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Bella looked to the digital clock on her bedside table, neon blue numbers flashed back as she sighed and ran a hand through her hair.

It was forty past five, only twenty minutes until Edward had told her to meet him in the meadow.

She didn't want to admit it, but she was afraid to go. She wasn't sure if it was because he generally scared her or if it was because he was one of the first boys to take an actual interest in her.

Add on the fact that according to Jessica, Edward was currently unavailable, Bella couldn't contain her curiosity.

As soon as Bella arrived at school, she had looked for the bright copper hair that belonged to Edward Cullen.

She had discreetly or so she thought, sifted through the crowd of students only to come to the conclusion that he wasn't there and Bella didn't know whether she should be elated or disappointed at the fact.

Jessica of course had noted the various mood swings that Bella had gone through throughout the day and had come to the conclusion that there was definitely something going on between Bella and Edward, even if she wouldn't admit to it.

Bella wouldn't know what hit her. Jessica was going to make sure nothing got between her and Edward.

It was almost as if Bella's legs had a mind of their own, because before she knew it she now stood on the outskirts of the green meadow at the center of the woods.

She couldn't resist the temptation of seeing what could come of meeting Edward again, even if it inevitably led to trouble.

What could she say, she was a danger magnet.

"This was stupid Bella, you knew he wouldn't show." Bella muttered to herself as she started walking backwards. She had been waiting for ten minutes and she hadn't seen a single glimpse of Edward yet.

She was about to give up and head back home, confirming that Edward was just playing with her head when a loud snap to her right caused her heart to flutter in excitement.

When she turned her head in that direction, she almost rolled her eyes at her love sick antics. She didn't even know the boy, yet she was acting like a swooning fan girl. There was nothing there and she was positive what she heard was just a figment of her deluded imagination.

Another loud snap caused her heart to flutter once again, but this time in fear. She couldn't see anything, but the distinct sound of someone approaching made her scurry into the nearby bushes like a common doe.

Bella could hear heavy breathing, but was positive that it wasn't her own as she wasn't breathing at all. She knew the slightest breath would announce her hiding space and in case the person wasn't Edward; she didn't want to be found.

'Do I even want to be found by Edward?' Bella thought to herself, momentary distracting her from the fast approaching person.

As the noises got louder Bella squeezed her eyes shut in a childish manner telling herself that if she can't see them, then they can't see her.

Then suddenly, the noises stopped completely. The only sounds those of the native wildlife around her. Cracking one eye open, she was just about the poke her head over the top of the bush when a large white hand clamped over her shoulder and brought her up so she was standing on her feet.


Her body nearly sagged as she let out a large breath, she was overreacting; 'like usual' she thought.

"Hello, love." Edward smirked at her cockily, almost as if he knew that she would show up.

"Uh, hey…" Bella looked to her sides nervously, noting that Edward had still kept his firm grip on her shoulder.

He smiled and without warning crushed his arms around her waist, holding her tightly to his chest. He sighed contently and brought his face to the crook of her neck, discreetly inhaling.

"I missed you, sug'." Bella felt him smile into her neck. "Did you miss me?"

To be honest, Bella did miss him but she would never admit that.

"Nope!" She said, popping the 'p'. His face suddenly pulled away from her neck and Bella almost instantly missed the warmth.

Edward's eyebrows were furrowed and his mouth was set in a grim line as he observed the girl in his arms.

When Bella looked into Edward's eyes, she couldn't determine what she saw exactly. There were a few unmistakable emotions in there; anger, lust, possessiveness, hurt, but there was something else, something Bella couldn't place.

But she wouldn't back down. She didn't want to be known as a 'pushover', especially to someone as dominant as Edward Cullen seemed to be. It was obvious he was used to being in charge Bella thought, and she was more than glad to give him a refreshing change.

His grip never wavered from her waist, although it occasionally got tighter as a different emotion flashed across his features.

Bella couldn't help but smile at him; pearly whites and all.

His eyes narrowed into slits at her smile, he knew what she was doing and two could play at that game.

Without warning Edward smashed his lips to Bella's. A mixture of Tobacco, mint, and something that was all Edward invaded her senses as his lips moved sensually, but possessively against hers, desperately trying to get her lips to move in sync with his.

Bella stayed completely still, still in shock at his actions. As she continued to stay unresponsive, Edward growled and lowered his hands to palm her ass.

Bella gasped in response, and Edward took the moment to shove his tongue into her mouth. His tongue was warm and soft as it wrapped around hers and ran over her every crevice, almost as if he was memorising her every detail.

As Edward started to kiss her more feverishly, she started to forget that this was him; that she shouldn't be doing this; and that most of all, he had a girlfriend.

Or so she was told.

His moan resonated through the pines when Bella attentively began to kiss back. She slowly slid her hands up his back to reach around his neck, playing with the baby hairs that slid through her fingers.

All too soon for her liking, Edward pulled away, but not before generously planting a few open mouthed kisses on the sides of her mouth.

As he retreated, the large smile was prominent, as was his erection.

Bella blushed.

Edward laughed.

"Wow..." He breathed out throatily. He placed his hand over her cheek and swiped his thumb over her cheek bone.

It was then that Bella realised what she had done, and she couldn't believe it. She came to Forks to avoid drama, but it seemed to follow her wherever she went.

Edward was completely oblivious to Bella's worry as he stood before her looking like a love sick teenager.

He placed another chaste kiss on her swollen lips before bringing them down to her ear.

"Same time tomorrow love; and don't try to hide from me, I'll always find you."

Bella didn't even get a word out before Edward was disappearing into the trees. He wasn't worried that he had just cheated on his girlfriend, but Bella was.

Eventually she came to the resolve that she just wouldn't say anything to Jessica, and pray to god that Edward didn't either.

Little did Bella know, the brown haired girl had watched the whole scene from the other side of the meadow.

Jessica knew one thing; Bella Swan was going to pay.

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