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Title: A Secret?

Characters: Kid Flash and Jinx

Genre: Romance/General

Prompt: Diary

Word Count: 100

It was just a secret. He could never find out about it.

In the middle of the night, when she was sure he was sleeping, she would crawl out of bed and turn on the lamp. Taking it out of the pillowcase, her pen would produce scratching noises as she wrote. Funny, it seemed, that a lot of what she wrote was about him.

She thinks she's keeping it a secret. He knows better than that.

He's fast. He recharges faster than most people. After a good all-night session of her scribbling, once she is in deep sleep, he reads.

A/N: So, how was that, for the first in 365 one-shots? It was pretty short, if you ask me. I'm not planning on sticking to just 100 words, just so you know. I'll try to close the number to the nearest 5 or 0. But I'll try to keep all my stories under 800 words, I suppose.

I was sort of playing with this concept of stating what Jinx writes in her diary, but I think that it would just ruin the effect. Was it good? Not much to talk about, as I said before - it's kind of short.

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