No more virtual girlfriends!

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Okay, so I was watching the new season of GinTama and I reached this episode in which shinpachi is dating a virtual girlfriend(dating sim) named momo-san and gin was like trying so hard to make shinpachi's new virtual love life break so he bought a dating sim himself to defeat shin-chan and his virtual girlfriend in this dating sim contest. I suggest you watch that episode to understand this crappy oneshot even more.

This is going to be a gin/shinpachi fanfic...

Please enjoy...


It's been a week since the dating sim incident and gin noticed that shinpachi is in a gloomy mood.

'is he still thinking about his virtual girlfriend?' gin thought.

He was watching his drama rerun with shinpachi sitting beside him on the sofa.

He keep glancing back and forth from the tv screen and to the bespectacled boy.
He wanted to ask the boy if he has any problem but decided that perhaps shinpachi isn't in the mood yet to talk about his ex virtual girlfriend.

Gin stared at the tv screen again and realized that the show finally ended as the credit rolls, he then turn off the tv and stood up.

"Hah! It's a bright day, might as well have a walk" gin was about to head out the door when he felt somebody grabbed his wrist.

He turned to see shinpachi holding his wrist.

"eh? what is it shinpachi?"

The said boy nervously gulped before replying
"may I ask you something gin-san?"

The silver haired man raised a curious eyebrow but answered "okay" nonetheless.

"why did you join the love choris contest and why did you even have a pinko virtual girl? You're not even interested to such trend"

"Uh... um... you know shinpachi, when I get curious about something I take the chance to try it" gin answered unsure.

Shinpachi only stared at him with a expression of disbelief.

"what?" gin asked.

"tell me" shinpachi demanded.

"why do you care if I had a virtual girlfriend myself anyway?"

"I just want to know why"

Gin sighed in defeat.
"man, fine!"

Gin surpassed a blush from showing on his cheeks before continuing

"I'm not interested and curious about that virtual dating game, I only took it because I need to save someone important to me" he finally admitted.

Shinpachi understand what the older man said and a smile ghosted his lips.

"someone important? is that sa-chan-san? she also joined the contest with a pinko virtual girl dressed like you gin-san" he joked.

Gin's left eye twitched at the memory.

"That crazy bitch!" he hissed.
"of course not! the hell I care about that masochistic stalker!"

Then gin stomped his way out the door.

Shinpachi chuckled and remember the words that his secret crush told him back at the contest...

"If you could make a virtual girl fall for you like this then you could make a real person fall for you as well someday"

Shinpachi blushed and smile at the memory.

"I hope that person is you gin-san, I hope you'll love me too someday"

He grabbed the dating sim and threw it at a random direction.

"No more virtual girlfriend for me, I don't need any other girlfriends because gin-san is all I need"

~ End ~


Sorry if it's lame and crappy, I tried. I'm not sure about gin's dialogue, oh well.

I really love shinpachi, I could relate to his naivety when it comes to love and relationships...

Please reviews are appreciated and it triggers the writer to write more. Please and thank you :)

~ Lyn