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It did not take long for Damon's Camaro to be in perfect condition. For one, he had taken it to the best shop he knew of. It was a small little garage in the next town over…it was mostly family run and Damon was close with the owner; for two, Damon might have used some compulsion on getting it done faster…he merely suggested that the workers perhaps work overtime for the gorgeous Camaro and they complied.

He smirked to himself as he sped down the winding back-roads in Mystic Falls. The sky was slightly darkening as the sun began to set over the horizon, behind the trees. The sky was becoming splattered with colors of red, orange and yellow with hints of pink meshing into the dark blue that was night sky.

He glanced to his side where he knew was an opening and he slowly pulled his Camaro through it. The wheels bumped the car up and down slightly as he drove over the rocky dirt road. The drive down the path through the woods seemed to last just a few minutes and Damon was suddenly pulling into a clearing. He took a deep breath as he cut the engine, leaving nothing on except for the Metallica that was sounding from the speakers.

He sighed and a smile tugged the corners of his lips as he gazed out the window, staring ahead to the horizon that was colored so vibrantly that he would think a paint store exploded on a giant canvas. After a moment, he opened the door and closed it quietly behind him, leaving the windows open so he could still hear the music that played.

He then slowly sat on the hood of the Camaro and crossed his arms over his chest. He just smiled as he watched the sunset…and though he knew it was probably the corniest thing he had ever done, he didn't care. This was a place he would go often when he felt overwhelmed or stressed over something or if he simply just wanted to relax.

He hissed when he suddenly felt his body slammed down, causing his head to crack against the steel. He ground his teeth and tried to jump up but stopped when he felt the weight of a certain hybrid climbing on top of him. He blinked a few times when two strong hands pinned his own over his head. He then smirked when he was met by the amused and hungry stormy blue eyes of Klaus.

"I'm going to attack you one of these days," Damon said, shaking his head "Don't sneak up on me like that."

Klaus smirked "But it makes it that much better," he purred, causing Damon's skin to crawl again. He slowly brushed a finger over the light scruff covering Damon's jawline before leaning in to meet his lips.

Damon stiffened, still not used to doing anything with Klaus but after a moment, he absorbed himself in the feel of the hybrid's sweet, soft lips. He was surprised at how gentle the kiss was but he wasn't going to complain. He felt Klaus' tongue press onto his lips and he responded by opening them to allow him in. He let out a soft sigh when he tasted Klaus' unique flavor as their tongues began to battle for dominance in a rough but still passionate way.

He tightened his arms around Klaus' firm, muscular body and pulled him closer. He felt a rush of heat begin bubble through his veins when he heard him let out a moan, his sweet breath flowing into Damon's mouth.

Damon gasped when he felt Klaus' slide a thigh between his legs and begin to grind it, causing friction to build up on Damon's hard member through the jeans. He didn't even realize he was so turned on but damn Klaus knew what he was doing.

He let out a long, breathy moan as Klaus moved kisses down his jaw and onto his throat. Damon then slid his hands up Klaus' shirt, feeling the warm, smooth skin on his back. He caressed the skin and trailed his fingers slowly down his spine, absorbing in every little bump in the process.

Klaus shivered and goosebumps prickled across his body at the feeling and he instantly began to slide his tongue just on the skin over Damon's jugular. He could feel Damon shuddering below him as he gently raked his teeth over the sweet skin.

"Oh…fuck Klaus," Damon moaned, arching his back to press his body closer to the hybrid "how the hell are you turning me on so fast?"

Klaus smirked but felt heat rise inside of him at those words and instantly became harder than before. He pressed a deep kiss along Damon's collarbone and pressured his leg against Damon's arousal through his jeans.

Damon sucked in a deep breath and closed his eyes as he dug his nails into the smooth, silky skin of Klaus. He slowly dragged his nails down, his blood rushing when Klaus let out a hissing moan. He could feel warm blood coat his fingertips and he slowly brought them to his mouth.

Klaus lifted his head and his eyes landed on Damon's hand as he slowly slid the crimson finger into his mouth. Oh that turned him on so much more than he could have imagined. Damon slid his tongue over the blood, relishing in the coppery sweet taste that was all Klaus.

Klaus then immediately went for Damon's shirt, grabbing the collar of it; he pulled him up and crushed their lips together.

Damon grunted in surprised when he was yanked up but relaxed when Klaus locked their lips together in a slow but passionate kiss. He slid his tongue through the sweet lips and pushed his tongue against Klaus'.

He groaned when he felt his phone begin to vibrate in the pocket of his jeans, followed by the tone which he knew was Stefan. He had to put effort into pushing Klaus off as he wormed the phone from his pocket. He held up a finger to Klaus as he pressed and answer button.

Klaus grinned, his eyes mischievous and playful as he stared up at Damon. He placed a hand on Damon's chest to push him onto his back on the hood.

"Hello brother," Damon said, realizing his voice was slightly shaken from lust. He took a deep breath when he felt cool hands run up his shirt and over his abs.

"Damon…where are you?" Stefan asked, his voice somewhat tense.

Damon sucked in a breath when he felt Klaus' unbutton his pants. He lifted his head to give Klaus a warning glare but the hybrid just smiled before pulling Damon's jeans down, leaving him in his tented boxers.

"Damon?" Stefan asked again.

"Oh…I'm just driving," Damon answered mechanically, gasping when he felt his boxers pulled down, letting his thick, hard cock release from the restraint.

"Where? I really need your help…" Stefan said, his voice now in a panic.

"Why?" Damon asked, clenching his teeth and closing his eyes as he let his head fall back onto the hood. He could feel Klaus' hot breath sweeping over the head of his arousal and it sent delicious shivers up his spine.

He quickly lifted his head back up to see Klaus with his hands on his hips, holding him down as he slowly brushed his lips up and down his length.

Damon stared at him before putting his hand over his cell phone "Stop…" he hissed, not wanting to do this while on the phone with his brother.

Klaus grinned and set those playful eyes back on Damon before he let his tongue slide over the throbbing vein.

"Oh fuck," Damon moaned, letting his head fall back from the pleasure that coursed through his veins.

"Damon?" Stefan's voice sounded and Damon quickly put the phone back up to his ear.

"Oh…Stefan…I'm kinda bu – oh fuck," he gasped, clenching his free hand into the steel of the Camaro when he felt Klaus put the head of his cock into that hot, wet mouth. He winced as sparks flew in his eyes.

"Damon? Damon, what's wrong?" Stefan asked worriedly "Where are you?"

Damon took a shaken breath and turned his eyes back down to see Klaus staring up at him before taking his entire length into his mouth. His cock twitched inside the warm mouth as more sparks flew in front of his eyes.

"Dammit," Damon breathed as he tried to hold the phone up to his ear but his hand was shaky. He cleared his throat and took a deep breath "I'm fine…" he said in a flat tone "Stefan…I can't really talk right now."

"Damon, what is wrong with you?" Stefan hissed angrily "Elena just fed, in case you're wondering."

Damon gasped and his back arched when he felt Klaus hallow out his cheeks and swirl his tongue over his length. He tried to buck up but Klaus kept a tight grip on his hips.

"Damon!" Stefan growled.

"What did you think was going to happen?" Damon asked, trying to focus on speaking but he was breathing fast and his blood was rushing as Klaus bobbed his head up and down.

"Are you serious?" Stefan asked "Aren't you the least bit concerned on how she fed?"

Damon clenched his fist tighter into the steel, feeling his fingers make indents into the hood "Well, I'm guessing she bit someone and drank their blood," he said sarcastically. He gasped again and tried to buck his hips when he felt Klaus' hand close around his balls, squeezing them gently as he moved slid his tongue all over his length.

"Oh fuck Kl-" Damon stopped himself from finishing that name and hoped Stefan didn't hear it.

"Damon…you sound hurt…what's going on?" Stefan asked, his voice now laced with concern.

Damon let out a breathy chuckle "I'm definitely not hurt – oh my…" he clenched his teeth as a wave of pleasure poured through him as Klaus sucked him harder. He lifted his head and his cock twitched inside Klaus' mouth as he stared at the hybrid all over him. It was so hot and he wanted everything he could get.

"Damon?" Stefan asked "Where are you? I'm coming to get you," he said and Damon could hear a shuffling sound.

"No," Damon said "I'm busy…I'll be home in a few minutes."

"Damon," Stefan said, his voice flat "Something is wrong. I can tell."

Damon hissed out when he felt a slick finger slide into his entrance. He turned wild eyes to see Klaus sliding his tongue up and down as he pressed a long, slender finger inside Damon.

"What the hell are you-" Damon stared but was cut off as a burst of white hot pleasure shot through his veins as Klaus bumped his prostate.

He couldn't help the almost scream of pleasure as Klaus slid his hot, wet mouth back over Damon's length while touching his prostate with a finger.

"Oh…fuck," Damon gasped and moaned, letting his head thump back on the car. He tried to push his lower body to get Klaus deeper inside of him. Wow he felt like such a dirty whore when all he wanted was the hybrid deep inside of him.

Klaus suddenly pulled his hand away and released Damon's erection from his mouth. Damon would never admit the slight whimper he made from the loss of Klaus but he was cut off when he felt those lips crush back over his. He moaned when he could taste himself on those lips.

"You've crushed your phone," Klaus breathed into his ear, his breath hot and sending chills down Damon's spine.

He turned to see the completely crushed phone in his hand. He arched an eyebrow and tossed it into the dirt. He grinned up at Klaus "You're an ass, you know that?" he said.

Klaus smiled and Damon was startled when he felt those hands grab his hips and flip him so he was on his stomach, bent over the Camaro.

This time, he didn't try to get away. He wanted to be screwed like a little bitch again and damn he hated how bad he wanted it. Klaus turned him into a needy little whore.

Klaus slid his feet onto the ground as he pressed Damon against the hood of the car and how he loved to see the vampire in such a vulnerable position. He ran one hand down Damon's spine as he slid his other fingers into his mouth to slick them up. He quickly pulled down his own jeans and boxers and let out a moan at the way his hard member released into fresh air. He moved his fingers towards Damon.

Damon's muscles tightened when he felt the intrusion push its way back into him but after a moment, he relaxed, knowing it would make it easier. He let out a moan when he felt Klaus' body over him and the hot breath over his neck as a second finger slid in, stretching him and again, this was nothing compared to the million times he was shot.

"Stop being so gentle…I'm not gonna break," Damon hissed before he could stop the words.

"As you wish," Klaus said, smirking at the jolt of pleasure that request gave him. Without any more preparing, he leaned back and slicked his cock before pressing it against Damon's entrance.

He slowly trailed his hands over to Damon's hips to hold them in place while he leisurely began to slide himself in. He closed his eyes and bit down on his lower lip from the pleasure this caused.

"Fuck Klaus," Damon hissed, mixed with pleasure and pain at the teasingly slow pace "Just do it already."

Klaus grinned as he let his fingers dance down Damon's back, watching as the younger vampire arched his back from the little sensations. Klaus let out a loud moan of surprised pleasure when he felt Damon pound himself back, pushing Klaus all the way inside of him..

Damon winced in pleasure-pain at the feeling of being filled. He hated how much he enjoyed the feeling but it was so hot and sensual and he wanted more.

"Damn Damon…you're so fuckin' tight," Klaus breathed, leaning over Damon's back as he pulled out only to slam back in again. Pleasure sparked through his body when he felt Damon's muscles clench around him tighter.

Damon couldn't help but moan when Klaus talked dirty to him. It turned him on more and that was just embarrassing but he didn't have a moment to care as Klaus began to pound into him with hard and fast thrusts. He gasped "Fuck Klaus…right there," when he felt the hybrid brush against his sweet spot again.

Klaus only got more excited, hearing his name moaned like that from Damon's lips. He pumped into him harder and faster, making sure to bump that spot each time. Damon shivered and arched beneath him, trying to feel more of the hybrid inside of him.

Klaus couldn't control himself; he locked a hand into Damon's silky dark hair and yanked it, pulling him up slightly. Damon whimpered and moaned from the feeling of Klaus' mouth on his neck. Klaus pressed wet, messy kisses over Damon's skin as he let his tongue run across the vein.

Damon moaned and pushed up to get Klaus deeper inside of him as he repeatedly hit that spot. He gasped when he felt the double canines press into his skin smoothly. Another rush of pleasure pierced him at the feeling and he clutched a hand onto the back of Klaus' head to push him closer to his neck.

Klaus moaned as the blood filled his mouth and Damon's muscles once more tightened around his erection. Instantaneously, he felt his release racing closer and he wasn't going to last. As he lapped on the blood, he snaked a hand beneath Damon to grab his cock and thrust it with the movements.

Damon moaned in sync with Klaus as he pumped his own erection and he didn't even have time to say a word before Klaus pounded his sweet spot at once with sliding a thumb over the head of his own cock. He cried out a loud, echoing moan as he released all over his Klaus' hand, his stomach and on the hood of the Camaro.

Klaus pulled away from his neck as he and let out a loud, primitive growl as he burst inside of Damon. Damon felt his muscles clench around Klaus as his warmth painted his insides; somehow that just turned him on…knowing that Klaus was marking him in a way nobody else could.

After a moment, Klaus pulled out, leaving Damon to feel so empty but he held back his disappointment as Klaus turned him onto his back.

Damon gazed up into those haze gray-blue eyes and felt lost in them for a moment as his body became drained of energy. Small beads of sweat covered Klaus' forehead, wetting his sandy blonde hair. His cheeks were flushed and crimson was smeared across his mouth.

Damon smiled and locked a hand onto the back of Klaus' neck…he pulled him into a deep, passionate kiss, tasting his own blood. He slid his tongue along those plump lips as Klaus held onto him tightly as though he would disappear.

After few minutes of kissing, Klaus pulled off of Damon. Both of them stood up and pulled their clothes back on.

Damon glanced at the hood of him Camaro and frowned to see the entire thing dented again, marks from his fingers dug into the steel. He would just have to get it fixed again.

Klaus stared up at the sky for a moment where there were barely hints of purple beneath the dark blue. The sun was almost entirely gone as darkness took over. He turned back and winced to see the bite he left on Damon's neck. He really tore through his skin. He felt somewhat bad so he walked over and pinned Damon against the side of the car.

Damon groaned "I really have to get home," he said, not wanting to but he knew Stefan would come looking.

"Once I heal you," Klaus whispered, pulling Damon into another rough and hungry kiss.

Damon wrapped his arms around Klaus and pulled him tighter as they fought for dominance of the kiss. Damon then slowly bit down on Klaus' lip hard enough to tear the delicate skin. Klaus moaned and held the vampire tighter.

Damon slowly lapped up the blood that spilled from Klaus' lip and into his mouth. He could already feel the cure spreading through is veins in such a warm and relaxing way. After a moment, he hissed out when Klaus suddenly released from the kiss and vanished.

Damon stood there for a moment, panting as he caught his breath. He blinked a few times before grinning and shaking his head. He jumped into the Camaro, revved the engine and made his way back to the Boarding House where he would have to leave this fantasy and return to the real world.

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