A/N: Well, I've had trouble getting work done on The Guardians, so apparently this worked itself up in Am. History class... hope it's decent!

Lights in the night,

Explosions turning it to day,

Fighting with all their might,

So as not to see it slip away,

His Shepard, a beacon of hope

Her Archangel, the sword of justice

Above the horizon, their enemies approach

Together, as one, they dance a dance for the ages,

A bullet in the face,

A Throw to the rest,

Side by side they do reace,

Fighting, killing, winning; what they've always done best,

"I'll follow you to Hell and back",

He told her long ago

And now as they stave off attack,

She prays to the gods he'll never go,

For Jane Shepard knows that if she were to fall again,

She'll never have loved one more, than she does her Garrus Vakarian