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Title: The Ideal Date, part two

Characters: Robin and Starfire, Beast Boy and Raven, Cyborg

Genre: Romance/(slight) Humor

Prompt: Essay, suggestion from nejitenteji10sasu10 (you rock!)

Word Count: 2020

"A... bar?" Robin asked skeptically.

"If you do not wish to come in, it is alright for us to go elsewhere-" Starfire said quickly.

"No," Robin said with a smile. "It's alright... as long as it's non-alcoholic," he added, leader side kicking in.

Starfire nodded. "As you wish."

Robin self-consciously adjusted his mask before offering his hand to Starfire. "Milady," he said with a grin.

The alien giggled and accepted the hand. "Let us proceed, my dashing knight."

Starfire headed for the front entrance but Robin didn't budge. She stared at him in confusion while he just kept smiling. "You said that it is alright if we go inside?"

"Let's take the back entrance," he said, feeling daring. He tapped his pocket and Starfire could see the green edges peeking out. "I've always wanted to try this."

He led Starfire around the brick building in the flickering light of the neon signs around them and in the cool night air. Starfire wouldn't have minded if they just stayed outside instead.

Robin cleared his throat and faced the burly man guarding the back door. His arms were crossed and he was staring straight ahead - probably standard stuff in Posing 101 for Cheesy Bar Back Door Guards. "We'd like to get in."

The man was silent. He did not acknowledge Robin's presence. Robin took a deep breath and tried again, mustering up all the knowledge he'd gained from watching the films Beast Boy picked out on movie night.

"How much?"

No reply.

He picked two fifty-dollar bills from his pocket. He shoved it lightly into the man's chest. "Is that enough?"

Still, the guard did not seem to budge. Robin wasn't sure he was even breathing.

"Look, I got another hundre-"

The man's hand shot out and hoisted Robin by the collar. Urk... Beast Boy's movies never go like this. It took everything in Robin not to kick the guard in the face instinctively. He would wait this out.

"Listen, kid," the man snarled. "You're a superhero, I get that. You look like a clean-cut guy with a nice girl who wants to take 'er out for a night on the town. See, if it were just me I would take the money and let ya get drunk stupid in there. But I won't." He narrowed his eyes at Robin and dropped him unceremoniously on the ground. Robin rubbed his throat just a little - he'd faced worse, after all - before turning around and heading to Starfire who was smiling at him weakly.

"Besides," he added, and Robin slowed his walking down. "Boss wouldn't like it if I let you in. Orders 're orders."

"Good night," Robin said, although it was more tossed over his shoulder as he wrapped an arm Starfire's waist and began walking out the alley together.

The man grunted before slipping back into his earlier silence.

"I suppose my idea was a failure as well," Starfire said, looking at Robin apologetically. They were far ahead of the bar and much closer to the outskirts of Jump City.

Robin shook his head. "It's okay, Star. We'll find something else to do. The night is young."

Starfire squeezed his hand and sighed. "Perhaps we should..."

Robin waited patiently for her to finish the sentence. "Star?" he prompted.

He glanced at her. She was staring off into the distance, and he tried to follow her gaze. "The ocean?"

She a slow grin formed on her face. "The beach."

Robin grinned back, and together they ran down the hill and to the shore, two silhouettes against the full moon and star-filled sky. Their laughs filled the air, and the waves sang for them.

The tuxedo jacket came off and the strappy heels were put aside. They sat together right at the shoreline, fingers touching.

Her toes were buried under the sand, the water lapsing over them at regular intervals. She told him of when she was seven and she had snuck out of the royal palace. ("Just like that?") ("I was a small child. It was easily done.") She went out empty handed and came back with a zarnic, ("A zarnic?") ("I have told you this before! It is a Tamaranian animal.") which she had proudly presented to her father, and had asked if she could please, please, please, pretty pleeeease keep it and her wild promises of being the greatest bumgorf there ever was. ("Did he let you keep it?") ("Yes, but it was soon eaten by a glorc and we had a small ceremony in honor of its death.") ("Sounds morbid.") ("Perhaps it was.")

His arms supported him on soft sand as he threw his head back and laughed when he remembered a story he ought to tell her. He told her about how when he was little, he'd sneak in the kitchen of Bruce's house ("The man of bat?") ("Batman, Star, and yes.") to steal a bit of Alfred's Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. ("You committed the crime?") ("Not... technically...") He told her that he always felt that Alfred knew, but just didn't stop him, and he was lucky that didn't lead to him becoming a pie-thief instead of a vigilante. ("You have a most kind k'norfka.") ("I wish I could call him a k'norfka, but technically Bruce was my legal guardian.") ("I... see...")

At some point the chatter had faded into comfortable silence. Robin's hand was wrapped around Starfire, who was curled up beside him.

"It is rather late," Starfire murmured, sitting up straight.

Robin let out a noise of protest at the absence of warmth.

"Do not argue," she said, laughing. "Cyborg will be most displeased if we do not return the T-Car before midnight."

Robin stood up, stretching his arms. "What's a few hours between friends?"

Starfire rolled her eyes playfully. "I am being serious, Robin."

"So am I," he whispered huskily, yanking her hand and pulling her closer to him.

She blushed at his sudden mood change. "Robin, what are you-"

He cut her off with a kiss to the lips. Her green eyes widened in shock, but she didn't hesitate to kiss him back. She gave in and let him slowly lead her back to the sand.

"The ideal date?" he asked, smirking a bit as he broke away from her. Starfire looked surprised at the sudden question.

"Hmm... not quite," Starfire said, giggling at his crestfallen expression. "You failed to meet several requirements." She began ticking off the reasons on her fingers, her green eyes sparkling as Robin's jaw dropped further and further. "We were not able to commence in the dancing. We did not frolic and wet ourselves in the fountain and most certainly did not kiss in the presence of chemical lights."

Robin's shoulders slumped, and Starfire leaned forward so they touched foreheads. "It was not the ideal date, Robin," she whispered, hands running up and down Robin's arm. "But it was still the best date I have ever engaged in."

"Really? How many have you engaged in?" Robin asked teasingly.

"That is irrelevant," she replied. He grinned at her before capturing her lips in a kiss.

Robin loved running his fingers through her hair and reminded himself to do so more often. Starfire was intoxicated by a smell other than hair gel and sweat - one that only she could smell; a smell that was distinctly Robin. Whispers of I love you filled the night.

They walked back to the T-Car in comfortable silence, little fingers touching now and then. The stars were beginning to fade.

"X'hal, I cannot believe it took us that long to do this," Starfire muttered bluntly, and Robin laughed. He gestured towards the open elevator door with a flourish and a bow.

"After you," he said, smiling.

"Why, I thank you," Starfire said in her best snooty-voice imitation.

Robin laughed again, and she realized she loved nothing more than making him laugh.

Starfire hoisted Robin up as she floated along, careful not to make any noises. Raven would have their heads if they woke her up at three in the morning.

"Let us go to my room?" Starfire asked, a nervous smile on her face. Robin squeezed her hand.

"I'd like that," he said. "I'd like that very much."

The lights flickered on when Starfire stepped in, and she let out an ear-piercing shriek.

There was a faint yell of "Azar!" and a couple of crashes, but Starfire was focused on taking deep breaths and calming herself. Robin rubbed her back comfortingly, a worried look on his face.

"Wha!? Whazzat? Whodunnit?" Beast Boy said groggily, sitting up with all his might.

"Beast Boy!" she squeaked. "Why are you here in my room?" She paused. "And on my sleeping area?"

"Yeah!" Robin said, feeling obligated to back up his girlfriend. He smiled inwardly. It sounded good. Girlfriend girlfriend girlfriend. Starfire is my girlfriend. "Why are you sleeping here, and at such an ungodly hour at that?"

"Hey!" Beast Boy said, hands raised in goodwill. "Don't point the fingers at me; this was your idea!" he said, and Starfire could finally see the bouquet of roses and the box Beast Boy had set aside on the floor.

"...it was?" Robin asked dumbly.

"It was," Beast Boy said, stretching his arms. "So lemme do my part so we can all go to sleep and pretend this never happened." He gave Robin a serious look. "Do you think Raven will believe that if we try hard enough?"

"Miracles do happen," Robin said with a smirk.

Beast Boy cleared his throat. "Alright-y then." He turned to Starfire. "Starfire, Robin hasn't known you for very long, but he wants you to know that from the first time he saw you he knew there was something special about you. Love at first punch," he said, snickering. "Anyway, he wants you to know that you're his best friend - and judging by the holding hands, much more than that-"

Starfire and Robin blushed and self-consciously, their hands pulled away.

"-so he hopes you'll appreciate the roses and this very cute, eco-friendly - I made sure of that," he added with a wink. "-panda stuffed toy. Lame, I know, but give the guy a break. You're probably his first," he said to a confused-looking Starfire, grinning and best avoiding Robin's glare.

He leaned down and presented the gifts to Starfire with a flourish. She smiled at him and nodded. "I thank you, Beast Boy."

Beast Boy shook his head, smiling as well. "Don't thank me - thank Rob over there." And Robin intertwined fingers with Starfire again. "Besides, he was the one who gave me my messenger's tip," he said, tapping his bulging pocket. Starfire giggled.

"If that is the case, then I thank you, Robin," Starfire said, facing the boy and wrapping her arms around his neck. "I thank you most vehemently."

"I don't know, I'm not feeling that vehemence quite enough," Robin said, smirking suggestively.

Starfire blushed but leaned in closer anyway. "Perhaps you can feel it if I-"

"You talk too much," Robin murmured, before plunging in for another of her sweet kisses.

"Good night, folks," Beast Boy said, slipping out the door with a smile.

"So it was you!" Raven hissed, chasing Beast Boy down the hallways. Her four eyes glowed and she bared her teeth at him. "Come back here! I just want to teach you a lesson about how sane people actually sleep at this time of day!"

Beast Boy yelped as he was narrowly missed by a black energy tentacle. "I learned my lesson, I learned my lesson!"

"I'll teach it to you permanently!" Raven cackled, following Beast Boy down a corner.

"What's it take to recharge peacefully 'round 'ere?" Cyborg shook his head, eyes flickering to the bar on his arm. "They oughta be like me and take their frustrations out durin' a saner time. I'm gonna chew Rob out for takin' my baby way past her curfew after breakfast." He smirked. He was going to have a great time later.

He willed his human mind to relax and join the rest of him in recharging.

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