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Chapter one

Just say yes,

just say there's nothing holdin you back

It's not a test, nor a trick of the mind

Only love…

Jackson shivered and pulled the collar of his jacket up closer around his neck. He blew into his hands. It was a melancholic autumn day, completely clouded over and bloody freezing.

Aaron however didn't seem cold at all, which was probably due to him running around the playground chasing after Leo and Josh like a lunatic. The two boys were laughing and ducking from Aarons grasp each time he lunged trying to grab them. Jackson couldn't help but smile, himself and Aaron were babysitting Leo while Paddy and Rhona were away on holiday and Marlon was working during the day. They'd have Leo tonight too as Marlon had a late shift. Neither minded at all, 8 year old Leo was an absolute joy to have, very pleasant. Today Jackson had been asked at the last minute to look after Josh for a few hours so to pass the time and keep the boys entertained they'd taken them for a milkshake and a spell in the park, which both the boys and apparently Aaron enjoyed immensely.

"You know you're getting old when you can't tag an eight and nine year old." Jackson teased as Aaron slumped against a swing post, puffing for breath and holding his hands up in surrender much to the glee of the two boys. "Well if I'm old, you must be damn well ancient." Aaron retorted, smirking. "I didn't see you making any effort to play cops and robbers." "Yes I did, I was playing the part of the CCTV camera."

27 year old Aaron couldn't supress a small chuckle as he approached his partner of nearly 10 years. "Suppose you need to preserve your energy at your age." Aaron purred cheekily. "Is that so?" Jackson smirked as his husband wound his arms around his neck. "Oh aye, you need it for more important things." Jackson smiled and leaned in for a kiss, wrapping his arms around Aarons waist.

"EWW! Aaron! Jay ! kissing's gross!" The men parted, laughing at the bemused faces of Aarons godson and Jacksons younger brother.

Later on the two boys were watching a DVD while Aaron and Jay relaxed on the sofa with a beer. Jackson suddenly nudged his partner and motioned towards the two boys sitting on cushions on the floor. Both were now leaning back against the sofa, Leos head on Joshs shoulder, both fast asleep. Aaron never ever in a million years believed himself to be the oversentimental type, or the type who even liked kids for that matter, but looking at the two boys now sound asleep he felt a rush of glowing affection for both of them. This led him to once again meditate on a thought that had been plaguing him for quite some time now. He hadn't spoken to Jackson about this idea yet, though on many occasions he had attempted to and lost his nerve at the last minute. He was never afraid to tell or ask Jackson anything but he was wary of what Jacksons feelings on this particular topic may be. He didn't want to unnerve Jay or cause any awkwardness between them over this subject, as much as the thought appealed to him, he wouldn't risk his relationship with Jackson for anything.

But he had to say something soon. The thought was eating away at him something serious, and the not knowing of Jacksons opinion was making it worse. Aaron decided tonight had to be the night, whether he got the answer he desired or not he couldn't spend another night not knowing.

So after he had tucked Leo into the spare room bed and made sure he left the hall light on because Leo hated the dark he got ready for bed nervously. This had been the first time he'd been nervous about approaching Jackson about anything since he had proposed to him about eight years earlier. He just hoped he'd get the same answer for this question.

Jackson was already in bed and smiled as his lover entered the room, not noticing his slightly anxious disposition. He lazily held one arm open. Aaron crawled over the bed and laid himself halfway across his husbands chest as he'd done numerous times before. Jackson closed his arm over Aaron and gently started stroking the skin of his partners back. Aaron shut his eyes contentedly, listening to Jays heartbeat drumming steadily. He couldn't lose him, he just couldn't. He couldn't live without Jay. He clenched his eyes further shut in annoyance, this shouldn't be so hard. But it was, and he had to nip it in the bud now. Taking a deep breath and without looking up he prepared himself to ask his husband a life changing question.



"Can I tell you something?"

"Course you can."

Aaron with an effort positioned himself so his chin was resting on his now crossed arms on Jays chest and looking straight at Jackson, who looked concernedly back at him. As the blue eyes met the brown Aaron very nearly backed down again, but determinedly pushed on.

"I just put Leo to bed. Read him a story and all. He was telling me how he wants to work in a zoo when he's older, how good today was cos chocolate milkshake is his favourite and how the monster in his closet doesn't scare him anymore."

Although Jay was clearly slightly confused by this statement, he tried to make light of it "You should have told him that the scariest thing ever to come out of a closet was you." Aaron smiled, grateful for the bit of humour, it gave him a bit more courage.

"He's a lovely kid ain't he? So's Josh. And we seem to be good with them-" Aaron stopped and took a deep breath. It was now or never. He sat up and took Jays hands in his. Jay now looked worried as well as confused. Aaron looked straight into his partners eyes and though he had a number of different thoughts and emotions he wanted to put into words but couldn't he settled simply for

"I'm trying to say that I want to go through all that; the days out, the favourite things, the monsters in closets, even the telling offs, school reports and the tummy bugs in the middle of the night. I'd like one."

"…..you'd like…?"

"A child, Jay. I'd like us to have a child."

….. TBC

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