Hi! I know this sort of highschool story has been done before but i plan to make it different. It will involve spy stuff..later on! This is just a filler story before i go away, i just think it would be fun to write a young Chuck and Sarah!

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Walker Family household. 7:30am. Lay wood street, Burbank, California.


No, it's only four in the morning. Please, please tell me it's four. Please let me have 3 more hours of sleep.


"Ugh." Sarah slaps her hand on her face and scrunches her eyebrows. Why do sleeps go so quickly? Reaching with her right arm she knocks the alarm clock forcefully off her bed side table so it topples to the ground. Worse birthday present ever.

Rolling back over she buries her head in her pillow and prays to anyone who's listening that she can have another eight weeks left of summer holidays. Eight weeks left of sun, beach, friends and even the part time work. Teaching martial arts to kids can be a little frustrating, but the adorable ones, really make it worth it.

"Sarah honey," Her mum calls and knocks on her door. "If you want a ride I'm leaving at eight!"

"Dammit," Sarah mutters, disappointed her very heartfelt praying didn't work. "I'll take a ride!" She calls back and reluctantly rolls the blankets off her.

Trudging into the shower, feeling like a zombie with her eyes still semi closed she removes her pajamas and steps under the warm pressure of the waterfall of water. Sighing from the warmth she allows her body to start it's morning wake up. One eye open, second eye open, mouthful of water...spit out. Big yawn, rub of the eyes, attempt a bright smile and... awake.

Thinking about the first day back at high school makes her a little excited she will admit, once she's actually out of bed. She wanders what classes she's going to be in, hoping the subjects that she chose all work out on her time table and the class has enough room for all the students who picked the certain subject. She thinks of the teachers she hopes to get, and the ones she hopes she doesn't.

After shampooing and conditioning her hair extra slowly, just to enjoy the warmth. She finally turns the shower off and checks her watch. Shoot, 7:40am. Only twenty minutes to get ready.

She grabs her towel off the hanger, wraps it around her and races back into her bedroom slamming the door shut. She opens her curtains to look outside, sunny, warm and no clouds. Walking over to her wardrobe she scans through her items of clothing and decides on the blue and white floral dress, with the short, light black jumper over top. Rolling her wet, blonde hair in the towel she brushes some subtle makeup over her face. Throwing her brown leather satchel over her shoulder, she makes her way down the stairs, ready for the school day.

"Breakfast, table. Eat now." Her mum instructs as she hunts the house for her car keys.

Sarah looks at her breakfast and grins, bacon and eggs. "Mum, thank you. You know I could have just had cereal," She reply's, turning around to see her mums head buried behind the cushions on the couch.

"You're senior now darl, need the hearty breakfast." Her dad comes in, kissing her head and jiggling his wife's keys.

"Ah! You found them, thank you honey." Emma says and gives Jack a quick kiss. "Right Sarah, now you know how I told you about Mary who just started work with me?"

"Who you now have coffees and lunch breaks together everyday day, 'because she's such a wonderful person and you have so much in common,'" Sarah teases, quoting her mothers words.

Emma gives her a swat on the shoulder and nods her head. "Yes, now you know how I told you she has a son?"

"Uh huh," Sarah nods taking a sip of her orange juice.

"He's starting his final year as well, and it's his first day at this school so you look after him OK? I told Mary you would."

Sarah laughs through a mouth full of eggs and looks up at her mum. "He's what eighteen, seventeen? I'm sure he'll be fine mum."

"Seventeen," Emma states. "Same as you. I know, but it still can be a bit scary new town and new school."

"I saw him down the comic book store actually." Jack chimes in. "Was passing by and that Grimes kid down the road introduced him to me." He chuckles. "That Morgan can talk a mouthful, anyway this Charles kid looked alright nice enough, little lanky."

"Jack!" Emma scolds, swatting her husband on the arm. "He's tall, yes. Ive met him a few times Sarah, a charming young man."

"With a messy mop of brown hair."

Emma clamps her hand over her husbands mouth and looks at Sarah. "Just look out for him OK?"

"What spy on him?" Sarah muses.

"No, just be friendly. Those rowdy, high school boys look twice his size."

Sarah scoffs and finishes her last mouthful. "They aren't that muscly. I could take them." Sarah says and looks at her mum giving her a pointed look. "Fine, fine I'll say hi and if he gets lost I'll help him out. He'll be fine I promise. Morgans a nice guy he'll help him out."

"Good." Emma smiles warmly and throws her handbag over her shoulder. "Lets go!"

Sarah groans and puts her plate in the dishwasher. "I can't believe summers over."

Jack chuckles and glances up from the morning paper. "Nice hat you're wearing today."

Sarah lifts her eyes and sees the towel still wrapped around her hair. "Whoops!" She grins and takes it off, letting her long blond hair fall around her shoulders in messy curls. "I'll brush in the car." She says and throws the towel so it lands directly on her dads head. "Love you dad!"

As Emma parks just outside the school gate Sarah finishes brushing her hair and glances out the window at the crowds of students.

"I can't see Carina anywhere," Her mum says.

"She's probably too busy talking to all the boys. " Sarah laughs and squints out the window for her best friend.

"Oo! Sarah, that's Chuck over there!" Her mum says pointing him out through the crowds.

"Where, where?" Sarah says leaning to mums window and following her mums direction.

Sarah spots a tall, slim guy sitting down on one of the benches by the Oak tree. Her dad was right, he does have a mop of hair, with short brown curls falling over his eyes. She watches his head bob up and down gently and she suspects he's listening to an iPod or something. She lets a small smile out, he is kinda cute.

"Charles or Chuck?" She asks her mum.

"He likes to be called Chuck." Her mum says watching her daughters face.

"Ive never heard of anyone called Chuck before."

Emma lets out a light laugh and shrugs her shoulders. "Well, there's a first for everything Sarah."

Sarah nods her head and grabs her satchel. "Well, I better go say hi then huh?"

"Thanks honey, that would be great."

Sarah gives her mum a grin and hops out of the car. "See you at home, thanks for the ride."

"Have a good first day!" Her mum waves.

OK, so very short i know. Also i know this has been done before but yeah it will be different. If i get some reviews on this I'll keep it going...I was planning on putting the spy life in, so that will come but not for a few chapters. Next one will start with Chucks morning before his first day and their meeting!:)

Sarahs parents and Chucks will have nothing to do with the spy world. But, i will mention their jobs later on and where Chuck use to live etc.. Also, there's no different names like Jenny Burton and things Sarah Walkers is her first name, on her birth certificate!

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