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Kamui was just roaming around Edo and he didn't even know the sole reason why he's in this auction watching innocent teenagers being sold as sex slaves. Maybe it's just for his own fun.

"The next youth is a virgin boy, fresh and very young" The master of the auction announced.

That caught Kamui's attention.

'A boy?'

Then the spot light shone at a familiar figure of a young boy.

"Haven't I met that boy before?" He muttered.

He tried to remember where he met the boy then it hit him.

"He's a friend of my sister" he said grinning.

"How did he end up in here?"

The boy's hands and ankles were chained and it's as if he's having difficulty in looking through his surrounding.

The younger boy isn't bad looking. In fact, he's actually kind of cute.

"How much would they sell him?" he asked more to himself.

"I'll buy him for 500,000 yen" a man announced.

"500,000 yen? Any more?" the master of the auction asked.

"600,000!" said another.



"800,000 ye-"


The participants of the auction were startled by the sudden explosion.

"What the hell!" Ayazawa exclaimed.

"Hey, I'm coming out so you better get the party starting" A very familiar voice was heard through the thick smoke that covers the surrounding.

'O-okita-san?' Shinpachi thought.

"An auction , huh? Do you have any four eyed idiot in here that can survive my sadistic side and can cooperate in my S&M play?" Okita said looking around for a certain four eyed idiot.

"Oh, there's one" Okita said pointing at the restrained teen.

"Okita-kun, you bastard!" ayazawa cursed at him.

But the sandy brown haired boy side-stepped him and make his way towards shinpachi.

"Are you okay?"

'Huh? was he worried about me?' shinpachi thought.

"You can't just go in an auction and mess things up!" the manager of the auction yelled.

Okita's aura darkened then slowly turn around.

"I just came to get some four eyed idiot to join me on my S & M play, you wanna join too?" he asked with a terrifying smirk on his face.

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Kamui only watched from a distance as okita cut the chains that bind shinpachi into pieces.

"Run" okita whispered on the younger boy's ear.

"Eh?! how about you? "

"I'll catch up"


"Contradict with me and I'll kill you"

Shinpachi gulped then run.

"Beat them okita-san!" he screamed as he run.

Okita drew his sword.

"Oh I will, my princess"

Kamui chuckled at the scene he just witnessed.

"Seems like things are getting interesting"

Then he followed the running shinpachi.

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