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Gin doesn't know if he should be glad or dismayed that shinpachi finally stopped stalking okita. It's been a week and the teen always stay in his room.

"he skipped breakfast and lunch... again" otae sighed "I don't know what's wrong with shin-chan again"

"I think I have a clue what's bugging shinpachi" or rather who.

"please go talk to him gin-san"

"I will, we need to work to be able to earn some money too" gin said as he walk his was to shinpachi's room.


Gin didn't even bother to knock first before sliding the door open.
He was expecting to see okita's picture in shinpachi's room but surprised that there are none.


Shinpachi was sitting cross legged on the floor with sullen expression on his face.

"what's with that face?" gin-san couldn't help but ask.

"nothing gin-san" the younger boy answered with a bitter tone.

"you haven't stalk okita-kun for a week" the silver haired man commented.

The bespectacled boy suddenly let out an ill-humored chuckle.

"I don't think I could ever show my face in front of him without being embarrassed" he admitted.

Gin frowned.
"shinpachi, what. did. you. do?"

Gin was hoping beyond hopes that the four eyed boy didn't do anything stupid to the young first division captain.

Shinpachi scratched his cheeks nervously before answering
"I... I finally admitted my feelings to him"


"I know, that was so stupid of me but I couldn't fight it anymore"

"you're still lucky that sadistic freak let you live" gin scolded.

"you have no idea gin-san, it was very hard for me to dodge his blasting bazooka... I thought it was my last" shinpachi grimaced at the memory.

"you mean, okita-kun actually attempted to kill you?" gin imagine the scene of how the sadistic captain chased the poor four eyed boy with his deadly bazooka aimed at the poor boy.

"it was tough believe me" shinpachi sighed.

Gin scratched his head.
"so... you're not going to stalk okita-kun anymore?"

"not really, I'm just going to rest for a while besides" shinpachi's eyes glittered with pure admiration behind his glasses as he continued
"okita-san is hotter when he's wild and sadistically dangerous"

"you mean you're still going to stalk that sadistic freak?"

Shinpachi nodded enthusiastically.

"didn't you say that you couldn't even show your face in front of him without being embarrassed?"

"when did a stalker ever show himself to the person he's stalking?" shinpachi had that determined look in his eyes.

"you have got to be kidding me" gin shook his head in disbelief at the idiot in front of him.

"just don't tell aneue gin-san"

"you stupid four eyes, you never learn" gin muttered.

"why are you here again gin-san?" shinpachi asked.

"oh right, we have a new request from a client" gin said.

"what is it?"

"our new client want us to look for his daughter"

"our client's daughter has been kidnapped?" shinpachi asked.

"yes, and according to him, he has a feeling that the kidnappers abducted his daughter to sell her to an auction for sex slaves" the silver haired man explained.

"that's horrible, how are we going to start the job gin-san?"

"don't worry, I already have a clue about the venue of the auction" gin winked and threw a brochure at the brunet.

Shinpachi read the contents of the brochure.

"isn't this illegal?" he asked in disbelief.

"of course it's illegal, I just stole that from a regular auctioner" gin stated.

"so what now?"

"we're going to that underground auction and save the client's daughter" gin answered.

Meanwhile, in the shinsengumi headquarters.

"Yamazaki... didn't I ask you to buy me a strawberry flavored pocky?" Okita said as he drew his sword threateningly.

"b-b-but captain okita... the store already ran out of strawberry flavored pocky" yamazaki stammered.

"please don't hurt me!" yamazaki pleaded.

Hijikata sighed.
"you're pathetic yamazaki" he muttered then turned to the first division captain.
"seems that the prince of the planet sadists is royally pissed" he commented then smirk.

The prince of the planet sadists shot him an intimidating glare and he hate to admit that he was a little bit intimidated. Just a little.

Yamazaki silently made his escape when he realized that the sadistic captain has his attention to someone else.

"shut up mayora" sougo hissed.

"what are you so pissed off about?" then hijikata gave the younger man his knowing smirk.
"oh I know, it's that incident last week"

Okita bit his lower lip at the memory of the four eyed boy confessing to him.

"that stupid four eyes, I will kill him!" he hissed.

Then the door slid open and in came their commander.

"now now sougo, don't kill my future brother in law"

"how did you know about that?" the sandy brown haired boy asked surprised.

"toushi told me"

Okita shot the vice-commander a hateful glare again.

"enough with that, we shinsengumi have a new mission..."


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