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Chapter 3

I slowly opened my eyes and took in a breath. I knew on instinct that I didn't need to breath but my defense were up and I could smell and taste different scents. I could see dust floating through the air. I heard movement from across the room and reacted defensively by launching myself off the table to the other side of the room.

There, looking back at me was the Cullen's. Jasper and Carlisle were at the front in a protective stance. Would they want me, knowing I was changed by James? Would I be the same to Edward as I was before this? I don't know if I wanted to know those answers. Just near where I was standing the window was open. In a split decision I ran for it and jumped. I heard a few shouting at each other. I landed, unbelievably graciously and took off running. I could hear them from where I left and I knew they would probably chase me but I needed time to understand what had happened.
I couldn't believe how fast I could run.

I saw in Alice's mind just a split second before Bella jumped out the window. We all started shouting and trying to figure out why Bella just left. Alice was scanning Bella's future and it seems she is overwhelmed with this new experience. This is all my fault. If I could have stayed away from her this wouldn't have happened. It was decided that Carlisle and Jasper would go after her. I wasn't sure if Bella would accept me now that I made her into a monster. Jasper could sense my emotions and suggested its best if they went to speak to Bella. Now all we could do was wait until they brought her back.

I could sense two vampires following me. They were keeping their distance and letting me explore my new self. There was something I was missing but couldn't quite figure it out just yet. The next thing I knew I was following a delicious scent and my body took over. I tracked a mountain lion and at the last possible moment I leapt for it and sunk my teeth into its neck.

After I was finished, I noticed I wasn't alone anymore. Carlisle and Jasper cautiously approached me. I was getting very nervous and wanted to run again when I felt a wave of calm, loving and understanding wash over me. Carlisle spoke to me softly and calmly. Bella I know this is confusing but if you will come home with us we can help you through this.
I don't know if I can? I want to go home. Edward doesn't want me.
Bella, that's not true. We love you like a daughter. You changed Edward for the better. Please come we us.

Jasper was quiet during this and it wasn't until now that I started to look at him. I shrieked back when I saw him.
"That's ok Bella, everyone has that reaction to me the first time they see my war scars", Jasper said. We really do want you to come home with us but perhaps you would like to hunt with us on our way back.
I was still thirsty so I agreed on the condition that I wasn't sure how long I would stay with them.
Carlisle was very understanding and agreed with me.
No mountain lions on the way back but there was a few deer. After I drained two deers, they decided to start heading back to the Cullen mansion.

I was still apprehensive about heading back to their house that I slowed down as we leapt over the river. They were instantly at my side. Jasper assured me that no one would hurt me, so I walked up to the house. Carlisle opened the front door and as we entered the rest was waiting in the living room. I was looking for one person, when I spotted him in the corner of the room I could see him struggling with his emotions and as I subconsciously started to move towards him he looked up at me and disappeared out the back.
He doesn't want me...I was right, he wouldn't want me because I've been changed. My chest started to ache. I started to walk backwards to the front door. Maybe they don't want me either. I backed into something solid...Jasper.

Where are you going, Bella? He asked. I don't belong here, I told them. Carlisle and Esme looked at each other and approached me. Esme told me that I was welcomed to stay and they would love it if I accepted and not to worry about Edward as he was just being moody.
I was suddenly embraced by each of them as they comforted me and made me feel welcomed. Alice told me Edward was being ridiculous and that he still wanted me. Sure didn't look like it.

Poor Bella. I could literally kill my brother at this moment. How could he just leave like that. It devastated Bella enough that she was going to run again. I could feel hurt and betrayal coming from her and even though my family couldn't sense her feelings they all guessed what effect Edwards leaving would have on her. With newborn feelings being very volatile we are going to have to tread careful around Bella.
Alice and I excused ourselves and took of in search for Edward. I don't like leaving newborns but I trust my adoptive parents to look after Bella. There is a few things Carlisle is going to have to explain about being a vampire and I hope by the time we get back with Edward everything will work out for the best.

As a coven we still have to decide on whether we stay or leave and I feel that Bella should be a part of those discussions.
As we were running towards where Alice could see Edward, I could feel his hatred and anger. As we came upon him, he was sitting in the meadow with his hands pulling at his hair. He must have been caught up with his emotions that he didn't hear us approach.

Before I said anything, my Alice beat me to it. Edward Anthony Cullen, what in the hell did you think you were doing? Do you know how vulnerable Bella is at the moment and you just take off? Stop thinking about yourself and be there for her, otherwise we are going to lose her. I know Alice was showing him what she told me...Bella will run if she doesn't feel welcomed and loved. I decided to throw Bella's feelings to him so he could understand what he did, hurt her deeply. Edwards's response was that he keeps hurting her and she would be better off without him.

You're a fool, I told him. Can't you see that she still loves you. Bella doesn't see you as a monster and never will. She has accepted you for you from day one and if you are open with her you will both benefit from it. We finally got Edward to agree to come back and talk with Bella.

Whilst some of my children went after Edward, the others stayed to make Bella comfortable about staying here. I decided that I needed to speak to Bella about our laws and I asked Esme to come sit with us during the discussion.
Bella seemed to understand the laws and was quiet throughout the talk. I had to make sure she understood as we don't want the Volturi coming down on us. I knew there had to be something else bothering her and bless my wife's heart she asked her was anything wrong?
Bella hesitated, I'm afraid everyone won't want me to stay.

I asked was there one person in particular and as she lowered her head to avoid my gaze, we both knew she was referring to Edward. I moved so quickly to kneel in front of her and gently took her hand in mine. Bella...she didn't look up at me...Bella, please look up at me. She slowly raised her eyes to mine and I could see how upset she was. I know it may seem Edward doesn't want you but believe me he is a different person with you in his life. There is nothing he wouldn't do for you and he blames himself for what has happened to you. You just have to give him time to forgive himself. The next thing I knew Bella was hugging me. She was mumbling that we wouldn't want her because James had bit her and it wasn't one of us.

My heart went out to her. Bella, please understand that it does not matter who changed you and you're apart of this family. The next thing I heard nearly broke me...she wished that it was Edward that had changed her...I knew he wasn't going to handle that information to well.
My phone buzzed in my pocket and it was a message from Alice...they will be back in 15 minutes.
I'm not sure if they should be given some time alone to talk or I should stay to give support. Since I knew Edward could hear me by now I told him to come to my study. As he entered, Esme told him we would let them talk privately. I was concerned as Bella had put her head down again when he entered the room. I told him through my thoughts that if we were needed we can come in to help. Edward just nodded and we left.

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