This is just a short little story that came to me after a conversation with a good friend. I hope you like it.

It had started of as a necessity but now it was tradition. Jayne and Chris always tried on there costumes together, that way they could see what they would look like, maybe do a move or two to see how things flowed. Today they were doing a re-fitting for the opening routine of the Dancing On Ice tour.

Chris was the first out of the dressing room wearing tight leather trousers and black shirt "I don't know about this" he said to the costume lady.

"Well" Jayne said smiling as she joined Chris "no ones going to be looking at your face" she giggled.
"What's that meant to mean?" Chris asked.

Jayne took him by the hand and lead hi to the full length mirror.

"I can't go out o the ice in these"
"Why not? I like them"

Chris just looked at Jayne "Are you kidding me? To start with I won't be able to move properly, and what if they ripped?" He looked at the Sian, the costume lady, "I'm sure they weren't this tight a few weeks ago"
"We had to remake them for the tour." Sian said "the material on the original pair wasn't strong enough to last the entire tour"
"How come Jayne gets the same dress?"
"I have straps" Jayne said trying to make the point that her costume had also changed.
"So you get protection and I get exposed" Chris wasn't really angry with any one, just a little annoyed, that was until he saw Jaynes face.

Jayne was trying so hard not to laugh "you're not really exposed, just, sort of, um, well put it this way you'll give the female fans something new to look at" Jayne couldn't hold her laughter anymore, especially when Sian began laughing as well. Chris could never keep a straight face when Jayne laughed; her laughter was just so infectious. "can we just fix them please?"

Sian took the tape measure from around her neck "let me take a few measurements and we'll get these trousers made properly"