Mermaid Melody, Shugo Chara Crossover!

My Heart – Unlock! Chapter 3

Normal POV

Luci flew around the room, lifting up things and placing them back down. "Where are the other chara eggs?" Luci mumbled sadly. "Im not the only one, right?" Luchia looked at Luci confused, and tilted her head.

"There are more of you?"
"Of course there are, silly!"
"What? How?"
"You made more than one wish!"
"I did?"
"You did!"
"How do you know that?"
"Because I listening, dummy!"

Luchia looked around the room, worried that maybe one of the eggs had been smashed when she had gotten out of her bed when she awaken. No signs. Luci and Luchia were just about to give up, when they saw two similar eggs floating near the window, but just catching a glance before the eggs hurtled themselves out the window pane and into the morning sky. "Catch those eggs!" Yelled the two, who began their chase to catch the eggs.

"To the egg-mobile!"
"What egg-mobile?"
" . . . That egg-mobile!"
"Luci, that's a CAR."
" . . . I see . . . To the car then!"
"I cant drive yet, I'm only 16!"
"Then I'll drive!"
"But you're underage too!"

Luchia's POV

Jeez, this little miniature thing is annoying! It never shuts up! Maybe If I trick it back into its egg, I can seal it and send it to China! "Luchia! Luchia, the eggs, their getting away!" said a desperate Luci, pointing frantically at the window, while hopping up and down on the window pane.

"Alright, let's go!" I said, jumping out the window. Before I realised that I lived on the top story of the Pearl Piari. "Luchiaaaaaaaaaa!" I heard Luci shout, at I hurtled towards the concrete ground. "Hop!" A pair of wings appears on my shoes. "Step!" I started to slow down. "JUMP!"


"Why aren't I falling, Luci?" I asked, kind of terrified. Luci looked down at the wings on my shoes and nodded in approval, before replying. "Because I used one of my powers on you, Hop, Step, and Jump!"

"I see." I said, careful not to look down. "Now we just need to find those eggs!"

- -Meanwhile, Some Anonymous Time Later, Somewhere- -

"I thought you said the eggs would go where their master was born . . . "
"They do, usually."
"Then how come they aren't in the water, swimming?"
"Can eggs swim?"
"I don't know, let's find out!"

To Be Continued.