour before he had arrived at the beginnings of the bridge that brought the highway over Danville Harbor. His feet were starting to get tired, but he forced himself to keep walking along the pedestrian walkway that lined the edge of the bridge.

What Ferb found to be quite strange, however, was that during the entirety of his trek he did not pass a single car. He had hoped, perhaps, that one would stop and give him a ride further into town. Though the concrete road stayed eerily calm, and not even a pebble rolled against its gray surface.

As Danville came closer into view, Ferb could make out some of the details. He was passing the large pier to his right, with the local amusement park situated on top of it. But the lights were not lit, and the wide, tall Ferris wheel was not spinning with regular use.

Down to his left, on the other side below the bridge, was the unoccupied beach. The dark water washed up back and forth, giving Ferb a gentle sloshing sound as he trudged further down the road.

Coming to the end of the bridge, Ferb walked up the sidewalk steps and onto the road into Danville. First, though, he bothered to approach the small tollbooth and poke his head inside.

"Hello?" he called again. Yet, his voice still went unanswered. The little chair in the center was vacant, and the wind only played with the stack of papers sitting on the counter.

Ferb gave up on these attempts, and moved to walk towards the central city streets. The ghostly white-and-grey clouds still hovered in overcast above the city, and even the tallest towers did not breach through it. As he pushed his way through the blocks, stores were locked and lights were off. No one was traveling on their way to work or the grocer's, in fact, Ferb still had not seen a single soul since he had awoken and found himself on the side of the road. Danville was deserted.