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Which was the greater power, love or wisdom?

For Aphrodite and Athena, it was an old argument. And Zeus was getting sick of it after all these centuries.

Calling together all the gods and goddesses, he proposed a challenge. He would mark a hero of Earth with his symbol, and the two goddesses would live mortal lives. Both would be put in positions close to him, and both would use whatever means they wished to win his heart. The winner would be decided by the hero himself, upon his entrance to the underworld his soul would be examined and whichever goddess had won his heart, would cede victory to the other, and could claim one favor from Zeus.

Both goddesses eagerly accepted the challenge.

And so Harry James Potter was marked upon his brow with Zeus' symbol, and Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley were born into the world.

Harry married Ginny Weasley five months after Hermione Granger married Ronald Weasley at the age of twenty.

And when Harry died, both women followed soon after.

One goddess smirked as they waited for Zeus to reveal the results of their contest, confident that she had won, after-all Harry had married her. The other goddesses face was impassive, though those that looked into her eyes could see a hint of sadness.

Many spectators, other gods and goddess, who saw this sadness, mistook it for clearly loosening the contest. They were wrong, the goddess in question knew she had won, and also knew why. Harry Potter only married Ginny Weasley after his best friend, and the woman he loved, married his best friend. While her opponent had thought marrying Harry meant he loved her, and he did to a certain extent, it didn't mean that she had won his heart.

Harry Potter had settled, because he loved Hermione too much to stand in the way of her happiness, and he had hurt every time he saw her with her husband, his best friend. But for her, he smiled and put on a happy face.

It was a cruel way to win a contest, even crueler as she had come to love him, but she needed to prove she was right. Harry had been her best friend for a little over a century, even while she was married to his best friend. And she was sad that she had lost him, but was determined to prove, once-and-for-all, that she was right.

Athena had used all her brilliance and strategic knowledge to get Harry to marry her. So when Zeus announced that Aphrodite had won, she was shocked, as were many of the other gods and goddesses

When asked what she claimed as her prize, Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, Beauty, Pleasure, and Procreation asked for one thing.

The soul of Harry Potter.

And so Hades sent Harry's soul to Aphrodite's Olympian Palace. And though he never left, in all eternity, Harry Potter was happy for all that time.

He was with his Hermione at last.


It's short, I know, but I got a kick out of thinking what if Ginny and Hermione were competing for Harry's love. I then expanded that to thinking what if Hermione was Aphrodite? Well she needed a worthy opponent, and I remember reading somewhere (I don't remember if it was actual mythology, a book, or fan-fiction) that Athena and Aphrodite were arguing over what was more powerful, love or wisdom.

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