Ophelia's laugh was something that always made Eddie's chest ache in a way he couldn't fully define.

Not that he particularly wanted to, not when he had her pressed against him like this. Her head tucked under his chin, settled comfortably into his lap. The brunet lazily popping a shoe off with the toe of one sneaker before fumbling with the next. She laughing faintly at her failure as she leaned more heavily into the roadie.

"I still can't believe it,"

Eddie gave a small faint snort that, "Yeah, I know,"

"Its-" She waved a hand through the air, never parting from where she was settled against the giant of a man. "So surreal!"

"It ain't that bad, Ophs,"

"But Lita and Kage?"

"They aren't really datin', just foolin' round. You just have some bad timin',"

"I blame you, if you hadn't sent me off to grab the beer-"

"Ey, don't try blamin' this on me, I didn't plan this and twirl my evil mustache,"

That earned him a look, "But, you don't have a mustache…"

Eddie sighed, "Its like- a sayin'-" Her blank look warranted a exasperated sound from the roadie, he blowing hair out of his eyes as he smiled wanly back. "You know what- forget about it."

"I will, too bad I can never forget what I saw!" She dramatically grabbed onto him, considerably drunk enough to hit theatrics. "There they were-"

"Ophs-" He was laughing now as she hit a new level on OPHELIA IS SO DRUNK RIGHT NOW scale he hadn't seen yet, dramatic monologue.

"Eddie, see i can say names too." She stuck out her tongue playfully before plowing forward, "But, anyway, there they were, sitting on Kage's weirdly lumpy couch, staring at each other intently. When the hapless innocent-"

"I wouldn't say innocent, you ain't innocent,"

That earned him a punch. "Let me finish!"

Eddie exaggeratedly rubbed his arm before grinning down at her. "Nope,"

"Wha-" Ophelia didn't get a large chance to process as Eddie flopped back into their fur pile of a bed. The brunette woman giving an indignant sound when she was suddenly on her back and Eddie tickling her.

"Eddie Riggs- Don't make me hurt you!"

"What? I can't hear you over the sound of your own laughter!"

"Damn yo-" She could barely form any solid words from how hard she was laughing. Eddie learning another level of drunkenness for his girlfriend. Snort giggling. It increased when his lips found a place on her exposed stomach, he kissing his way down as she squirmed under him laughing still. Her head tilted back as her laughter died down, she watching Eddie wryly as he nuzzled her lower belly. She chuckling quietly as she closed her eyes and relaxed into their bed.

She was about to ask him what he was doing until she heard the sound of her zipper open. Her gaze snapping up at Eddie, who looked like a cat up to his whiskers in cream. Ophelia just turned pinker than she usual was as they stared at one another.

"So, what were you sayin' bout hurtin' me?"

"Nothing, nothing at all."

"S'what I thought," He murmured lightly back as he kissed at the waist band of her underwear playfully. It leaving Ophelia breathless again as she decided she'd forget about Lita and Kage for now.

She had better things to do.