Anything but the Girl

You can take anything away from me.

Cars, money, fame, everything,

Just don't take her

I don't care if I lose everything,

But don't you dare take my love away.

For she is my Wonder Woman, my life

I'd rather quit being Gotham's guardian

Than to lose the only shield of my heart,

But I know the mission will always come first

I would shed away the darkness surrounding me

And let her light fully embrace me.

Still, she knows I'll keep returning to the shadows

Full of life, grace, and beauty in and out

Once was a goddess and now, without a doubt

My beautiful desire, my beautiful Diana

I could be with you right now

Forever loving that I vow

But then again, time does not allow

I am only a mortal, you live eternally

I age rottenly, you age gracefully

I wish I was like you, but impossible

I could lose all of the precious people I know

But unlike you, they're mortals that end peacefully

At least I have you and I know they'd be happy for me

Take everything I ever own

But if you take her away

I would have died by now.