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The painting fell off the wall for the third time that morning, and Sideswipe just stared at it, not sure what the Pit was really going on. It's not like his quarters moved; that was impossible, in a stationary area. No earthquakes had been reported, so that wasn't an option either. Still, the fragging thing refused to stay put, and the red frontliner sighed heavily, moving to pick it up before Sunstreaker saw it and pitched a fit.

The fastening was intact, and as Sideswipe moved past the slightly lighter spot on the wall to re-hang it, it felt...cold. An odd chill in the air. He shrugged, chalking it up to a random variance in the environmental controls, and affixed the painting into its place with an extra fastener, determined to make it stay.

The presence just smiled; that wouldn't stop him. He was bored, and he'd chosen his quarry well...this was just the beginning.

Sideswipe frowned as he pulled away from the painting (making sure it was just so or Sunstreaker would know it had been moved) looking thoughtful. This had been happening for a few days now. Not the painting falling particularly, but just... weird things happening. Like just two days ago he'd been walking alone in the hallway on night patrol when something hit the back of his helm. Not hard, but enough to get his attention and sting just a bit. And he had found nothing whatsoever that could have hit him or even find anybody to throw that something. Not even in the security tapes.

Then there was the matter of doors slamming shut in his face. His datapads being moved or swapped with Sunstreaker's on the other side of the room, his energon rations overflowing no matter how much he tried to switch off the machine, and the one time his entire music collection had been rearrange to look ORGANIZED.

He would write it off as pranks. If he could think of anybody who could get away with it for this long. It was starting to drive him crazy.

The presence bided his time as Sideswipe left his quarters; he wasn't going anywhere soon, and he knew it. He occupied his mind with tapping directly into the power supply of the console in the corner; the drain might be noticed, but it could be chalked up to one of the twins leaving their game on again. he used this to form an EM field strong enough to interact with the objects in Sideswipe's room...specifically his berth, this time. He reset the controls for heat, raising the temperature to one that would make its occupant feel...Heated. Because that was his aim, in the end...and this might assist with it.

Sideswipe went to his duty shift- monitor duty again. Apparently, he'd torqued SOMEBODY off, and his penance seemed to be sitting in front of the bank of screens, bored to tears. He checked his chronometer over and over again, wanting nothing more than to get out of here. Sunstreaker was out on a mission, and he had their quarters to himself for a change...he contemplated inviting someone over for some distraction for the nightcycle, and idly considered who.

He leaned back in his chair as he thought through his rather long list of mechs who had said they wouldn't mind repeat or first time romps in the berth with him. Well, he was certainly looking for someone to be distracting tonight, if only to relieve the constant boredom and get his mind off those odd things. A wicked smirk crossed his faceplates as he thought of the perfect mech. And after he had comm'd and confirmed, he sat back to finish the rest of his shift in silence.

"After you, my mech." Sideswipe grinned, gesturing the racer into his room.

Blurr smirked up at him in that arrogant, but attractive way he had and stepped over the threshold into the twins' quarters. Blurr was a repeat offender (what Sunstreaker called those who tumbled with them and scratched his paint) and as such, he was familiar with the inside of Sideswipe's room. Which is why he blinked when he noticed that Sideswipe's side was nearly as tidy as Sunstreaker's.

"Getting-clean-on-me, Sides?" The racer purred teasingly as he propped his little lithe aft on the edge of the couch arm.

"Maybe." Sideswipe replied, not feeling up to explaining that it didn't matter what he left on the floor or his berth or threw haphazardly on his shelf or desk it was always picked up come morning.

Optics narrowed as they watched Sideswipe come home...with someone else in tow. This was...this was simply unacceptable. It wouldn't do, not in the LEAST. He stalked soundlessly over to his console, and the lights in the room actually dimmed for an instant as he drew power to himself; he could not sit here and /watch/ his plans go to waste.

Sideswipe was well used to these odd surges in his quarters, and paid it no mind even as he gave Blurr a look that hid nothing of his intentions for the night. He retrieved a container of the twins' special brew, and offered it to Blurr. As he handed the cube over, it suddenly fell from his hand, an unseen force knocking it to the floor...and all over Blurr's legs, to the racer's dismay.

"Thefrag, Sides?" he asked, frowning.

'Oh frag no, please not tonight!' Sideswipe bemoaned to himself as he scrambled for a comeback. 'Sorry, these odd things have been happening to me lately, you see and I really have no control over them' just didn't seem to cut it.

"Sorry. Was a little clumsy there." He smirked leaning into Blurr's space. "I can get you one of Sunny's good cloths or, " He kneeled down, licking a long line up one of the trails on the racer's sleek leg. "I can clean it for you."

Blurr shivered slightly, his leg falling slightly to the side. "Oh?" he said, a cocky grin plastered across his face.

The fallen cube virtually flew across the room, hitting the wall with a sharp clatter. Several datapads fell from the desk onto the floor in a heap, and two paintings (including the one Sideswipe had carefully refastened) fell to the floor as well. Something was pissed, as Sparkplug would say, and that something advanced on Blurr, insubstantial hands flashing into the visible spectrum just long enough to hit him in the back of the helm, hard.

Sideswipe yelped as Blurr fell into him, knocking them both to the ground. He was just as surprised, staring at his misshappen room with shock. Blurr sat up with a groan, glancing around himself. "Did-we-just-get-an-earthquake?"

"I don't think so..." Sideswipe sounded unsure and frag he really hoped it was an earthquake. Or a really bad prank. "Even if it was we really gonna let mother nature ruin our fun?"

The Wrecker Scout seemed less sure now, but if there was one thing for sure about Blurr it was that what he wanted, he got. And right now he wanted a talented lambo either pounding him into the ground or pleasuring him with his mouth. So he swung a leg over Sideswipe's hips, smearing the spilled highgrade over black plating, and smirked. It was an earthquake. Nothing more. And once he had himself convinced of it, he leaned into the frontliner's personal space. "Pity-your-brother-isn't-here."

Sideswipe snorted, his hands grasping angular hips and tugging. "Yeah, pity."

No. Just...no. He fragging refused to sit here and watch this. He'd decided that Sideswipe was to be his, regardless of his current state. And so he did something about it.

The power in Sideswipe's rooms went completely out, and a few kliks later, lights began to flicker in an odd, rhythmic pattern. He moved, using what he'd drained to give himself hands, and he shoved as hard as he could, moving Blurr off of Sideswipe with all of his strength.

It wasn't much, not for a Wrecker, but it was unexpected. Blurr went tumbling to the floor, curses falling from his lips. Sideswipe bit his lip- what the frag. This was ruining his off-shift time; he wanted a good frag, and Blurr, while cockier than even his twin, never disappointed once properly heated up. "I'm sorry, I have no idea what the frag is going on-" he said, stopping when he saw the look on Blurr's face.

Blurr was staring behind him, absolutely shocked and somewhat terrified. He bolted up and for the door, gone in the blink of an eye, the door completely cycled open just barely after he'd gone. Sideswipe blinked in confusion before turning around behind himself and expecting to see... nothing. Frag, he'd figured Sunstreaker had gotten back early and he just hadn't noticed him. Sunstreaker could be pretty fearsome in the right mood.

The door cycled shut again and as soon as it had closed everything seemed to return to normal. Sideswipe growled, looking up at the misbehaving lights with a clear lack of amusement on his face. "Whoever the frag is doing this, it's not funny anymore!" He cried, pushing himself off the floor and stalking to his berth not caring what he was stepping on.

He threw himself on his back, crossing his arms. He felt warm. Which meant that he had been most likely heating up without conciously registering it. And his entire evening just went to pits.

Finally, the fragger was gone, and his poor Sideswipe was alone. Alone...and more than a little revved just by the beginnings of what he's tried to start with Blurr. He glided over, still filled with energy from the surge, and waited for the mech to offline his optics. When Sideswipe did, though it was obvious he was not in recharge, he reached out with a single hand, brushing softly against patrician faceplates. He opened his mouth, but he could not speak, not yet...so he closed it, his form barely, barely visible.

Translucent yet still there, a blur of wide, sweeping wings and a form slim and deadly to behold. A Seeker, primed for battle or interface, and it wasn't a fight that this Seeker wanted, ghostly or not. He wanted the crimson mech, but more importantly, he wanted to BE wanted.

Sideswipe shivered at the tickling brush of cold air that touched his faceplates. He was going to have to talk to Hoist or Grapple about the environment controls in his room. A caress further down, on his neck and his optics flickered online with a frown. He propped himself on his elbows, observing his room for a moment, the paintings on the floor, the spilled high grade on the ground and the splatter against the wall. Why did he suddenly feel like he was being watched intently?

'You're being paranoid, Sideswipe.' He thought, laying back down. Frag, the heat still hadn't dissipated at it seemed to be spreading along his back and it was... becoming just a tad uncomfortable as it spread other places as well.

He sighed. staring at the ceiling when a shape seemed to form over him. Nothing substantial. More like a thought. Huh, well then. He was going to start daydreaming about Seekers again, was he? It made sense he supposed...

The Seeker above him moved his insubstantial form over Sideswipe, keeping to conventions he had learned long, long ago by straddling the frontliner's thighs and keeping himself there, tapping into the controls of the recharge berth to keep the field active. His knees pressed against the warm metal, and he reveled even in that minor sensation- it had been too long since he'd had any real ability to touch. One finger, the only solid finger on his hand, drifted down Sideswipe's chestplates, the slender tip pressing more firmly the lower he went.

Seekers...always a favorite subject for those who played in the sky. Sideswipe recalled the three who had been the biggest problem for him and his twin- the command trine. Beautiful though they were, they were also deadly...and Sideswipe felt a small pang when he recalled what had happened to them in the course of this war. He shoved that down, though, replaying one of his favorite fantasies...one of them (who depended on his mood and the day) was over him, lips poised to nip at his paneling. The feeling of a hand sweeping lower down to that panel shocked him, but it also intensified the fantasy, and he could feel himself grow even hotter at the the thought.

He shuddered, pressing into the sensation a small groan on his lips. He closed his optics, lending mental images to the sensations as more soft touches and brushed caresses spread over his plating, over his abdomen, barely there on his hips, up over his chassis, against his neck and cheeks. "Mmm..." He hummed lowly.

At least he could get rid of the charge.

Sideswipe groaned as the barely there brushes to his plating trailed lower and lower. It was almost as if hands and lips were actually caressing his frame, bringing pleasure and heat. He could almost see the outline of wings, spread wide and shielding him from the light, creating a looming shadow over him. The seeker frame was enticing to him, especially now with the tenuous alliance still left over from the fight with Unicron and considering Galvatron was probably crazier than Megatron. He moaned as the touches seemed to become more solid, more tangible than just mere brushes across the crimson surfaces of his body. He was growing heated, and his own hands joined the dance. He could imagine the solidness beneath them as he clasped the flier's servos and guided him to the spots that revved him most, groaning again as fingers dug into the wiring connecting his jetpack to his body, or the mouth on his audio.

"Oh frag me..." He breathed softly.

Never in his existence did he wish so much that he had the ability to vent, because the motions came anyway, caught in his throat at the sight of Sideswipe writhing underneath his barely-there touches. He spared only enough power so that the tips of his fingers were solid, aiding the frontliner in his fantasy with his own touches. Arousal struck him hard, and his mouth opened to cry out soundlessly...and for once, he was glad that he made no noise. Beautiful. there was no other word for it.

Sideswipe's optics were shuttered tightly, and by now, the real world had fallen away in the face of his daydreams. He could see the wide wings, a translucent shelter, and the fingertips teasing the edges of his panel caused him to arch up, the covers sliding away in the face of an internal need that he didn't understand. He embraced it anyway, one hand reaching out to brush across the phantom wing in his dream...and when he felt the sharp edge, his mind thought nothing of it.

Wide wings shivered under his palms, seemingly, as he stroked out and across, trailing his digits closer to imaginary wing hinges. He tilted his helm back as he saw in his mind's eye the flick and twitch of the appendages as he teased them. He'd always wanted to get his hands on seeker wings without ripping them off. They'd always fascinated him.

He hummed low in his throat, leaving the wings to trail across his imaginary partner's stomach plating to his cockpit where he imagined rubbing along the seal.

*Frag it*, he thought. What did he have to lose? He was already a ghost...there really wasn't anything worse that could happen, because as far as he could tell, nothing could extinguish him. Nothing. And so he sent his conscious mind into the terminal once more, locking the doors completely...and tapped into the power source of the Ark directly. Just for a little while, just long enough to feel.

A form...well, appeared was not the most precise term that could be used, because its owner had never really left, or arrived for that matter. It was somewhat visible, but what was more important was that it was tangible, at least for the most part. A small smile crept over faceplates that had almost forgotten how...and the ghost of Starscream straddled Sideswipe, hoping that the mech continued to believe that this was a vivid daydream, even as he gently pushed him onto his back against the berth. He could almost feel the hands on him, and it felt divine...he hadn't felt in so long, and his spark ached for just the sensation. He bent low, not even sure if he'd be heard at all, and whispered.

"Optics off, and enjoy it."

Sideswipe's vents hitched with the whisper of a voice in his audio, familiar and yet... too thin to be placed. He shivered and shut his optics off, wondering just how vivid his imagination really was. His hands cupped around the cockpit glass, fingers still stroking softly at the seals.

"They're off." He teased breathlessly. "Think you know a ground frame as well as your own?"

"Yes." he said immediately, without even thinking. He'd had plenty of time to consider this; had watched Sideswipe and his twin interfacing on numerous occasions and he felt he had a fair idea of what the crimson twin liked in the berth. It was just a matter of being able to do it in this form...

He places his hands across the span of Sideswipe's hips, using spark energy and will alone to press down, thumbs stroking in an inward sweep across Sideswipe's pelvic plating, the pressure increasing as he inched closer to his interface array. "I think that I do." he whispered, and inwardly cursed when the sound faded even to his own senses.

He decided to concentrate on the touch, rather than the voice, and he pressed in closer, willing his lips to press against the cabling in Sideswipe's neck.

Sideswipe groaned again and pressed upwards, slightly surprised when the pressure seemed to go through him rather than just on the surface. His spike was straining at its housing and his valve lubricating a little more with each inward caress. He gave a shaky sigh, trailing fingers down faceplates that were so real he may as well not have been daydreaming.

It was more than feeling, it was a need, and the spectral Seeker answered it, unable to fight back the urgings of his own spark. He could feel it, even though Sideswipe's hand went right through him. He moved his hands, placing them on the frontliner's shoulders in a firm press, enough to make sure that he knew he was to stay put, and he fed all available energy to his own pelvic region, grinding hard against that heated plating in a rough press that would have taken his breath away, had he been able to take one.

Even in this state, his spark-form remembered, and he was able to approximate his own responses. His form had always been as close to his living form as possible; he'd had plenty of time to perfect it, and his interface array was as true to form as his wings were. He was ready, so ready to see if he could take Sideswipe this way, even using just electromagnetic fields and his own desire. He concentrated hard, and spoke once more.

"Open to me."

And that just couldn't go ignored. Not with the heat in his circuits and the almost tangibility of this daydream. His valve and spike covers snapped back, his spike extending and valve dripping. He lay still, keeping his optics shut off even as he felt the ghostly presence above himself move.

Hands and spike and hips. That's all he could manipulate, no more, and no less. He needed all three and could not spare power for anything else, no matter how much he wanted to gasp his pleasure into his unwitting lover's audial. His hands tested Sideswipe's readiness, and the slickness was enough to overwhelm him, he who had felt nothing other than this for far too long. Usually, he would take pains to ensure that a lover wanted it so badly that he shook, or he would be taken himself...but this was not the time for that. He slipped between Sideswipe's thighs and teased his entrance for only a moment before breaching him, his spark flaring at the heat. "Oh!" he said, without real sound, and those semi-solid hands trembled on Sideswipe's shoulders.

Sideswipe gasped, arching into the very real feel of a spike stretching his valve walls. Oh Primus, man he really did have a vivid imagination. He groaned, thighs twitching against cold air, but somehow solid feeling hips. "Oh frag that's good!" He growled, cinching his valve down tight. "Frag me..."

He meant that in every way.

"My pleasure..." Star murmured, thrusting inward hard and fast. He had no idea how long he was going to be able to keep this up; his spark felt like it was going to explode, what with the power he'd taken in and the feelings translated into his form by the fields. His hands moved to those twisting hips and dragged the mech into his thrusts, his wingtips quivering in ecstasy. Spark energy, the essence of what he was, danced over every inch of his form, and an odd glow filled the room, emanating from the barely-there presence over Sideswipe. "Love this...Primus..." He could feel the clench, the quiver- he could feel his spark calling to his lover, and dearly hoped that he wouldn't hate him for this if he discovered exactly what was going on.

Sideswipe writhed beneath him, gasping and moaning in incoherent pleasure. It wasn't quite as rough as Sunstreaker, and it was oddly satisfying at the same time. His spark spun in his chest and his valve was quickly reacting to the rapid pace, taking in the spike deep each time. He wanted to open his optics so badly, but he feared doing so would break the illusion and he'd be left with his fingers in his valve and an uncompleted overload.

He could see it, could feel the charge on both their forms, and the golden wash from his spark flared over Sideswipe as Starscream lost it utterly, his hands as solid as they had ever been as he slammed into him one final time, a cry on his lips that should have never come- "Look at me!" His overload was hard, intense, and straight from his spark- pouring energy from himself into Sideswipe in an ephemeral tide,

A shimmering, dark face lowered itself to Sideswipe's for a kiss, and he cursed loudly; he was losing control of the energy, and consequently, his solidity was dissipating.


For one perfect moment, there was nothing but white hot bliss as he overloaded, frame arching and a loud cry falling from his lips that echoed in the small room. And then lips, so soft they were barely there, a cheap imitation of the real thing, on his and he pressed into it softly before it disappeared completely.

He collapsed to the berth, panting and gasping for cooler air as his optics dimly onlined. He felt heave and strangely sated for merely an erotic daydream. His spark felt light as air however, and he groaned in satisfaction before he offlined his optics to slip into recharge, catching the outline of a barely seen winged form.

"He's what?" Sunstreaker said flatly, staring at First Aid with a gimlet optic.

It had taken several duty cycles to do it, but Sunstreaker had finally managed to drag Sideswipe into medbay. His brother had been sick on and off again for a good decacycle now and quite frankly he was worried. Now he was wondering if he should get his own audials checked.

"I said your brother is sparked." The Protectobot CMO said quite frankly. Gone were the days where he was a shy, timid thing.

Sunstreaker glared at the mech before turning his glare on his brother. "The frag, Sides?"

"Hey! Don't look at me! I've only interfaced with you in the past vorn or so!" Sideswipe cried, just as shocked and completely thrown for a loop. "I mean, there was the one time I tried to frag Blurr, but you're the only one I share sparks with!"

"Nevertheless, you are carrying, regardless of your habits." First Aid said firmly, hoping that there wouldn't be a fight in his orderly, quiet medbay. "Instructions are in this datapad, and I suggest you rest- you'll need it. Additionally, I will need to inform command staff."

Sunny still looked skeptical. "Nobody, huh. Then it was nobody that sparked you up, 'cause it sure as frag wasn't me. I can't."

"Know that, Sunshine." Sides said shortly, earning a glare from his twin. He had no fragging clue what had happened. He hadn't fragged a soul!

Starscream watched from his little corner, having followed then to medbay. Yes, he had fragged a soul, but how the Pit was this even possible?

"Tell you what, Sideswipe." First Aid said. "I'll scan for matching spark signatures. It's possible you just can't remember what with that party last week."

Sideswipe paused at that. Maybe... He didn't remember fragging with anybody. Actually he didn't remember getting all that sloshed. Which went to show you that he probably had been three sheets to the wind.

"Alright... Thanks Aid." Sideswipe sighed.

However, two months into repeating each scan with each of his patients (after getting their consent of course) First Aid was left baffled. Not one member on their base or even those who frequented it matched the other half of the three little sparks floating next to Sideswipe's. It would forever be known as an anomaly afterward.

It was at one of his visits that they discovered the really odd thing.

"Sideswipe? These are fliers' sparks." First Aid said, looking in surprise. "I just checked records of things like this, and, well...when did you ever have a chance to frag a flier? One of the Aerials?" They all knew that this wasn't true; each one had consented to the scan, and neither was a match.

Starscream watched with an odd smile on his face. His trinemates...were gone. He had accepted that they did not share what had to be his gift and his curse all in one, the ability to live on despite the destruction of his physical form. He supposed that had been why he'd survived the long vorns as SIC under a madmech, but even that was infinitely preferable to what they had now...Star had been there first, and seen the mockery that was Cyclonus and Scourge.

He shook his head, banishing the memories. He'd...he had sparked a trine, with Sideswipe, even in his current state. He felt happy for the first time in forever...and then sad, when he wondered exactly how he was going to be able to know them as a disembodied spark.

He drew power from the medical berth and brushed a hand across Sideswipe's chest plating in a gesture of comfort.

Sideswipe barely noticed other than to relax just slightly. He was far used to the odd ethereal touches that seemed to plague him. He shook his helm. "Never. I mean, sure we have the Seekers on our side now. Kind of. But I don't approach them."

"Are you certain?"

Sideswipe nodded. "Fliers. Maaaaaan... I don't know the first thing about sparkling care let alone WINGLETS."

First Aid shrugged. "I suggest you go find someone you can ask, then. One of the Seekers, I guess? I don't know either...I have never even seen a winglet." He kind of wanted to, though, and three... He decided to check something really quickly. Yes, he was right.

"You really need to speak to a seeker trine, because you're carrying one." Aid said, pointing out the thin lines that connected each sparklet. "They're bonded already."

"Well that's just fan-fragging-tastic!" Sideswipe snarled.

First Aid stiffened, looking at Sideswipe with dissapproval. "Sideswipe, you aren't feeling bitter about this are -"

"No! I want them! What do you think I am!" Sideswipe snapped before he let his helm fall into his hands with a groan. "I don't know what the frag I'm doing..."

Starscream reached out again, this time moving right up on Sideswipe and wrapping insubstantial arms around him. He'd turned into an old sap, since he'd been disembodied. Everything seemed so much more...important, now. Especially a miracle like this. It was almost enough to make the Seeker start believing that Primus was more than just a name. He wished, not for the first time, that he could tell Sideswipe not only what had happened, but that he would be there for him as well.

Frag Galvatron anyway...but if he hadn't done what he'd done, this would never had happened, and... Starscream kicked the berth. Confusing. It was all so fragging confusing.

He kept one hand on Sides' shoulder as First Aid spoke to him, though, lending him what he could of himself.

"So." Rodimus said, looking at the air in front of his desk. "Wanna tell me why the sudden interest in Sideswipe? I mean, I know he's sparked and all, but really? Since when did the great Starscream care about pain in the aft grounders, and I quote 'Can't tell the ground from their afts and have no appreciation for wings?'

"None of your business, Prime." Starscream enjoyed their talks, though he'd never admit to it. He didn't have to pull any odd energy tricks with him- the Matrix took care of that just fine. He hovered just on the edge of the desk, looking for all the world as if he were sitting on it. "He's carrying flyers and has less than no clue what to do about it. Of course I'm concerned about winglets' well-being, what with there being so few of us left..." He stopped, kicking himself in the aft. He'd said way too much.

"You know they're winglets? You've been spying on him." Rodimus sounded far too amused.

"What if I have? What else do I have to do other than wander the halls of this ship?" Starscream felt relieved; old Roddy had not picked up on what he'd meant, and wasn't that just a blessing. Besides, he barely believed it himself.

"I know they're winglets, and I know they're a bonded trine." he said, bragging.

"Yes, I get the medical reports from First Aid every week." Rodimus said, leaning back in his chair looking rather smug.

Starscream flipped him a rather rude gesture adopted from earth.

"That wasn't very nice."

"I'm not nice." Starscream said hotly.

"Obviously, or you wouldn't be in the state you're in now." This was normal for them; by this point, it could even be called affectionate.

"Frag yourself."

"'Least I can." Rodimus said, smirking.

Starscream spoke without thinking. "Oh, you have no idea of what I can do, Prime. None at all."

Rodimus Prime looked suddenly interested. "Oh? Do explain?"

Starscream shut his mouth, cursing himself inwardly. "There's nothing to explain. You're just blind if you think I'm incapable of finding my own pleasure."

The Prime's optics narrowed and he leaned forward. "Starscream..."

"What?" The reply was whipped back, and the Seeker's form flickered. "You have something to say?"

"Just why are you taking an interest in Sideswipe and his sparklings?"

"For me to know and you to maybe find out, Prime." Starscream said honestly. He wasn't sure he wanted to tell him straight out. "I have my reasons."

"..." Rodimus thought about it for several moments and then his optics brightened in stunned surprise. "How the frag is that even possible?"

"I. Have. No. Idea." Starscream said, guessing that the secret was out, to Prime at least. "I...well. And then he...but." For once the mouthy Seeker was at a complete loss for words. "Prime, even Sideswipe doesn't know. I think he thought he was dreaming, I don't know."

"So wait, you... and then you... and you're... with SIDESWIPE?"

"Yes." Starscream said, his hands clenched into fists at his sides. "Why, is that abhorrent to you? You have /no idea/ how it feels, to be trapped without a body, to have no warmth, no comfort...and Sideswipe is..." He really couldn't explain how it had started. It just had, one day. He'd been browsing the Ark, and Sideswipe crossed his path...and Starscream had followed. He'd stayed with him for an entire decacycle, just learning about him. One day, Sideswipe had been missing, off on a routine mission, and Starscream had felt...empty without his presence. That's when it had started.

"Yes, but... SIDESWIPE?" Rodimus could not wrap his helm around the idea. "He's torn off your wings countless times and as far as I know you wished the worst on him and Sunny!"

"Has no one ever changed their mind in your experience?" Starscream said, disgusted. "Look. I don't get it half the time myself. I...feel different when I am not near him. I don't know what to call it, but it's there...and I don't need you of all mechs laughing at me because I've found myself trailing after one of the Terror Twins with a lovestruck expression on my face." As usual, whenever Starscream got riled, his vocalizer far outpaced his logical thought processes.

"... You really do that?"

Starscream glared a hole through the Prime. "I...I certainly do NOT!"

A grin started creeping across his face. "But you totally just admitted it. Starscream, terror of the skies, Decepticon Air Commander, Winglord of Vos... Is in love with a nobody from the pits of Kaon."

"I most certainly am not! I don't love anyone!" Starscream shrieked. "You're so full of slag that you creak when you walk, if you think that I...that I...that..." He shut his mouth, realizing just how stupid he sounded. "I can't love anyone, in case you haven't noticed, Rodimus Prime."

Rodimus just smirked in that infuriatingly cocky way he had. "We'll see, Starscream."

"Maaaan, I don't get any of this." Sideswipe huffed, giving up on the datapad halfway through it. He rubbed at his chestplates, with ached from time to time. First Aid said carrying three sparks would do that to a mech. Let alone three very active sparks. Who would be fliers. And not just fliers, but seekers. Sideswipe had to wonder just when the frag he'd, well, fragged a seeker. He had no memory of it. And he made it a point to only share sparks with his brother.

He sighed, tossing the pad aside. He was well into his third stage, about another month or so to go, give or take a few days. He wanted them to be here already! The thought of babies excited him. Yet at the same time, he had no idea what the frag he was doing.

Starscream "sat" on the couch beside Sideswipe- after his outburst with the Prime, he'd been forced to examine his motives and feelings...and what he'd come up only confirmed what he'd thought previously. Somehow, he had fallen for the red hellion in front of him, and there wasn't a damned thing he could do about it. He thought about trying to repeat what had gotten him sparked...after all, they were alone, but he wasn't sure if it was a good idea with him completely lucid. Still... Starscream gathered his will and bent over Sideswipe,, pressing a kiss to his lips. This wasn't uncommon; he did it almost every nightcycle before recharge, and occasionally before awakening as well.

His hand went through Sideswipe and Starscream cursed softly. Insubstantiality sucked.

Sideswipe looked up on instinct with the pressure to his lips, but (of course) finding nothing there he looked back down at the next datapad he'd been given. By the Rainmaker Trine no less. THAT had certainly been odd for him.

Aaaand, already there were issues. He couldn't take his kids flying or even teach them. He wasn't a flier! He rubbed his chest again, frowning. He supposed he could ask the Aerialbots. Or even some of the Seekers... Yeah, the Aerialbots sounded better. He had too much reputation with the Seekers.

"Would be easier if I knew who sparked you little buggers."

Starscream had had enough. Okay, so he was a disembodied spark...but somehow, he'd managed the impossible here. He gathered force enough to knock the datapad out of Sideswipe's hand, not too hard, but enough to get his attention, and he straddled the mech, willing himself to be as solid as possible. It didn't work- he couldn't even see himself...so he tried a little harder, and his hands started to feel, just for a second. He knew he only had a moment, and this moment was all that he could take at the moment.

Starscream was never one to give up the moment.

His hands gently gasped Sideswipe's face, tugging it up just a bit, and he tried to kiss him again...but before he did, he managed a whisper, so soft it almost went unheard.

"Optics off."

It was almost instinct in the way Sideswipe's optics DID shut off. Despite the datapad being knocked on the floor, despite all the weird scrap that still happened to him day in and day out, something in his spark knew he had been craving whatever this was.

His vents hitched and he unconsciously tilted his helm up.

Starscream moaned silently. So...so fragging hot, and he could barely do a thing about it. He tried, though. All of his considerable willpower and what he had learned of energy field manipulation came into play as he focused his concentration on just one simple thing...something most would take for granted. His lips in a hot, slow slide, his glossa tracing the edges, then dipping to taste the mouth they adorned- two hands on shoulders, pulling his would-be lover close. He could manage no more than that, and his spark cried out for more- a taste was not enough to a starving mech, lost in the desert of the afterlife.

Sideswipe groaned, leaning into the contact, glossa stroking out and contacting something very real and very there. He wanted more of it and suddenly the doors behind him whooshed open and in stomped an angry Sunstreaker. He startled, optics snapping open.

"Primus slagging afted Magnus and his fraggin- Sideswipe, what the pit are you doing?"

It wasn't until his brother had pointed it out that he realized he was technically... humping air. He stopped immediately, hands lowering and faceplates burning. "I- That is to say - "

"You getting another urge?" Primus and if his brother's sudden tone didn't just send a shiver down his spine. Sunstreaker had not complained throughout the entire second stage of his carrying.

"Y...yeah." Sideswipe managed, the look in Sunny's optics unmistakable...and incredibly arousing. Still, something within him felt like he wanted something different...something not Sunstreaker, as blasphemous as that seemed.

Starscream hissed in jealousy, even though he knew that the twins needed each other. He had no problem with that, with the fact that they had to share spark regularly to keep themselves balanced...it was the fact that Starscream wanted Sideswipe, wanted to show him how he felt, wanted to touch and be touched...and he couldn't!

...or maybe he could. He eyed Sunstreaker speculatively, and calculated the odds. Yes, he could subsume Sunstreaker, of this he was certain...but would it be worth the possibility of harming his...what was he thinking. He had no relationship, not in the least. But he lo-

He told himself to shut up, just shut up, and he gathered power. With that energy wreathing his spark, he merged his form with Sunstreaker's, right as the golden twin started to speak.

The frontliner froze, optics flickering several times before settling again, and Sunstreaker blinked.

"Sunny? You okay?" Sideswipe asked, worried.

Starscream tried to speak through Sunstreaker, and the golden twin, of course, was fighting him. This was not a battlefield he had experience with, though, and Starscream knew that he could win. He didn't want to force this, though- that would be worse than rape, in more ways than just one.

::Sunstreaker.:: he said, knowing that he could communicate this way. ::Please listen to me.::

::SLAG OFF!:: Came the mental snarl. Sunstreaker felt trapped in his own body and there was panic starting to rise. ::Who the frag are you!::

Starscream debated this, wondered about telling him. He shrugged inwardly and bit the bullet, as the humans said. ::I am the co-creator of your twin's trine. Believe me or not, that's your choice...but it's true.::

The presence that was Sunstreaker was shocked for several moments before a bright burning rage thrummed through him. ::Listen here you rusted pile of scrap metal! Wherever the frag you're hiding I will find you! Think you can leave my brother to do this on his own! Slag no! So frag yourself sideswipe with a rusty piston!::

Starscream lost it for a moment. ::I've been hiding nowhere, you aft-headed twit! I have been right here the entire time. I have rarely left Sideswipe's side since this...was discovered.:: He left Sunny to chew on THAT for a moment while he furiously tried to think of an explanation that he wouldn't throw out as crackpot.

Sunstreaker seemed to chew on the idea for several moments. ::So what, you're invisible?:: He bit out.

Starscream sighed inwardly. ::No, I'm a disembodied spark.::

::A... what? Are you glitched?:: Sunstreaker's mental tone was entirely disbelieving.

::No. I guarantee that if I show my face to you, you'll know me...and probably want to kill me, but fortunately for me, you can't. Want to see?:: Starscream was actually relishing this, a little...he wondered what Sunny would think, what he would say when he revealed his appearance.

::Show me!:: Sunstreaker demanded immediately.

Starscream would have taken a deep breath if he could, and he drew Sunstreaker in, into that place where their sparks could speak. White and red, with cerulean accents...a dark, dark face that set him apart even among other Seekers...and that dark face had a somewhat apologetic-looking grin on it. ::I'm not lying to you, Sunstreaker. Ask me something only I would know if you don't believe me, but I don't mean Sideswipe any harm.::

Sunstreaker was speechless for several long moments. ::H-how the frak is that even possible? You're dead! We all saw Galvatron off you!::

Starscream would have rolled his optics, had he any. ::Immortal spark. I can't die. Doesn't matter what you do to me, as far as I can see...though I haven't tried immolating my spark in the heart of a sun; that just sounds...painful. I'm disembodied, not dead- proof of that being my winglets, the ones that your twin carries.:: His tone was wistful, longing even. ::I...didn't even know it could happen. I don't...frag it.::

Sunstreaker's energy suddenly became suspicious. ::Sideswipe.:: He intoned flatly. ::Why him.::

Starscream immediately shut down, and since he'd revealed himself already, his metaphysical form showed it. ::I have my reasons, okay? I...frag. You, Prime...can't anyone just...trust what I say? All I wanted was to touch him, to let him know that he's not alone...::

::Trust. You?:: There were several sharp pulses, little pieces of memories from throughout the war. ::Of course Sides isn't alone!:: Sunstreaker sounded thoroughly insulted. ::He's got me!::

Starscream nearly screamed, ::I'm already missing my body; would you deny me what my spark wants as well?:: He stopped dead, realizing that again, he'd said too much. His face set itself into a hard, cold expression, waiting to be told to leave or worse.

Sunstreaker, however... actually seemed to be considering it. ::You really like him, don't you?::

::Yes. I 'really like him'.:: Starscream said, almost in a mocking tone...but not quite. It was too sad to be truly mocking. ::I can't touch him, not for more than a klik at a time. I...I don't even know how I managed to...to spark him..but it happened, and I want him again, I want to be close, I want to feel again...and that's what I was doing, when you walked in. Then I had an idea...but you won't let me, I'm sure.::

And suddenly, Sunstreaker had control of his body, startling Sideswipe who had come close with worried question as he doubled over in laughter. Putting two and two together, Sideswipe hadn't been humping air. And that served as being highly amusing to him. As soon as he was in control again, he inquired, ::What kind of idea?::

::Let me have Sideswipe. Let me have him...with your help. I can...take control of you, for awhile. It won't hurt if you let me. I just want to...:: He couldn't finish; this felt far too much like begging anyway and Starscream wanted to just sink into the floor and not come back until Sunny was far away.

Sunstreaker frowned inwardly just a bit. ::So you want me to just sit in the background and watch...?::

::If you want. Join, for all I care. I just want to touch. I want to kiss. I want to make him shake under me. And then I want to tell him that I am here. Is that so wrong, Sunstreaker? Would that be so fragging wrong?:: Starscream hated admitting this, but he had to. There was no other way.

Sunstreaker would be the first to admit he was not the most understanding or even morally sound of Autobots. Yet, the pleading there, the desperation of a mech he knew carried as much pride as he did. ::... Fine. But just this once. I am not making a habit of letting you use my frame!::

Starscream didn't hesitate. The exchange, such as it was, had taken almost no time at all in the conscious world. He stepped forward with a wave of gratitude toward Sunstreaker, his spark overflowing with desire and unfamiliar impulses that he didn't dare give a name. Ice blue optics shaded to the gold of Starscream's spark, and he spoke, aloud, for the first time since Galvatron had ended one existence to introduce him to the next.

"I'm fine...now." he said. The tone was different from Sunstreaker's but not blatantly...Sideswipe was sure to notice, but someone else might not.

Sideswipe frowned sharply. "Are you sure? You were just... frozen for a bit there and then you had that laughing fit and now I think your vocalizer's glitching... And your optics are changing color on me. I think I should call, Aid..."

"Please be quiet." Starscream said, moving Sunstreaker's body under his own will. If felt ungainly, to him- no wings, and too bulky for his liking...but its match was just across from him, and it looked so much better from this angle. "Two words, Sideswipe. Two words and you will understand...I hope." He took a deep breath, the first in quite some time...and it felt good, so good. He leaned in, over Sideswipe, his voice soft and even sounding like his own.

"Optics off."

Sideswipe's vents hitched and his optics widened as he stared at the familiar features of his brother, but the optics of a stranger. Yet not a stranger. "Primus that was real?" He breathed, almost leaning into the presence of a new EM field.

"It was real. It was as real as you, or I, or anything else in this universe, Sideswipe." Starscream said, pushing Sideswipe back. He felt so good under his hands; the strength, the scent of polish on his plating, even the twitch of his lips as he tried to process what was going on. His spark whirled in happiness, the frequency of Sunstreaker's EM field altering just enough to give it a different signature...one approximating Starscream's own, and he reached toward the tiny trine beneath Sides' plating. "Ours.." he breathed. "Now...I don't have much time...Sunny let me...now please..."

Words failed him then, so he kept to action and pressed his lips to Sideswipe's, a firm slide accompanied by two strong hands holding him there, holding him close.

Sideswipe made a soft noise, muffled by his brother's/stranger's lips. His hands clasped at the familiar planes of his brother's shoulders, stroking down firmly to caress at plating he knew was sensitive. "Who are you?" He asked.

"If I tell you that, you have to promise me something." Starscream kissed Sideswipe again, the taste of his lips intoxicating him. He rose up, his lips brushing Sideswipe's. Gold locked onto blue. "Promise not to judge who I used to be. Promise not to turn me away. Just this once I want you." He kissed the crimson mech again, shivering at the touches on unfamiliar places. He felt the arousal raging in his body, and he pressed hard into Sideswipe, wanting to pin him and take him and then take him some more.

Sideswipe stumbled back, aft bumping the back of the couch. He thought of that for a moment. How bad could it be? It seemed like everyone was changing lately. "I - I promise."

"Call me Star; I'll call you whatever you want. I was a seeker; now I'm just a spark." Starscream said softly, taking Sideswipe's wrists in his hands to press him down into the couch, the golden twin's frame more than sufficient to do this for him. He could sense Sunny in the background, and he wasn't even complaining; this was good, because there was only one way that Starscream was going to stop, and he didn't want to. His lips latched onto Sideswipe's neck, nibbling down the lines there, and he let out a moan straight from his spark.

"Seeker?" Sideswipe gasped, squirming. "Explains my sparklets!" He shifted, rubbing against the golden plating of his twin's body under the control of... Star. He tugged on his wrists, wondering just how much this mech might like some resistance.

Starscream moaned loudly, his form shaking in need. He was gonna go fast, the first time. He knew that. But fraggit, he wanted. "You knew me, before." he pressed. His form pressed as well, pressed hard into the couch. One leg parted Sideswipe's thighs, and Starscream pressed there too, his paneling grinding hard against Sideswipe's. His grip locked hard on Sideswipe's wrists, and he bit down gently on those neck cables. "Open. Open for me, please." he begged, shameless.

Sideswipe answered the mech's moan with one of his own and his paneling snapped open. He gasped as the golden thigh pressed up and rubbed against his lubricating valve. Knew this mech before...? A seeker...? It was hard to think around the soft sounds of his lover and the powerful grip holding him down. "Star... Star..." His optics cycled wide. "Starscream..." He breathed.

"Shh." Starscream said, nodding. "I'm not going to hurt you." He took a deep breath again, just enjoying the feeling. "I'm going to show you." He fumbled with unfamiliar code for a moment, feeling Sunstreaker's faint amusement before the panel slid aside. He wanted him, and by the looks of it, Sideswipe wanted as well. He wanted to make sure, though...He transferred Sideswipe's wrists to a one-handed grip, his other hand dragging itself through the lubricant and heat between Sideswipe's thighs. "I want you. I want you again. But if you say no...if you don't want this...I'll stop." He braced himself for the rejection, and surprisingly, it was Sunstreaker who sent a pulse of reassurance here.

Sideswipe was silent, seemingly mulling it over in his mind. "There are many things I could probably say to that, but... After, yes? Please."

Hot lips slammed onto Sideswipe's as a thick, hard presence teased itself around his entrance- Starscream was ready, so ready, and he whined impatiently, Sunstreaker's equipment in overdrive. He twisted his hips, maneuvering Sideswipe's left leg high on his hip, and entered Sideswipe hard, but slowly, and he threw back his head and cried out, hand releasing Sideswipe's wrists simply because he could no longer control himself enough to hold tight.

Sideswipe gave a sharp shout, other leg wrapping around Starscream's - Sunstreaker's hips and pulling him closer. His arms wrapped around the broad shoulders of Starscream's borrowed frame and he rolled his hips with a groan. "C'mon Star... You're the one who wanted ta frag."

"Say it again. Say my name again, damn it." Starscream practically begged, starting with a pounding, brutal pace that sent waves of pleasure through his form. "Primus. /Primus/. Sideswipe, unnhh!" He looked into his lover's optics and shivered wildly, thrusting harder when it became clear that Sideswipe liked it this way, that he liked being pounded hard into the berth. Hands traveled everywhere- across his arms, his face- one hand reaching down to grasp Sideswipe's spike, a soft brush against sensors usually ignored.

: Sideswipe grunted, hips jerking in time with the brutal thrusts. "Starscream." He groaned into the Seeker's borrowed helm fin. He smirked, licking at the slats before breathing hotly over them and once again whispering. "Starscream."

"Please..." he gasped, almost completely undone just by those two syllables. He thrust even harder, the couch beneath them jerking rapidly with every movement. He dragged one leg over his shoulder, noting somewhere in the back of his mind that this was far easier without those damned vents in the way, and gasped as the angle changed, the tightness around him squeezed, and the cry from his lips was as loud and strong as it had ever been in his own form. "Sideswipe!" he cried, burying himself deep within the mech and overloading hard, the feeling not seeming to end even with release.

Sideswipe yelped with the increase of pressure and angle, but frag it all, it wasn't enough to send him over just yet. "Starscream!" He groaned desperately, his valve convulsing around the hard intruder.

It didn't end with his overload. There was no way that it could, too much had pent up over the months, watching Sideswipe get fragged by his twin, wanting to touch and being unable, and now, being allowed to do so...it was too much. Starscream growled low in Sunny's throat, still buried to the hilt in the crimson warrior. "Do you like that?" he whispered. He ground into Sideswipe's ceiling node, withdrawing only slightly to plunge back in, repeating the motion. "Tell me that you like it. Tell me that you /want/ it, that you want me inside you. Call to me, Sideswipe. Say it. Say you want me. Say you want me in you." Starscream bit back another scream of pleasure, suddenly wanting the mech on top of him, riding him beautifully, but he held firm.

"Want it!" Sideswipe, unlike his brother, had no compunctions with begging if it got him a good overload or three. "Want you! Feels good! So, so good... Primus, Starscream, you are in me, and Primus dammit does it feel good!" He clenched down on Sunstreaker's spike for a brief moment every time Starscream pulled out of him.

Starscream couldn't take it anymore; he wanted it, he wanted it now, and he turned them over, slamming Sideswipe hard onto his spike as he did so. His borrowed form shook in pure sensation, and his hands convulsed over Sideswipe's hips, fully prepared to use the strength in this form to move him, if necessary. "Please." Starscream said, his tone almost a whisper. "Please, want this, want to see you lose your mind for me." His hands clenched and unclenched in need, and he thrust upward with every shift in movement, wanting more, faster, harder, more, now.

It was a familiar rhythm, and Sideswipe fell into it almost immediately. His hips rose and fell with the powerful pushes of Starscream's desire and he raced for the overload hovering just on the edge of his awareness. He growled, denta bared in a snarl, and black hips ground down harshly. Sideswipe's helm flew back, mouth parted on a cry of bliss as ecstasy consumed him in a wave of sensation.

"Starscream!" He cried, port clamping down and milking the golden and black spike embedded in him.

"Oh. Oh. Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn-!" Starscream broke, jerking upward into that heat, his second overload nearly stealing his consciousness away. The urge he felt now...he had to hide it, to put it away, because he knew damned well that that wouldn't happen. He was lucky to have this, and he was going to hold it for as long as he could. Hands trembled on dark hips, and golden optics looked up at the shivering frontliner above him. Starscream smiled, something...odd in his gaze. Something not readily definable.

Sideswipe panted as he remained where he was, white thighs trembling against black hipplating. His hands were clasped over the familiar artists' digits that his brother possessed and he moaned as he came down from his high. Optics he hadn't even realized he'd shut off, flicker back on to stare down at his brother's smirking face. How odd, to see his twin, but know it wasn't his twin. "Pretty intense." He smirked back, valve beginning to relax around the pulsing spike it held captive.

"Yes." Starscream whispered, a smile on Sunstreaker's lips. Sunny was still in the background, and was satisfied that Starscream wasn't going to harm his twin...and he hadn't yet demanded his body back, so Starscream was going to enjoy it for as long as he could. "Intense." he agreed. He didn't let go of Sideswipe's hands, didn't lft him from Sunny's spike...Starscream held him there, lightly, and just stared at the glow that came from being sparked with an entire trine, and of...emotion of some kind.

The red mech, as soon as he could think straight again, tilted his helm in curiosity. "What are you lookin' at?"

"You." Starscream said, being completely honest. Words danced on the edges of his meta, but he couldn't bring himself to say them. One hand drifted across Sides' chest paneling, right over his spark where the trine lay safely, resting until it was their turn to live.

Sideswipe snorted suddenly. "You know, Star. You're something else."

Starscream looked at him, the question clear in Sunny's optics.

"I mean, up until the whole incident with Galvatron, I honestly thought you were a complete arrogant frakker. I admit there was attraction there. You were slagging gorgeous, any mech can admit that. And now here you are, for all intent and purposes a ghost in my brother's body. Yet as a ghost you still manage to frag me good, spark me up with three and apparently harass me." Sideswipe wasn't stupid. he could put two and two together.

Starscream actually laughed at this. "I'm that good, baby." He could feel Sunstreaker rolling his optics at that. "I'm just that good." He rolled his hips, experimentally...he didn't want this to end, not at all, even though he knew it had to one way or another. He just stared up, memorizing the feel of Sideswipe's body, his hands traveling everywhere they could reach.

Sideswipe's vents hitched and his hips moved unconsciously into Starscream's roll. His arms shot out to brace himself to either side of Starscream's helm and he stared into the golden optics before leaning down and stealing a kiss.

::His helm horns are really sensitive. Especially after an overload.:: Sunstreaker supplied helpfully.

Starscream purred, bolstered by Sunstreaker's advice, and returned the kiss. When he broke off, his glossa trailed across sharply defined faceplates to those aforementioned helm horns, taking just the tip between his lips for a gentle suckling motion. He hummed around it, his hands still exploring Sideswipe's frame.

He gasped, hands clenching at the soft material on the couch and tearing into it as he moaned softly. He tilted his helm into the attention, hips rolling again and valve squeezing down, this time on purpose.

Starscream chuckled lightly at this, encouraged. He moved back just a little, his lips still in contact with the sensitive appendage. "You're gorgeous when you move like that." He moved slowly upward in time with the almost lazy squeeze, his free hand steadying Sideswipe atop him. "Tell me what you want, -" He stopped. He'd almost called him...something that he should not say.

"For you to fuck me." He grinned, pulling his helm away to grin down cheekily. He rocked his hips, changing the pressure and angle of the rapidly re-stiffening spike. He groaned. "Was kinda fun riding you. What do Seekers normally do for fun?"

The human curse word sent a shock of want through his systems...why, he wasn't quite sure, but /damn/, was that hot. "Half of what I'd /like/ to do with you does /not/ meet with your twin's approval...but." His breath hitched and his spike surged, ready to slam into Sideswipe once more. "Turn over. I'll have you that way." Starscream raked Sunny's hands down Sideswipe's arms, hard, but not quite hard enough to scar his plating. "I'll have you from behind and slam you until you forget your own designation."

Sideswipe shivered, gently pulling off of Starscre-Sunstreaker's spike. A small, disappointed whine left his lips, but then he moved to leave room for Starscream to sit up. "We'll fall off the couch doing that." He grinned. He would know. It had happened to him and Sunstreaker before.

"Then lean over the edge on your knees." Starscream suggested softly. He could feel Sunstreaker's assent, and a flash of memory of the twins doing this themselves...it seemed that Sunstreaker really liked this position. Starscream smirked, sliding gracefully to the floor, waiting.

Sideswipe shivered, slowly sinking to his knees and bending over the edge of the couch. He gripped the mesh, shuddering as his imagination fueled a fantasy or three as he waited with building anticipation for Starscream to make his move.

Sunstreaker's hand stroked over sensitive seams, but it was Starscream who willed it, moving behind Sideswipe to place a hot, openmouthed kiss on the back of his neck. A hot, hard spike prodded at Sideswipe's already well-fragged entrance, but Starscream didn't care- he wanted it, and he was going to take it. He grasped those dark hips in both hands and pushed himself inward once more, sliding hard and fast when Sunny prodded him mentally. "So good..." he moaned, golden optics flickering.

Sideswipe's back arched and his valve spiraled tight for several moments. "Yes! Oh yes! Starscream!" He groaned, hands reaching back to touch any plating he could reach.

Every time Sideswipe called his name, he wanted to slam into him harder. It felt so fragging good, and Starscream dug into Sideswipe's hips, drawing him into the powerful thrusting motion. He threw his head back and cried out loudly, the unfamiliar voice startling him for a moment...but he didn't lose his rhythm; it increased. "Yes. Oh, yes. Love to hear you. Need to. Sides, please!" The begging overtones were completely odd to hear in Sunstreaker's voice, but it was there and real.

Sideswipe held nothing back, crying out each time Starscream pushed in and moaning long and low each time he pulled out. He was in the Matrix. This was bliss, it felt more than good. And through it all he continued a litany of words of curses, prayers to Primus and Starscream's name.

Starscream could feel it coming once more, and he could also feel his own energy flagging terribly, something he had not felt since he'd last possessed another mech. His hands clamped down hard onto Sideswipe's shoulders and he jerked him onto his spike violently, slamming inward in a hard, fast shove that sent him spiraling over the edge. Even Sunny seemed to be affected; he could sense the field flares from within him. He screamed, the sound almost broken coming from Sunstreaker's vocalizer, his spark energy creeping outward to lick over heated crimson plating as he filled Sideswipe just the way he liked it, just how he wanted it. "Sideswipe, yes, please yes, you feel..."

Sideswipe's own release was triggered by the intense flaring of Starscream/Sunstreaker's EM field as well as the harsh pounding and he stiffened under Starscream. After the waves of pleasure had receded, he slumped with a sated and somewhat tired moan, feeling like mush. "Primus does exist."

Starscream could barely hold on to the control Sunny had lent him, now. He felt like the ghost of a ghost, and that thought made him actually laugh. He couldn't laugh, though- he didn't know if he'd ever be able to do this again, and that thought made his spark clench tightly in a surprising amount of longing. With the last of his strength, he leaned his borrow form over Sideswipe's back, using the hand to caress his back, to touch his shoulders. "Thank you." he said, and it was clear he was talking to both twins. He released control of Sunstreaker's form only because he couldn't do anything else, and his presence split from Sunstreaker, completely invisible and imperceptible once more.

Sideswipe lay there panting, a sharp stab of sorrow threading through his spark as Starscream's presence faded. But damn, had it been worth it. He did however, notice the sudden rev of a highly tuned engine and yelped when he was flipped over to lay on the floor, his brother's faceplates and normal ice blues peering down at him. A wicked quirk pulled the thin lips into an attractive and predatory smirk.

"My turn."

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