She didn't know how much she had drank. Only that it was a lot more than usual but still not enough. She could hear Lucy talking about something but she didn't really pay attention to it. Only to the drink that she had in her hand. "Come on!" Lauren slurred as she grabbed her friends hand and dragged her from their seats in the club and out the door. Lucy watched as her friend stumbled around blindly not even knowing where she was going.

"Lauren, where are we going?" Lucy spoke up pulling at her friends hand pulling her to a stop but that only resulted in her friend falling straight into her. She managed though – only just - to keep the taller girl upright. "Look come on it's getting late and you're in no fit state to go anywhere else!" Lucy said as she pulled out her phone to try and ring a cab to take them back to the square. She wasn't anywhere near as bad as Lauren who was gripping onto her shoulder to stop herself from falling over once again.

Lauren yanked away from her angrily her face filled with anger. "No way! I am not going home yet. You can if you want but I'm hitting the rest of the clubs with or without you!" She slurred at her friend walking away from her but that just resulted in her landing face first in the road. She laughed drunkenly as she tried to push herself to her feet but that was nearly impossible.

"Lauren!" Lucy groaned as she took a hold of her friends arm and tried to pull her up from the floor. She hadn't seen her this bad in a while and Lucy was now starting to really worry about her state of mind. She was drinking excessively, nearly everyday now and nothing anyone said to her got through. "I'm ringing a taxi and we're going home!" She said strongly as she continued to tug her friend up off of the ground but Lauren was pulling back away from her. "Lauren get up!" She spoke to her voice filled with frustration.

"Here let me help!" A handsome man from nearby said and he knelt down and hoisted her up off the ground with ease. Lucy looked at him and smiled glad for the assistance. "You alright?" He asked as he held Lauren upright. Lauren noticing the change in company smiled at him flirtatiously.

"Will you keep an eye on her for a second for me please. I'm calling a cab for us!" Lucy asked and the boy nodded a small smile on his lips as he held Lauren to him a little tighter. This had worked out perfectly. He watched as the blonde walked a few feet away from them and then turned his attention to Lauren who was resting on his shoulder. "I heard you saying you didn't wanna go home… you don't have to if you don't want. How about you join me and my friends here, we're heading to the opening of a new club a few streets from here?" He asked her as his friends came up behind him.

She nodded at him a big smile on her face at the thought of continuing to party with people who were actually fun. "Count me in!" She laughed drunkenly and with that he began to escort her over to the car which was parked across the road.

Lucy hung up the phone and looked behind her noticing that Lauren had gone from the spot she had left her and was now getting into a car with three boys. "Lauren!" Lucy yelled as she ran across the street thanking herself for wearing flats and not high heels for once. "What the hell are you doing? We're going home!" Lucy chided but Lauren just ignore her and jumped in the back of the car.

"You're going home. I'm going elsewhere!" Lauren bit back sending a look to the man who's lap she was practically sitting on.

"Lauren get a grip and get out of the car!" Lucy said strongly and she reached in and grabbed her friends arms but Lauren with as much strength as she could muster pushed her away and Lucy ended up toppling backwards in a heap on the pavement. "Come on please. Just get out of the car!" Lucy pleaded as she jumped to her feet and walked towards the car but the man in the back grabbed a hold of the door and slammed it shut locking it as he did. "No don't!" Lucy yelled as she banged on the window but Lauren just stared at her and shrugged. At that point the car took off at breakneck speed and without hesitation Lucy sprinted down the road after the car but it was pointless. It rounded the corner before she could even get to the end of the street. Lucy stopped as she sucked in a breath. What had she done?.


Tanya cracked her eyes open as a loud banging hit her ears. "Max!" She said shaking her husband awake and his own eyes snapped open as the banging on the door got more ferocious. "Who the hell is that knocking at this hour of the morning?" Tanya spoke up as she slid out of the bed and grabbed her dressing gown, Max doing the same. "Lauren's probably forgotten her keys?".

Max just nodded and they exited their room quickly. "Alright we're coming!" Max spoke as the two hurried down the stairs towards the front door. They unlatched the chains and turned the knob and half expected to see Lauren there but instead there stood Lucy Beale tears covering her face which was now red and blotchy with mascara streaks running down her face. "Lucy? What's wrong? Where's Lauren?" Tanya spoke up as she noticed her daughter was nowhere in sight. All of a sudden a horrible feeling of nausea overcame her.

"I-I don't know. She was w-with me, but she was s-so drunk and now I don't know w-where she is!" Lucy said panicked and Max ushered her in and through into the living room. Tanya's heart was thundering in her chest. She's probably fine. Probably gone back to another friends place she continued to repeat to herself over and over as they stood in front of Lucy.

"Slowly tell me exactly what happened?" Max spoke his voice filled with worry but he was much calmer than Tanya was who was already pacing around running a nervous hand through her hair as she waited for Lucy to speak.

Lucy calmed herself a little before speaking. "We left one of the clubs. Lauren w-was plastered, she really caned the drink tonight, but I said to h-her that I was ringing a taxi a-and that we were going home but she wouldn't l-listen to me. She fell over a few times and these g-guys helped me to get her to her f-feet. I asked them to keep an eye on h-her whilst I rang the taxi but when I looked around she was getting into a car with these three random boys!" She said and Tanya and Max's blood froze over at the words. "I tried to get her out o-of the car but she wouldn't and she pushed m-me over. Next thing I knew the boys s-slammed the door and took off!" She finished as she tried to catch her breath through her tears.

"Did… Did they say where they were going?" Tanya said her voice filled with pain and panic as she thought of where her daughter was now. She'd gotten into a car with three strange boys, completely legless.

"They mentioned something about a new club a few streets away but the only clubs were o-on the street we were on!" She replied her hands twirling in the hem of her skirt.

Tanya put a hand on her head as her pacing intensified. She could feel her body trembling as Lucy's words replayed in her brain. Lauren was god knows where, with god knows who doing god knows what. At that thought an image that had been plaguing Tanya ever since she had discovered the extent of Lauren's drink problem came to the front of her mind. One that had been giving her nightmares for the last few months. Her little girl dead in a ditch somewhere. "Right I'll ring the police!" Max said heading over to the phone.

"I'm so s-sorry Tanya!" Lucy got out but Tanya just shook her head at her. "It's not your fault Lucy, you were trying to get her home but she didn't listen!" Tanya said as she pulled out her mobile and dialled her eldest's number. "Come on pick up Lauren!" Tanya mumbled but the phone didn't even ring and went straight to voicemail. 'Hi this is Lauren's phone so if I didn't answer it's probably because I don't like you or you're my dad. You can leave your message now'. "Lauren it's your mum. Ring me as soon as you get this. Please!" She spoke down the phone and reluctantly hung up.

Tanya walked over to the window and pulled back the net looking out at the deserted square. "Where are you baby?" She whispered as she prayed to get an answer from somewhere.

So first one down. This is basically a worst case scenario of Lauren's upcoming disastrous night out commencing on 7th May. I'm glad it actually all ends up okay *spoilers* but it's always good to see how things might have gone and how events might have changed her character completely. This is going to by quite dark and very emotional... Say an Eastenders post watershed. So if you want more let me know friends. Peace out.