Sherlock stood at the graveside. He stood thinking. He came here regularly, when he needed time to think. The graveyard was a quiet place. Tears started to form at his eyes. His body was betraying him again, he didn't want emotions, but after he met her, these emotions emerged from nowhere. For the last month had had been coming here, during the afternoons, John was always worrying about him. Ever since that night, he still blamed himself for what happen, he still felt the guilt. The graveyard was the only place he felt whole again.

Footsteps approached Sherlock. "You aren't crying again are you?" the voice from behind said.

Sherlock wiped his eyes, hoping the person behind him wouldn't see. "No. I haven't been crying." Sherlock said as he turned around.

"Don't lie to me. You know it doesn't work."

Sherlock looked up at Sapphire, who stood there hands on hips, frowning at Sherlock. It had been a month since Sherlock had killed Moriarty, but Sapphire's abdomen had fully recovered. Her black eye had nearly gone, so she covered up what bruising remained, so Sherlock didn't have to suffer when he looked at her. When she saw his face, she couldn't hold it together anymore and broke into fits of laughter.

She walked over and stood beside Sherlock. They both stood in silence, staring at Sherlock's fake grave.

"Doesn't it feel weird standing at your own grave?" Sapphire asked, breaking the silence.

Sherlock laughed, "Surprisingly no, seeing as it is just an empty grave, with my name on the headstone."

Sapphire sighed. "It is slightly strange. Anyway we better get back to John he was complaining about wanting to watch some rubbish television show." She said pointing towards the main entrance.

Sherlock nodded, "We better." Sherlock took Sapphires hand before they set of and headed off to the main entrance, to find John waiting at the gate.

As they approached John looked at the pair. They looked like a father and daughter, even though not one drop of blood in their veins was the same. "Nice walk around the graveyard?" John asked.

Sapphire looked at John and smiled. "Yes rather delightful." She said putting on a very posh accent. "Danced the Macarena on Moriarty's grave."

John's jaw dropped. Although he hated Moriarty, and was glad he was dead, was still shocked at what the girl had just said. Sherlock laughed. "You are so gullible John."

John gave Sherlock a look, so Sherlock decided he needed to show some authority. "But Sapphire that wasn't a very nice thing to say." Sherlock said trying to put as much authority into his voice as possibly.

Sapphire's face dropped. John grabbed her other hand. "Come on you two my programme is on in 20 minutes and I want to get back in time for it."

Sapphire smiled. And the trio headed off back home. Back to Baker Street. They seemed happy and peaceful. But it would only be quiet and peaceful until the next murder, or crime.

Authors Note:

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it. I enjoyed writing the character Sapphire, as she was my own, whereas Sherlock, John, Mycroft and Moriarty are Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's and BBC's. May do another Sherlock story with Sapphire, depends on peoples comments on this one. So please leave a review, don't care if it is bad! Critism is okay! I apolisgise for any mistakes! Thanks again.