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Okay, my muse went somewhere really dark and kinky for some reason…and I could only think of this pairing…which, by the way, there is not quite enough about. So…here is some KLAMON Klaus/Damon. This is also my very first time writing something this graphic so please be nice.

!Please read warnings!

**Warnings: **

*SLASH/SMUT/LEMONS (whichever you wanna call it…VERY GRAPHIC)

*Dub-Consent (forced sexual encounter that turns very consensual)

*Biting, Scratching, Hair Pulling etc.

*Vulgar Language and Dirty Talk

I apologize for spelling and grammar mistakes but I wrote this late and in one shot so please excuse them.

. . .

Damon sighed as he took a large gulp from his glass of scotch. He hissed out in delight at it sizzled in his throat before warming his cold body. He then turned his eyes to the amber liquid as he swirled it in the glass with a shaky hand. All he could think about was what they were going to do to Klaus.

He had always dreamt of the day they could rid of Klaus. Oh he thought about it all the time but somehow, knowing that this would most likely work…he honestly didn't know what to think.

He swallowed down the rest of the glass before tapping on the bar table to catch the bartender's attention. It was a younger guy, looking fresh out of high school. The kid nodded and refilled Damon's glass.

He took a slow sip as he thought about having to leave Mystic Falls. He and Stefan had made a deal that whoever Elena chose…the other would leave. Damon had been told that decision earlier that night and just like he expected, Elena chose Stefan…always Stefan. Katherine chose Stefan so certainly Elena did as well. He felt a pang in his chest as the realization hit him. He was going to be alone forever. No matter how much he tried to redeem himself…no matter how many times he saved the lives of humans he didn't care about…nobody even seemed to notice.

He sighed and let his head fall onto the table in front of him. He closed his eyes as he tried to will away the pain in his heart. He wanted nothing more than to just turn the switch again…he couldn't deal with the pain and loneliness that would indeed come to pass when he left Mystic Falls.

"Long day?" a smooth, accented voice sounded beside him.

Damon lifted his head and groaned in annoyance to see Klaus sitting beside him, leaned back in the bar stool. He had a devilish smirk on his face and he tapped his fingers along the bar.

"What are you doing here?" Damon groaned, turning back to his drink.

"I know you are planning something," Klaus said in a smooth, knowing way "I want you to tell me."

Damon arched an eyebrow and chuckled "You think I'm that stupid?"

Klaus shook his head "No," he said "But I think you should know that I will find out…and I will kill you before you can blink."

"Good luck with that," Damon snapped irritably at the Original that sat beside him. He clenched his fists when he suddenly felt Klaus' breath on his ear and hand clasped around his throat. He whispered in a dark and chilling voice "I would second-guess messing with me, Damon."

Damon ground his teeth to avoid causing a scene in front of all of these people and huffed out when Klaus let go of him and walked away.

Damon sighed and finished his glass before tossing a 10 on the table. He lifted his leather jacket from the back of the chair and slid it on as he walked outside. He breathed in the fresh, crisp wind as it brushed along his skin.

He glanced around the barren parking lot before sauntering up to his Camaro. He ran a hand down the cool steel, staring at his reflection upon it. He hissed and whirled around when he could see the reflecting Barbie Klaus behind him. He didn't make it in time before a large and heavy wooden plank slammed across his face. He coughed out in pain, spitting out some blood as he climbed onto his hands and knees. He coughed out in pain again when the wooden board slammed into his back and he could instantly feel his spine snap, creating a sickening echo in the parking lot. He closed his eyes as unconsciousness took over.

Damon groaned as he felt an aching throb through his entire body that he knew could only come from vervain…and a lot of it. His eyelids fluttered open once he realized he couldn't move. His heart picked up a pace as he frantically tried to shake out of the restraints that held him up by his arms. He lifted his eyes to see the chains around his wrists. They were soaked in vervain and he knew that when he could feel his flesh burning with each tug.

He clenched his teeth as he fought the restraints once more before realizing there would be no way he could get out of this again. He sighed and lowered his eyes to see his leather jacket on the floor. His button up shirt was unbuttoned, revealed his muscular but bleeding chest.

"Oh you're awake," Rebekah said, her eyes gleaming and a smirk on her lips.

Damon glowered at her before curling his own lips into a smirk "What do you want this time, sweetheart?"

"What are you planning to do to my brother?" Rebekah asked, trailing forward with a wooden stake in her hand.

"Oh wouldn't you like to know," Damon said.

"I will kill you," Rebekah threatened, holding the stake up over his chest.

"Rebekah!" Klaus suddenly called out.

Rebekah whirled around to her brother as Damon turned to glare. Of course Klaus would put her up to this.

"I'm going to get him to talk," Rebekah said, twirling the stake around her fingers.

Klaus lifted his eyebrows "You know that won't work," he said "Besides…I have another way to get what I want from him."

Damon knit his eyebrows in confusion when he noticed the gleaming object in Klaus' hand. It was definitely a dagger…but it was one of the daggers dipped in white oak ash.

Rebekah gasped when Klaus appeared in front of her. Damon's eyes widened as he heard the sound of the dagger entering flesh. He watched, astonished as Klaus allowed his sister to slump onto the floor in a lifeless hump. He flashed Damon with playful eyes and a mischievous smirk on his face. He slowly walked over "Hello darling," he said in that smooth accent.

Damon just glowered as he tried to fight out of the restraints.

Klaus tilted his head like a predator staring at prey. He grinned and leaned his face in again and Damon flinched when he could feel the hot breath on his neck. He let his head fall back when smooth lips touched his skin softly.

Klaus pulled back, his stormy gray-blue eyes filled with desire "You smell delectable," he whispered seductively.

Damon hated to admit it but that voice sent chills up and down his spine, sending warmth to pool through his body. He let out a shaky breath when he felt those lips press onto his neck again and a cool hand start to snake its way down his chest. He growled out in pain when he felt fingernails dig into the flesh over his abs. It was a thrilling sensation of pain and pleasure and that surprised Damon more than anything. "Get the hell off me," he growled through clenched teeth.

Klaus pulled back and licked his lips, another devilish grin on his face. He reached his hands up and pulled the chains, breaking them apart with a simple pull. Damon collapsed onto the floor, his legs wobbling from blood loss. He gasped when he was suddenly shoved onto his back, his head slamming onto the hardwood floor. He was about to jump up but Klaus crawled over him, straddling Damon's hips.

"What the hell?" Damon hissed, trying to push the original off.

Klaus smirked and leaned forward, restraining Damon's weakened arms down. Klaus' breathe smelled sweet over Damon's lips and he had to fight the urge to kiss him. It was strange but Damon wanted it…he just wanted to beat and fuck the hell outta' Klaus.

Klaus smirked "You want me," his voice brushed over Damon's mouth…Damon gulped deeply to hold back another urge.

"The Hell I do," he growled angrily, shoving at Klaus, who stood up, hands on hips.

Damon jumped to his feet and shot icy blue eyes to Klaus' stormy gray. He knew this was a perfect moment to run but somehow, Damon didn't want to go back to the Boarding House. He didn't want to see Elena and Stefan all happy and lovey when he didn't have anyone. Dammit he knew he was going to regret this.

Klaus was honestly caught off guard when he felt Damon tackle him into the closest wall. He was about to jump into fighting stance before he felt Damon grab the sides of his face and pull him into a hungry and vicious kiss. He grinned and snaked his arms around the younger vampire.

Damon let out a deep breath as he felt Klaus begin to kiss him back. It was rough and angry and just the way he liked it. He pushed his tongue between those sweet lips and relished in the taste of the hybrid. He surprised himself when he moaned slightly into Klaus' mouth. He tasted so much better than Damon imagined. He tasted sweet and tangy and coppery all at once.

He hissed out when Klaus grabbed his shoulders and slammed him into another wall. He could feel the sheetrock crumble beneath the force and that turned him on even more. He closed his hands on Klaus' hips and squeezed them so tightly, he knew he would be leaving bruises if Klaus had been a human…actually, he probably would have crushed the bones if he were human.

He growled out when Klaus curled his hand into Damon's hair and tugged on it with force that caused Damon head to fall back to reveal his throat.

Damon felt fear seep into him as he realized Klaus was going to bite him…a bite from Klaus was a death sentence. He fought back for a second but groaned when he felt those double canines slam into his skin. Pleasure he didn't think possible coursed through him, causing his back to arch. Klaus' free hand closed around the small of his back and pulled his body closer to his.

Damon moaned when he felt blood pooling into his groin and his jeans becoming too tight. His breath hitched when he felt Klaus let go of his hair, using that hand to trail down his stomach before snaking through the waistband of his jeans.

Damon gasped and tried to move away from Klaus. He didn't like where this was going. Klaus finally moved away from his neck and Damon could already feel the wave of dizziness swirling the room around him. He blinked a few times before grinning at Klaus, whose mouth was covered in crimson red blood and eyes darkened with veins but glowing fiercely.

"Damn you're hot," Damon breathed out before he could stop the words. Klaus smirked and in a flash, they were suddenly inside a bedroom. The bed was large, California King Size with sheets made of black silk. The comforter and pillows were also silky black but full of down feathers. Damon could already imagine the room covered in a flurry of them.

Damon hissed out when he was shoved roughly onto his back upon the bed. The bed was soft and plush and he felt his body sink into it. Klaus straddle over him and Damon quickly sat up. He bit down on his lower lip as he tore the shirt right off Klaus' body. Klaus breathed out heavily as he immediately pulled Damon's own shirt off the rest of the way.

Damon instantly locked his arms around Klaus' smooth and muscular body. He let out a soft moan in unison with Klaus as their hot skin brushed together. Damon then pressed his mouth onto Klaus' collarbone. He sucked and nibbled on the skin and his cock twitched in anticipation when he felt Klaus arch his back and let out a moan. Damon took a deep breath as he continued to press sloppy kisses down Klaus' chest until he reached the nipple. He didn't hesitate to flick his tongue over it, causing it to immediately perk up. He grinned when he felt Klaus groan and clench his nails into Damon's back.

Damon immediately closed his mouth around the nipple, flicking it with his tongue and just barely grazing it with his teeth.

Klaus gasped as pleasure coursed through his veins. It had been too long since he has last been touched like this. He immediately shoved Damon down forcefully as he locked the younger vampire's hand over his head. He grinned when he realized he only needed one hand to do so. He used his other hand to clasp a hand into the thick, silky shock dark hair. He licked his lips at the lust blown pupils in those eyes.

Damon gasped when he felt Klaus start to grind his hips against his, causing friction to spark pleasure through his body. He felt more turned on when he could feel the hardness of Klaus' member rub against his leg.

He tried to move his arms but realized they were pinned down by Klaus' fierce grip. He felt anxiety roll through him in his vulnerable state. All thoughts left his mind though when he felt Klaus release his hands. He immediately moved them down to drag nails down Klaus' smooth, muscular back. He felt his blood boil inside of him when he felt hands brush down his stomach before stopping to unbutton his jeans. He stared in amazement as Klaus yanked his jeans off in a swift movement. Damn if that wasn't the hottest thing he had ever seen.

He moaned as Klaus tore off his boxers, releasing his erection from the tight restriction of clothing. He suddenly felt really vulnerable as Klaus grabbed both of his hands and held them down to his sides.

He stared down and his cock twitched again as Klaus began to lay wet, hot kisses down his stomach before reaching his groin. Damon tried to move his hands and his back arched when he felt hot breath against his thick member.

Klaus smirked up to see those pupils so large with lust that the ice blue color was just a barely noticeable outline. Klaus licked his lips before pressing them against the hot erection.

Damon gasped and panted in anticipation of what would come. He tried to move his hands again to grab Klaus' hair and force it down but he couldn't move.

Klaus smirked as he felt Damon shudder beneath him. He had been with men quite a few times so he knew exactly what he was doing. He released one of Damon's hands so he could use one hand to push down on Damon's hip to hold him in place. He then let his tongue run along the pressed out vein along Damon's length.

"Oh fuck," Damon gasped as pleasure filled him. He lifted his head to stare down at Klaus, whose eyes were deeply inspecting his cock, which twitched again at how hot the scene before him was. He gasped again and tried to buck his hips up when Klaus took just the very tip of him into his lips. He groaned when he felt Klaus' hand hold his hip down.

"Fuck Klaus, please," Damon moaned, hating this teasing thing. He just wanted to know what it felt like to be inside that mouth.

Klaus grinned up at Damon and he felt his own cock becoming uncomfortable as it was constricted in the confines of his jeans. He quickly slid them off like a breeze and groaned at the release of pressure. He then wet his lips again before sliding his tongue along Damon's length once again.

Damon tried to buck his hips up again but huffed out in exasperation when he couldn't move his lower body.

"Beg me," Klaus suddenly said in that accent that made Damon's blood pool some more. He groaned and threw his head back. He was not going to beg…Damon Salvatore does not beg for anything. He sucked in a breath when he felt another long, teasing lick over him as that warm tongue pressed into his slit.

"Oh dammit, please Klaus please just fucking suck me," Damon burst out in a pant.

Klaus grinned wildly before putting Damon's entire cock into his mouth.

Damon gasped and moaned loudly as he felt that hot, wet mouth close over him. He could feel his blood hear and spots danced in front of his eyes as Klaus hallowed out his cheeks, sucking deeply.

"Fuck…Klaus, holy shit," Damon panted, clasping the fingers of his pinned hand into the sheets. He used his other hand to lock into Klaus' hair.

Klaus grinned as he sucked and slid his tongue over the tip with expertise. He felt his own member twitch when Damon pulled on his hair. After a moment, he pulled off with a pop and climbed back over Damon's body. He released the hold on the younger vampire's hand and hip in the process. He moaned softly when he felt his own erection brush against Damon's as he slowly slid their hips over each other.

Damon immediately grabbed onto Klaus' hip with one hand to pull them closer. He used his other hand to lock into Klaus' hair as he yanked him into a rough and passionate kiss.

Klaus moaned into the kiss for a moment before grabbing both of Damon's hips. He flipped him onto his stomach.

Damon felt a sense of panic surge through him when he was flipped onto his stomach. He immediately tried to get up but he felt Klaus' strong hand on his back, holding him down.

"It's okay," Klaus said "I know what I'm doing."

"Get the hell of me," Damon snapped, trying to stare back at the hybrid.

Klaus pushed two of his fingers into his mouth to slick them with saliva. He then lowered his hand down onto Damon's ass.

Damon gasped and clenched up tightly when he felt a wet finger press between his cheeks. He hissed out in pain when he felt a finger slowly inch its way inside of him. The pain surprised him as a burn formed. He immediately tried to buck Klaus off but all that did was cause the finger to slide in more.

"Stop!" Damon growled angrily when he couldn't move. Okay, so the pain wasn't that bad. He had been shot too many times to count…been burned with fire…hit by cars. This honestly just felt like a paper cut but he definitely did not want to get it up the ass my Klaus!

"Relax," Klaus drawled, his accent sending delicious shivers through Damon whether he liked it or not. He tensed up when he felt another slick finger slide into his entrance beside the first finger.

He hissed out again, trying to buck Klaus off but it was the same as trying to shove off two tons of cement. He was not going anywhere. He felt his heart pick up in pace as those fingers moved inside of him, stretching his opening. He decided to relax…he had never done this before but he had known many female who seemed to enjoy it. He had also met many men who say it is really nice if you let it be.

Klaus smirked when he felt Damon relaxing beneath him. He moved his fingers gently, stretching Damon so he could fit inside. Once he was satisfied, he pulled them out slowly.

Damon let out a breath of surprise when he suddenly felt empty without any part of Klaus inside of him. He turned to see what was happening and his stomach dropped when he noticed Klaus slicking up his very decently sized cock. Damon was then starting to freak out. He did not want that thing inside of him. He started to try and crawl away but Klaus grabbed his shoulder to hold him in place.

"Get the fuck away," Damon spat but his body warmed pleasantly when he felt that hot, thick member push gently at his entrance. He tried not to think about how much he would enjoy the feel of the original inside of him.

"Relax," Klaus said, running a hand down Damon's back.

Damon did as he was told, knowing it would make this whole process easier. He winced in pain when he felt the head slide into it. A burning pain shot through him for a moment as Klaus remained still, waiting for Damon to become used to the feeling.

Damon winced when Klaus started to push more inside of him. After a second, he huffed out "Just do it quick, dammit!" he growled.

Klaus felt a whole new burst of pleasure shoot through him at that demand and he definitely obeyed. He shoved the rest of himself inside Damon in a swift movement. He felt demented for a moment when Damon's cry of pain turned him on even more.

Damon's vampiric body adjusted to this new feeling very quickly as Klaus moved in and out of him slowly as if afraid. Damon now just wanted it rough…he liked it rough. He wanted the pain; he reached a hand out and grabbed onto Klaus' thigh. He dug his fingers into skin, earning a surprised hiss from the hybrid.

Klaus moaned at the feel of how hot and tight Damon felt and he winced from the pleasure. He had honestly always wondered what it would feel like to fuck Damon ever since he saw him. He never thought the day would come, though.

"Fuck, harder," Damon breathed out and Klaus felt another wave of blood pool inside of his groin. He abided and began to quicken his thrusts, searching for that sweet spot.

Damon gasped and his upper body shot up when he felt Klaus' cock touch something inside of him. Sparks tingled through his entire body and spots danced in front of his eyes at the pleasure. He wasn't even aware he was moaning until he heard the echo of it afterwards.

His body shivered as he started to push back, trying to feel more of Klaus inside of him. Damn he felt like such a little bitch in heat but he honestly didn't give a crap. He was enjoying the-damn-that sweet spot. He moaned again as Klaus repeatedly bumped it.

Klaus wanted to see Damon's face while doing this so he decided to switch positions. He slowly pulled out.

Damon groaned at the empty feeling as Klaus pulled out of him. He hated to admit it but he wanted him back. He let out a surprised huff when he was suddenly flipped onto his back. He felt his cock twitch again at the lust-blown eyes of Klaus. His normally pale cheeks were flushed and sweat was beading on his forehead and soaking his beautiful, dirty blonde hair.

Klaus felt lost for a moment as he stared into those passionate ice blue eyes. He felt something tug at his heart when he noticed the smile on the vampires face. He bit down on his lip as he positioned himself between Damon's legs. He then quickly pushed himself inside that tight, hot ass. He winced and groaned loudly in pleasure in sync with Damon as he hit that spot.

"Fuck," Damon gasped as the full feeling entered him again. He couldn't believe he had never done this before. It was incredible. He peered through his eyelids as Klaus moved in a slow rhythm. No…he wanted it rough.

"Harder," Damon panted and he smirked slightly to see Klaus' eyes light and lips curl into a smile at those words. Damon instantly grabbed the back to Klaus' neck and pulled him into a kiss. Their lips crashed together and teeth clattered together as their tongued fought for dominance between thrusts.

"Bite me," Klaus suddenly whispered, his hot breath impaling against Damon's ear. Damon felt his body react to that and he darted eyes to Klaus.

"What?" he asked, unsure if he heard him correctly.

"Bite me, Damon," he hissed "You're infected from my bite."

Damon frowned slightly…he had been hoping it would have been a secret kink from Klaus but he was starting to notice the lightheadedness from a werewolf bite.

He gasped out a moan when Klaus began to repeatedly slam into his sweet spot at a speed unknown to humans. He winced and dug his fingers into Klaus' back. Klaus arched his back and began to thrust deeper as he grabbed Damon's head to push it against his neck.

Damon panted as pleasure pumped through him from that spot and he could feel his fangs extending from his gums. He moaned as how sensitive they were as they brushed across the hybrids skin and his body jerked when Klaus pushed his neck closer. Damon didn't hesitate another moment before slamming his sensitive fangs into the soft, warm neck.

Klaus moaned so loudly he surprised himself at the feeling of Damon's fangs in his neck. He had never known that something like that could feel so pleasurable. He was thrusting harder and faster, his blood beginning to boil and skin tingle. He wasn't going to last much longer. He wrapped one arm around Damon, who had both of his arms wrapped around him as he continued to devour his blood. Klaus then slid his hand between them. He clasped his hand around Damon's thick, hot member. He began to pump in rhythm with the thrusts as he used his thumb to slide the precum around the head.

Damon gasped and pulled away from Klaus' neck. He winced as pleasure shot through him and he honestly thought he was going to explode. His hands flailed, grabbing onto anything he could as his skin tingled and toes began to curl.

"Oh Klaus…oh fuck…Klaus…" he moaned the words loudly, stuffing whatever he could into his mouth to stop the scream that wanted to escape as he felt his release. His body shuddered and he felt his own warm stickiness coat along his stomach. Another aftershock spread through him as Klaus' hit that extremely sensitive spot again.

"Damon…" Klaus panted, that name sounding delectable with that accent "Oh shit…"

Damon felt his muscles all coil and tense at the strange but alluring warmth of Klaus' seed painted the inside of him. He let out another moan at the same time as Klaus' overpowering one. After a moment, Klaus pulled out slowly.

Damon had to bite his tongue to hold back the disappointment of emptiness inside of him. He panted as Klaus lifted his sweat-slicken body off of Damon. For a moment, they lay side-by-side, each panting and twitching from after-effects of the incredible orgasms. Damon glanced around to see the feathers floating through the air and covering their soaked bodies. He grinned, noticing the two pillows he tore apart with his teeth. For a moment, he thought of that damn Twilight book that Caroline was reading that one day.

"So…what are you planning?" Klaus asked with a grin as he turned onto his side. He propped his head up on his hand and used his elbow as support as he stared at those passive blue eyes.

Everything suddenly crashed back to Damon at once and he felt the pang in his heart once more. He was honestly amazed that he had forgotten it in the first place. Klaus literally took his mind completely off of everything. He frowned as he thought about how they were going to put Klaus' to sleep, so to speak. He didn't want to do that anymore…honestly he wasn't sure if he ever wanted to.

"We need to get out of this town," Damon said, staring back into those storm-cloud blue eyes.

Klaus knit his eyebrows "Why is that?" he questioned, his accent sending another shiver up Damon's spine.

"We were going to put you down like what happened with your father," Damon said, flinching slightly when he thought he was going to be killed.

"Okay, I will just grab my doppelganger and we shall go," he said in a smooth, bored voice.

"No, leave Elena here. I'll go with you. You don't need any more stupid hybrids," Damon said, hoping it would work. Klaus would be an amazing distraction.

Klaus gave him a long look "I don't trust anyone else."

Damon rolled his eyes "Seriously…we can go somewhere else…we both have a rabid-vampire hunting-vampire on our asses," he said "Two hiding out is better than a group. We will be less detectable."

Klaus sighed "You honestly think those eyes are going to work on me?" he questioned, staring at those big blue eyes.

Damon knit his eyebrows "I'm not doing anything with my eyes."

"Okay, we will go…but only for a little while. If I get bored of you then I'm coming back to claim my doppelganger," Klaus said nonchalantly but inside, he was grinning at the idea of him and Damon running off and wreaking havoc on innocent towns.

Damon grinned "Oh, trust me…you could never get bored with me."

Klaus let out a laugh as he pulled the weaker vampire into his arms. He grinned as Damon fought back before giving up and relaxing. He wasn't sure he could get bored with him either.

. . .

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