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Bella Swan stood awkwardly in the empty school parking lot, subconsciously pulling her thick woollen coat tighter around her body as if trying to shield herself from the judging eyes that stared through the thin glass windows.

She pursed her lips tightly, glancing up at the large sign that welcomed her to Forks high. For several moments she contemplated if she should just go in and get it over with, or skip the whole day and find something better to waste her time with.

She found the latter much more appealing.

Bella knew that attending Forks high was inevitable and she would eventually have to go in, but it didn't make it any more bearable.

The bell had rung five minutes ago and much to her distaste she had been the center of attention while all the students started to file in, although no one had come up to talk to her as she looked around with distaste, she could still feel the many eyes glued to her as they strolled past.

"Just two years." She muttered quietly to herself as she started in the direction of the front of the school.

The gravel crunched loudly under her shoes, breaking the near silence with each loud step. As she got closer, she observed the rest of the building. It was old, that was for sure. Dark terracotta bricks covered the walls making it look more like a prison than a school, and the constant overcast skies didn't help.

By the time she finally found the front office, it was fifteen minutes into her first class. As soon as she stepped through the wooden pane doors an instant gust of heat surrounded her. Sighing slightly in contentment, she made her way to the front desk which was currently occupied by a plump middle- aged woman with unsightly bright red hair.

Approaching the desk, Bella plastered a strained smile and leant over to address the woman. The small golden badge pinned to her shirt read 'Shelly Cope'. The older woman had just noticed the young girl stroll in. Her hair was long and deep rich brown in pigment, but her cheeks and nose colored red from the nipping cold outside stood out on her pale face.

Shelly observed the girl, and immediately wondered why she wasn't yet in class. "Can I help you dear?"

Bella found the older woman's voice nasally and distracting, but answered anyway. "I'm Bella Swan, I'm new here and I'm having trouble finding my classes."

It wasn't a complete lie Bella thought. She truly hadn't been able to find her class, but she didn't particularly try to look for them either.

Shelly typed the name given to her on the computer, she had heard there was going to be a new student, but she was almost positive this wasn't the right name.

True to her thoughts, no new results came up. She turned slowly to Bella and raised one overly plucked eyebrow. "I'm sorry, that name isn't coming up."

Bella rolled her eyes and sighed. She had specifically told Charlie when he enrolled her to make sure that it was under the name 'Bella'.

"Try, Isabella Swan." She gritted out with distaste. She hated that name, because Renee had chosen it.

Shelly smiled tightly and clicked her tongue, hurriedly typing in the other name. Instantly her name popped up, followed by her schedule and the numerous classes she was taking.

The older woman's eyes twinkled mischievously; she knew that this new girl would be the talk of the school, as well as the staff room.

"Ah yes, here it is Isabella."

Bella could barely stop herself from yelling at the woman and her obvious attempts of irritating her, but she knew attacking one of the office ladies on her first day wouldn't be great for her reputation.

Instead she faked a grin and asked politely if she may have a copy of her schedule.

Shelly printed the schedule and offered it to Bella, shoving it in her direction before sitting down once more and pretending to be doing something important on the computer.

Bella huffed out a "Thank you." Before she left, happy to be rid of the irritating woman for now.

She observed the small piece of paper in her hands, angry to find that her first period was gym and even angrier that the gym was just around the corner.

When she entered the gym all eyes turned to her and immediately her infamous blush covered her cheeks. Rolling her eyes and flipping them off, she made her way over to the coach ignoring the hushed whispers on her previous actions.

Coach Clapp turned around in annoyance when a series of mumbles and laughs echoed in the gym. He was just about ready to give his students fifty laps around the circuit when he noticed a small teen in front of him. He hadn't seen this girl before but by her casual clothes she must have been new. No one had ever come to gym without a uniform before and he wasn't about to make an exception for this girl.

"Uh, I'm Bella Swan I'm new." She murmured for the second time today, keeping her eyes firmly on the tall pot-bellied man in front of her.

Coach Clapp nodded before turning back to the students, raising the silver whistle that was attached to a string around his neck to his mouth. At the sound, everyone immediately hushed and followed his orders to continue what they were doing, although a few still chose to quietly whisper.

Looking through the sea of teenagers for a suitable student for Bella to be partners with, his eyes landed on Jessica Stanley. An average, stuck up teacher's pet. He was positive that she would help Bella around the school and find her a uniform for her to wear.

"Stanley!" Coach Clapp yelled out and Bella couldn't help but wince. Immediately a girl with mousey brown hair sprinted over to Coach Clapp, an overbearing smile taking over her face.

"Yes sir?" Her voice was slightly strained from the run over; it was obvious to Bella that she would try anything to get in the good books with teachers.

"I need you to show Miss Swan around at lunch, but before you do, I need you to get her a sport uniform." Jessica nodded enthusiastically while looking at Bella, noting the lack of designer clothes on her body.

Coach Clapp sent the two of them to the direction of the girl's locker-room, watching as Jessica told Bella to follow her.

Bella observed the peppy girl in front of her and came to the conclusion that Jessica and herself had nothing in common. Jessica had already asked her a series of personal questions that she hadn't even discussed with her father, let alone a gossipy girl that belonged to Forks high.

Bella ignored the questions and gave a series of nods and 'Mmmhmm's in the right places.

Halfway down the corridor, Bella stopped at a single window, watching the droplets of water drizzle down the pane and desperately hopping Jessica hadn't noticed her absence.

Glancing down into the car park, she noticed a single person lodged onto the front of their car. They were obviously male and the cigarette that he elegantly placed at his lips gave him a 'Bad Boy' vibe.

Bella hadn't noticed she was staring at him until the un-named boy snapped his head up. Bella gasped at the intensity of his bright green eyes as they met her brown ones and in tow he looked equally as shocked.

The mysterious boy continued to stare at her, awe taking over his features before he smirked slyly and jumped off the car, walking to the front entrance of the school.

As soon as he was out of eyesight, Bella promised herself she wouldn't have anything to do with him and followed the direction of Jessica's still chatting voice.

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