This story is an alternative to twilight where Bella is bitten by James and its too late to stop the change. We discover what happens with her parents and how the Cullen's deal with a newborn Bella. Will they move away or stay in Forks

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We start this story when Bella leaves Alice and Jasper and decides to meet James. As the Cullen's race to save her. What will happen?


I was waiting outside the restrooms waiting for Bella. I could sense everyone's emotions and it was difficult to tune them out. How long does it take in there? I was getting impatient waiting for Bella that I started to try and focus on her or Alice's emotions. I could tell Alice was suddenly having a vision and I could just see her in the distance. I decided to take the chance and go to her while keeping an eye open for Bella. Alice started to get distraught. I used my abilities to help her and then waited for her to tell me what was happening.


A vision hit me...Bella just vanished from the future. I saw her in the restroom and then leaving it. It's like she hasnt decided on what her next move was going to be. How could I not see that there was two entries into the restrooms. Edward is going to kill me. Which will happen in 15 minutes when the plane arrives...unless Bella makes a decision before that. What is she thinking? I told jasper what I saw and we decided to wait for the plane to arrive. I didn't need my visions to know Edward was going to be pissed off by this. All we had to go on was the ballet studio. I hope that is where Bella is heading too. 15 minutes goes on forever when you are waiting on family. We could sense them approaching and Jasper put out a wave of calm towards Edward. Thank goodness we were in an airport. No loud screaming from Edward but he was pissed at me.

"I am sorry Edward, she asked to go to the restroom but I didn't think she would leave us". Edward asked me what I could see but I was having difficulty trying to focus on Bella. Carlisle suggested that we take this to the car so I can concentrate more clearly.

We made it to Carlisles car and I focused as much as I could whilst I told Edward about my previous vision with James. They all agreed that it was a place we should check out first and before I knew it Edward was gone. He started running but we didn't know how close the studio was from the airport. We had to make a few detours to avoid the humans but we were hoping that Edward would get there in time. That's when the next vision hit me hard that I had to stop. Jasper, Emmett and Carlisle was at my side instantly. Bella was in pain and I could see her trying to escape...she was bleeding and james was was coming in for the kill... Suddenly my vision stopped and we all took off running again. I explained my vision to everyone else which made us all anxious to get there.


I couldn't believe what Alice just told me. Why would Bella leave when she knew I was coming for her? I was running as fast as I could and still didn't know if I would make it in time. I had a plan if I didn't and I knew my family wouldn't like it. I could hear James thoughts as I got closer to the studio. Oh my god, Bella! No no no! Why can't I run any faster. The ideas that James had running through his head about what he was going to do to my Bella I could not allow. The next sound I heard was a scream..I was getting close...I won't forgive myself if Bella doesn't live. Finally I reached the ballet studio. James just broke her leg and I could smell her blood...the demon in me was rejoicing...I had to fight with him for control and focus on James. Everything happened so fast... I knocked James, grabbed Bella and took off when the next thing I was being thrown into a window. Bella was now bleeding badly and he bit her... No no no...I had to destroy James. Where is my family? I needed them here to help Bella. I fought with James and I was winning. I could hear Bella screaming and all I wanted to do is go to her. Finally my family arrived and my brothers dealt with James. Carlisle was helping Bella but he was thinking something, I did not want to comprehend. "Carlisle, what do we need to do?" I'll suck the venom out. " Edward, it's too late! if we got here sooner we could have tried but Bella has to many injuries to survive as a human. Her only chance is if she changes" said Carlisle . Edward was trying to think about other ways and he saw in Carlisle's mind that there was none. How are we going to explain this to everyone, Carlisle? How about Bella's parents? Are we ready to deal with a newborn? I wished this didn't have to happen.

Next chapter - Bella's transformation and how the Cullens react.

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