Tony is addicted to addictions. He moves from one obsession to another in the same amount of time that it takes Pepper to slip on a different pairs of shoes. The one thing she had come to accept in knowing him was that sometimes she had pull him back to reality—or let him to his obsession for a while.

What she had not expected was the way his obsession turned to her.

Before they were in a relationship, he had often let the little details of friendship slip by him. He didn't know she was allergic to strawberries. He never remembered when she was taking a day off for a doctor's appointment, or even that occasionally she had to use the bathroom and hacking into her phone and starting a video chat without her permission was strictly NOT okay.

And she hadn't really expected that to change when they started dating—at least not dramatically.

What she hadn't expected was that his new obsession could be her.

It started out simply enough. He remembered her favorite color. And her favorite fruit – oranges.

It was cute, and sweet.

Then she caught him chatting on the phone with her cousin, discussing the first boy she kissed and that time in junior high she dyed her hair black.

When she found him with a picture of that particular nightmare of black hair dye, she tried to put a stop to it, and pointed his mind in another direction.

But after a week of that, she decided that letting him pry into her past was better than indulging his new line of bras he was just dying for her to try out.

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