They deserve this?

After saving the world multiple times and repressing the First, they need a reward.

Even the witch? After what has happened?
Especially the witch.

What will they remember?
Not much, but enough. Only what is necessary. They will be attracted to each other, though they may not know why. They'll find who they're supposed to.

Buffy walked through the park near her new home in Cleveland, Ohio—home of the new Hellmouth—and the remaining slayers that travelled with them from Sunnydale. She was thankful Giles had friends in high places and was able to get so many houses so close together in so short of a time. Three houses—one for herself and Dawn, one for Willow and Kennedy, and one for Robin and Faith. The remaining slayers had split between them, the ones that wanted to stay anyway. Some decided to leave normal lives, but promised to remain in contact in case of an emergency. Some still showed up, willing to start their training as Slayers. Giles had returned to England. Again. But this time only because The Council asked- no begged- him to return. What was left of it anyway. His Slayer had beaten the First. They wanted him to lead them, guide them, and help them to be as successful as he was with his Slayer.

Buffy was happy for him. She missed him, but she was glad she helped him do what he needed. She loved the new area. Everything was new. It was May now. Almost a year after the sinkhole engulfed Sunnydale. She was actually able to wear a long sleeve and jeans around here and not sweat to death like in California.

She watched as kids played and laughed, and she smiled to herself. The wind was light and still cool. She watched it hit the water from the lake, causing small waves. This place is beautiful, she thought. She sat under a great oak tree, not wanting to be in the direct sun. Though at the time, the sun was hidden behind a thick cloud. As she carefully relaxed, she felt a tingle on the back of her neck, something usually associated with vampires. In broad daylight? She turned her head slightly, looking for something suspicious. Nothing. This was the only tree for yards, and buildings were even further. As the sun came from behind the clouds, she repositioned herself back to her comfortable arrangement, and then, she saw him. A man was leaning against the rail near the lake. A black leather trench coat hung from him. She saw a pale hand, and almost white, blond hair. I must be dreaming. He died. It can't be him. Please let it be him. She slowly stood and walked toward the unknown man. She didn't want to be weird and stand directly next to him, but she found herself doing so anyway. She gazed across the blue waters, hoping the eyes she was about to look into be just as blue. She turned her head carefully, not wanting to scare the man with her sudden appearance. Her eyes widened as she saw him. His strong cheekbones. The scar on his left eyebrow. The piercing blue eyes held her gaze as he said, "Hello, Slayer."

She jumped as her dream ended. She lied in her new bed and wept again, as she had done so many times before. Though she had had dreams about him before, it was never like this. Never him in the sun, or hell, even talking. Just him, holding her. Or watching him burn as he saved them. She couldn't bear these dreams. It was so real! She sobbed quietly. Why couldn't it have just been real?

She decided to walk downstairs, and start her day. It was seven in the morning. Dawn and the others were about to get ready for school. She went through the routine she had for the past eight months. Five sandwiches, followed with a piece of fruit in a brown bag. She grabbed five bowls, the three different boxes of cereal, and the milk. Just as she started her own breakfast, the girls started down the stairs. Dawn was the first down, eager to start the day. Amanda, Rona and Vi followed. Robin had gotten a job as principal at the high school, also offering Buffy her job as counselor for students. The files on the slayers had "conveniently" gotten misplaced, but the transcripts survived through the Sunnydale High website. Dawn and Amanda were seniors, about to graduate. Vi and Rona still had a year, and Buffy had already made them promise to finish, even if it meant the end of the world. Not amused at the terms of the promise, they agreed.

Dawn noticed her sister's slightly red eyes and rested her arm on Buffy's shoulders. Buffy made a thankful smile but kept quiet. They had grown closer after the last few years, but not as close as they had since the previous June. They had lost a lot of friends, but he was the one they hurt over. Buffy hated to think about him. The pain was almost bearable, just as long as she didn't dream of him, think of him, or basically have anything to do with him. She still remembers the first time she had to consciously think about him not being with them anymore. The day she told Angel.

Riiiiiing. Riiiiiiiing. "Buffy?"

"Yeah, it's me," she said through a quiet sob. "Umm... we won. No more Uber-vamps. No more Sunnydale actually."

"Yeah, I saw that much on the tv. Is everyone okay? I mean, Dawn and- and Willow and…" his voice trailed as he thought of his grandchilde.

"Dawn, Willow, Xander, Giles are all fine. A few slayers died. Faith and Robin are okay. We almost lost Robin. But… umm. We.." Buffy couldn't finish the thought.

"Spike?" Angel asked after he heard her sniffle. He knew he shouldn't have given her that amulet. He should've worn it. Maybe it would have actually helped him atone for his past doings. Something he was still working on.

"No… He- uh- he didn't make it. The amulet… It kinda created the sinkhole. It was daylight, and the light hit it and lit up the entire Hellmouth. Vamps went ka-poof. Even…" she failed to finish her sentence once again.

"I'm—I'm so sorry, Buffy. Do—do you want me to come see you?" he offered.

"No," she answered quickly. "No, we're on the move actually. Headed toward Cleveland. Giles said there's another Hellmouth. Glad to know there's still plenty more people and places that needs defending. We just stopped at a hotel to get some sleep. I'll call you once we get settled there. It's not exactly an hour away from L.A, but I'll give you the number and address of where we are, just in case you need something or vise versa."

"Please deposit 25 cents to continue. Call will disconnect in one minute," the automated message said into their ears.

"Ugh," she groaned. "I know, Angel. Thanks. I've gotta go. Got a big day." Click.